Funny Pages: Some Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Ravens Fans


While the Ravens players and coaches will be spending this bye week fixing literally everything possible, us Ravens fans get to focus on more exciting activities... like trick-or-treating, or egging any houses with Steelers logos on them (Sorry Pittsburgh, if you don't want to be egged, then don't support a team whose logo looks like an egg). Halloween is the best holiday, so please don't dishonor by not wearing a costume, try these simple Ravens-themed costumes instead:

Jimmy Smith: wear his jersey and swat candy out of little kids' bags 

2012 Super Bowl Trophy:cover yourself in tinfoil and Mardi Gras beads, when people open their doors, flick their lights off.* *

John Harbaugh: wear a Ravens hat, an Xbox headset, and throw red napkins at people.

Steve Smith:wear his jersey, carry a ziplock bag with ice, pray for cold weather 

Ravens Touchdown: Stay home 

It's been a spooky season so far, but I still believe that we've still got some magic up our sleeves. Here's hoping we can find it before we play the Steelers. In any event, Happy Halloween, Baltimore! Be safe, avoid eating unwrapped candies, and make sure to wear reflectors if you've got a dark costume. !

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See you next week!

 - Ben

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