Important Dates to Know on the 2021 NFL Calendar


As what could be a very interesting 2021 offseason kicks off, here are the dates fans should circle on their calendar.

Remember, these dates are all subject to change. We are still in COVID times, after all. Nothing is set in stone.

However, here's what the NFL and NFLPA agreed to back in mid-November:


Feb. 23: First day teams can designate Franchise or Transition players


March 9: Deadline for teams to designated Franchise or Transition players (4 p.m. ET)

March 17: 2021 League Year and free agency begins (4 p.m. ET)


April 5: Start of offseason workouts (for teams with a new head coach)

April 19: Start of offseason workouts (for all other teams)

April 23: Last day of restricted free-agent signing period

April 28: Last day to match offer sheets for restricted free agents

April 29-May 1: NFL Draft

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