Cam Cameron: Offense Can't Afford To Not Play Well


At times last year, the Ravens offense was nearly unstoppable.

It burst out of the gates with 35 points against the Steelers, leading to quarterback Joe Flacco and Ray Rice gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The unit exploded for 37 points in St. Louis, led the team back from a 21-point deficit against Arizona, put up 29 on a top-notch Texans defense and scored 31 against division rival Cincinnati. The Ravens scored 24 or more points nine times.

But then there were lapses.

The Ravens scored two touchdowns or less three times, all resulting in losses against Tennessee, Jacksonville and San Diego. It was largely held in check in a loss in Seattle too.

Those blips are what Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron says need to be eliminated for the unit to take the next step in 2012.

"It's just execution," Cameron said after Wednesday's practice in the team's second OTAs.

"I think there were stretches where we were able to do that. But, stretches aren't going to really get you where you want to be. It's 16 weeks plus four and then some. You really can't afford, anymore, where offensively you don't play well."

Pro Bowl guard Marshal Yanda brought up the issue of the offense last week, saying the team has the tools to be No. 1 but needs more consistency.

Cameron read the comments and couldn't agree more.

"I think our offensive guys are backing it up with the way they are working," Cameron said.

"I think that's the important thing. When it comes from a guy like Marshal, you know it has meaning because he is going to back it up, and he is going to pull everybody along with him. He is a great leader. I love the fact that our guys are thinking that way."

Cameron says being consistent falls on everybody within the Ravens offense. Drops, for example, were an issue last year that the team is looking to correct.

The Ravens' offensive coordinator also sees steady progression out of his starting quarterback.

"I think Joe has had his most consistent offseason," he said. "He has always done well, but he is stacking days on top of each other right now. He did it again today, and I'm sure he'll do the same thing tomorrow."

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