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Eisenberg: 50 Words or Less

G/C Bradley Bozeman
G/C Bradley Bozeman

Various thoughts on various things, all in 50 words or less:

If it is true (as I keep hearing) that top receivers who are pending free agents won't want to come to Baltimore because of the Ravens' reliance on running the ball, is it not then also true that top offensive linemen who are pending free agents would want to come?

Top interior O-linemen who might become available include guards Brandon Scherff (Washington) and Joe Thuney (New England) and center Corey Linsley (Green Bay). Each would significantly elevate the Ravens' overall quality up front – at a steep but worthwhile price. Remember, their current teams are trying to retain them.

Details of the Ravens' O-line blueprint might be tied to where they envision Bradley Bozeman lining up going forward. He has become a quality left guard, but played center at Alabama. The Ravens tend not to tinker with a player's success at a position, but this could be an exception.

Hearing draft pundits compliment the singular depth of this year's class of wide receivers, I'm more and more convinced the Ravens will NOT take one at No. 27 overall. Sounds like they can address another need there and still get a receiver of comparable quality on Day 2.

I'm also more and more convinced the Ravens will not land any of this year's top (so-called) free agent wide receivers. Most will probably end up being retained, anyway. My hunch is the Ravens would rather scour that market for signings that are more affordable but also bring better value.

Whenever I hear speculation that the Ravens could cut Calais Campbell or Brandon Williams to achieve the extra salary cap room they're looking for, I think back to what happened to the rushing defense in 2020 when those two were out. They're paid a lot, but it's money well spent.

The fact that Devin Duvernay was targeted just 26 times as a rookie last season (never more than three times in a game) tells me we haven't begun to see the full extent of what he can produce. Ramping up his targets should be a high offensive priority in 2021.

Not sure I can say anything that would turn off the nonstop rumors connecting the Ravens to virtually every veteran tight end who becomes available. But they've already signed Eric Tomlinson, and Jacob Breeland and Eli Wolf are interesting, young prospects. The team may not do a thing.

The coming week will mark the one-year anniversary of Marshal Yanda's retirement press conference, the last Ravens event to unfold "normally," before COVID-19 restrictions began changing everyone's lives. The Under Armour Performance Center auditorium was packed with media and front office staff. Honestly seems like a million years ago.

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