Chris Horton to Participate in NFL Diversity Coach and Front Office Accelerator Program

ST Coach Chris Horton

Ravens Special Teams Coordinator Chris Horton will join more than 60 coaches and front office personnel participating in the NFL's inaugural Coach and Front Office Accelerator program.

The program will be held at the league's spring meetings in Atlanta (May 23-24) as part of an effort to enhance the hiring pipeline for minorities and women seeking NFL head coach and front office positions.

"The NFL is committed to diversity and inclusion, and this program is the latest in a series of steps designed to improve our hiring practices and create opportunities for advancement, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. "The hiring program helps ensure that clubs receive exposure to high-performing, up-and-coming NFL talent and candidates get a chance to learn the business on a working level from team owners and executives."

The 37-year-old Horton is entering his third season as Baltimore's special teams coach. He led a unit that was widely regarded as the top special teams unit in the league last season.

Horton has been on Head Coach John Harbaugh's staff since 2014. Harbaugh was one of the NFL's top special teams coaches for many years with the Philadelphia Eagles before he was hired by the Ravens in 2008 and became the winningest head coach in franchise history.

In addition to leadership and development sessions on the business side of football, Horton and the program's other attendees will have an opportunity to engage in candid discussions on taking steps to becoming a head coach or front office executive. The reception will give NFL owners an opportunity for face-to-face time with future potential candidates.

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