Former Ravens Wide Receiver Breshad Perriman Put a Scare Into Ravens


Breshad Perriman put a scare into the Ravens.

Baltimore's 2015 first-round pick had a strong game Sunday for the Cleveland Browns, with three catches for 45 yards and a touchdown.

His last catch was spectacular on the Browns' final drive – a 19-yard reception that forced Perriman to stretch as far as he could while keeping his tiptoes in bounds as he snagged Baker Mayfield's pass.

"Basically, it was just a scramble drill," Perriman said. "I saw Baker [Mayfield] rolling out, and I just stopped, and he put it on the money."

The Ravens eventually stopped Cleveland on that drive, but Perriman is making plays at wide receiver for Cleveland that he rarely made in three seasons with Baltimore. After the game, Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh said he was happy to see Perriman find success.

"I'll tell you, he played really well," Harbaugh said. "I'm really proud of him. I told him that after the game. I told him how proud of him I am. That's the guy we always hoped to have here. Injuries were probably the biggest factor, but he's doing it. He was always a hard worker. He has always been a diligent guy who always wanted to do well.

"I think his dad is probably the happiest guy in the world right now. I remember having a conversation with his dad a few years ago, out at dinner one night – I just happened to run into him – and how much it meant to him. So, congratulations to Breshad and his family."

Sunday's game was obviously special for Perriman, who rarely shows outward emotion. After an end around run on the Browns' first drive, Perriman was booed by Ravens fans. Perriman responded to the booing by gesturing with his arms, urging the crowd to bring it on.

"You know how they cheered me," Perriman said in jest. "I expected it."

On his 25-yard touchdown reception from Mayfield, Perriman said he took advantage of something the Browns noticed on film. He found himself wide open after running a go-route toward the end zone. There were even more boos from the crowd after Perriman made his catch, but he defiantly celebrated in the end zone.

"It's something we drew up in practice," Perriman said. "It's something we'd seen on film that they have a hard time covering the seams, and we took advantage of it."

Perhaps Perriman is feeling less pressure in Cleveland than he did in Baltimore as a first-round pick. Perriman is also healthy, which often was not in Baltimore. He suffered a season-ending knee injury in his first training camp practice as a rookie, a setback he never seemed to recover from. The Ravens released him prior to the start of this season.

It is not unusual to see young players benefit from a change of scenery, and some of Mayfield's confidence seems to have rubbed off on Perriman.

"Baker's a force," Perriman said. "He's a beast. He goes out there with a killer mentality, and everybody just follows behind him. He makes great throws, does a good job leading this team."

The Ravens are just glad Perriman's effort wasn't enough to end their season.

"It was great," Perriman said of his return to Baltimore. "I wish it would've ended a little better."

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