Harbaugh House Divided On Orioles vs. Tigers

Take a look back through the history of the Ravens and Orioles flying together. Go O's!

Who do the Harbaughs want to win the Orioles-Tigers American League divisional playoff series?

Let's just say the Harbaughs (who spent a chunk of their lives in Michigan) have a house divided.

"I love the Tigers, but I'm pulling for the Orioles," Harbaugh told reporters Wednesday.

"My wife, she's hardcore. She loves her Tigers ... and her Red Wings, and her Pistons. She's not as big on the Lions."

I can't blame Ingrid, only because it's tough to drop a hometown team.

But at least M&T Bank Stadium is not a house divided, as can be seen with this photo gallery of the orange-lit Baltimore city landscape from Wednesday night.

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