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From The Squad Blog: Dinah


Hey fans,

It's me Dinah! I want to take this opportunity to share with all of you my Ravens Swimsuit Calendar shoot experience as well as how it's been as a rookie on the squad! Go Rooks!

Punta Cana is just an amazing place with the warm sand, the waves rushing towards you, and the amazing tropical weather. Paradise! But relaxing on the beach or by the pool wasn't the mission I was sent down here to complete! So let me first tell you a little about my shoot.

I was the first model to shoot and oh was I nervous, yet extremely excited. Not coming from a modeling background, I wasn't sure what to expect. I just knew I was in great hands because of the fabulous production staff that is heading us.

Preparation for my shoot started with a fresh shower and a clean shave for those silky, smooth legs and then I headed over to hair and make-up! My hair was done first using my natural curls and then touched up with a curling wand to give it a fresh, polished look. Next was make-up where I was given a dramatic look with emphasis on my eyes using a smoky theme! When I saw the hair, make-up and swimsuit together I was immediately more confident and my adrenaline really began to rush. I was ready to attack the camera!

My suit was a black and white animal print monokini and the icing on the cake was my location which was amazing! I was placed in an exotic jungle scene with palm trees and bamboo. My excitement was rising even more and I really felt like I was able to focus and get in my zone. Since I was the first girl to do my shoot, all the other 17 swimsuit models came and watched. I tried my best to block them out and stay focused the whole time. It was hard being a rookie and wanting to live up to the vets, coaches and other production staff members' expectations.

What I was most nervous about was my image. I have always viewed the Ravens as a first class organization and as part of this team, I too wanted to meet the vision and goals set in place. I didn't want to give off the wrong impression but I wanted to produce a fierce photo for the calendar too. Once I stopped thinking, I was able to focus on the shoot and I believe I was able to achieve what they wanted. I blocked everything out and imagined myself as a little animal in the jungle on the prowl for its prey. And the next thing I knew I was done!

The most challenging part about shooting was trying to lower my shoulders, smile with my eyes, open my mouth, place my hands comfortably, not get bit by the miniature wildlife friends, hold the palm leaves back, tilt my head this way, lift my chin that way, and—all at the same time—still look natural. I trusted the staff and I felt very confident about my shoot because of them!

As a Rookie so far, I must say that I am having a great transition. I have gotten along very well with the four other rookies on the trip and the vets have been great to me. Because I was the first to shoot, others have been coming to me for pointers on how to prepare and what to expect. I feel great to be able to help my fellow teammates out and give them advice. However, I do get constant reminders that I'm a Rookie—something that I'm very proud of!

Thanks for taking the time out to read my blog! I look forward to seeing you all on the field! GO RAVENS!

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