Indianapolis Colts Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach Chuck Pagano

(opening statement) "No injuries to report, which is a good thing. Hard fought battle, to say the least. Baltimore played a really good football game. Credit those guys. I have great respect for them. Really proud of our guys. There are no moral victories, but this is a resilient bunch. A group that, disappointment after disappointment, they keep coming back, go to work and compete. They prepare, and they play their guts out, and we came up short again. But, we had opportunities. You get in the red zone, and we talked all week that we had to score touchdowns, and we needed to force field goals. We forced some field goals. We got down in there, and we were able to punch it in one time. Just turn one of those field goals and one of those drives in the red area into a touchdown, and it's a different deal. We took care of the football. This team coming in we knew was the best in the league as far as taking the ball away. We protected the ball really well. I thought our offensive line really showed up, and Frank Gore ran extremely hard. [Quarterback] Jacoby [Brissett], I thought, played really well. We had some opportunities, and we've got to make those plays. You can't have the drops. We'll look at those, and we've got to get those corrected. But, we had opportunities. The ball was on the ground a couple times. We forced a couple fumbles. They muffed a punt, and it's just not bouncing our way. But again, these guys battle and battled all the way until the end. We're four downs away from putting it in the end zone, kicking the extra point and going into overtime, maybe. We have one left. We'll do the right thing, come back in after Christmas, go back to work and do everything within our power to prepare for the Texans and try to win that last one.

(on the last play to WR T.Y. Hilton) "I mean, it doesn't matter, really."

(on the defense holding the Ravens to field goals) "We couldn't get off the field. We had a couple of penalties that they called on the last touchdown drive. In the first half, [I] think we had a 14-play, an 11-play and 12-play [drive]. They were 60 percent in the first half on third down. They hit some hard-sell play-fakes. They hit [wide receiver Mike] Wallace over the middle for some deep plays and were able to get some chunks there. [Quarterback] Joe Flacco played well, and they were able to run the ball a little bit here and there. They did a nice job of play-calling and substituting. They kept us off-balance. They were able to stay on the field and time of possession, they had it almost 36 minutes. We found a way to put together some things in the second half and get off the field and give us a chance, but not enough.

(on QB Jacoby Brissett) "He's a warrior. I thought he did a heck of a job in some tough conditions. It started to get pretty hairy there in the third quarter from a weather standpoint, but I thought he did a great job in managing things at the line of scrimmage. I thought he threw the ball well. There were a couple that got away from him, but, naturally, that's going to happen in these conditions. He extended plays – a big fourth-down pick-up late in the game. He's a warrior, and he's just gotten better every single week. He's a great competitor and a great teammate. I thought he battled."

(on liking the odds of K Adam Vinatieri on the 60-yard field goal) "The wind was in our favor. We were talking about possibly, with four seconds left, throwing a Hail Mary into the end zone, but all the faith in the world in 'Vinny,' arguably one of the best, if not the best, in the game, so no hesitation in throwing him out there. It was just an eyelash away. Kind of typical of our whole season. It felt like the wind was howling when we trotted him out there, and then it's like it died as soon as he hit the ball."

(on the blocked field goal) "We just didn't have great technique through the d-gap on the right side. [Ravens safety] Tony Jefferson did a great job on the jump through. Again, we knew these guys were excellent in special teams, so we've got to clean that up."

(on LB Anthony Walker's blocked punt) "It was huge. It was just what we needed. We go out, and they make another big play on the play-action pass, and it looks like we're in a four minute situation. We used our timeouts accordingly, and we're able to get the stop. We had a good little scheme working where we showed 10 guys down, and then got them out late. He went through, used great technique, got the block and gave us a chance to tie the game, go to overtime and possibly win it. It was huge. It brought the energy, and our guys battled. They played their hearts out. I've never been around a group quite like this. In my 33 years of coaching and six years here, this group is as high of football character guys that I've been around, just the way that they keep coming back, working and competing. Just speaks volumes to the men that they are."

(on if it was weird being on the opposite sideline) "No, it's just a game. At the end of the day, when it's kicked off, it's just a ball game."

WR T.Y. Hilton

(on the inability to convert some key plays) "It's frustrating, but we're moving the ball. We just need to finish once we get down there."

(on surpassing TE Dallas Clark for fourth all-time receptions) "It's good, and we're headed in the right direction. We just have to keep getting better and help this team get wins."

(on looking for a season-ending win at Houston) "It's very important. We're back at home, so we'll get a chance to end the season on a high note."

(on playing in the weather conditions) "It was cool. The rain was another element that we had to deal with. All in all, we were able to do some good things. We did some bad things, but at the end of the day, we played together."

(on playing tough against a playoff potential opponent) "We played good, we're just not finishing. Today we had our chance to make a play, and we didn't. They just made more plays than us."

(on the offense having success on first downs) "That's the game plan. You don't want to get in third-and-long with this defense because they like to start bringing the blitz. Everything we wanted to do, we did. We just didn't win the game."

(on whether the final play involved pass interference) "I have to go back and see it, but I feel like [Maurice Canady] did. I just have to go back and watch it."

LB Anthony Walker

(on playing hard despite the losing record) "It's all Coach [Chuck] Pagano keeps preaching. Fighting to the end. You only get one game guaranteed each week, and you want to make that opportunity, so you keep fighting and keep grinding. One day the ball will fall our way."

(on blocking the punt) "It was textbook of what the film called for us to do. Our special teams coach put that in on Monday and was like, 'this could come open if they give us the same look we were expecting.' They gave it to us, and I was able to make a play for my teammates."

(on learning more on playing defense) "I was there to make a few plays. There are a couple plays I wish I could have back. It's definitely a learning experience. I'm just trying to get better each snap. I felt like I got into a rhythm more into the second half, but I'm just trying to grow as the snaps come."

CB Kenny Moore II

(on the loss) "It was a fight. We just need to string it together and pull through at the end."

(on the Ravens long fourth quarter TD drive) "It's just the nature of the game. They want to win the game as well. We're just trying to do what we're taught to do to win a football game."

(on being close at the end) "We were able to block a punt to set the offense up. Unfortunately they came up with a great play. It's time to get on to Houston."

(on the weather conditions) "It's something you just can't worry about. These guys are trying to run and throw no matter what the conditions are. We've played in just about everything. You just have to keep on playing."

S Darius Butler

(on treating the game like a playoff game) "Being that we're out of the playoffs, these are all playoff games. We've got one more now with this group that's been together – the coaches and players. You know how the NFL is. There's going to be some turnover. You just want to go out as a group and finish what we started."

(on competing each week in a losing season) "That's what these guys in this locker room are made of. A lot of things haven't gone our way this year. We make no excuses. We show up every Sunday and try to win a ball game."

QB Jacoby Brissett

(on how he did not let the game get away from him) "I just stayed within the game and kept living in the moment. For me, this is enjoyable out there competing and playing with my brothers."

(on facing the Ravens' defense) "They have a good defense. Every year it seems like they're ranked in the tops of the league. We came into the game knowing we had to take chances. No matter what happened, we just kept at it. We just needed to make a few more plays, and it would have gone into overtime."

(on the Colts' blocked punt) "That was really great. We had a great chance to tie this game. We just didn't get it done down there."

(on his second-down sack on the final drive) "I was looking for T.Y. Hilton, he just couldn't get open. There was tremendous pressure, but that's neither here, nor there."

(on how the Colts come back from such difficult losses and compete each week) "This team is very tight. We all work hard, and we play together. We never get down, and we just want to keep getting better."

K Adam Viniatieri

(on his future in Indianapolis) "Indianapolis is home to me and my family. I love the Irsay family, but I understand this is a business. I just know I'm going to play another year."

(on the playing conditions today) "It was a very tough day. Between the wind and the rain you just didn't know what was coming next. The wind was a decent factor, but they did a great job. The field was in very great shape."

(on his 60 yard field goal attempt) "I felt I really hit it well. I just kept waiting for the officials to put their hands up, but I guess it was a little short. It left my foot and it felt well. I thought I had enough. When they sent me out there I had enough confidence that I could make that kick. I guess a 60 yard field goal is like a "Hail Mary"."

(on the Colts' losing streak) "It's very frustrating. We seem to be playing well enough to stay in games. We've played some good teams very tough, but we haven't been able to win. This may sound odd, but this is the best 3-12 team that I've ever known of. When you look at a team that has a 3-12 record, you think these guys are terrible. But we aren't and any team that plays us knows that."

CB Nate Hairston

(on how he played today) "I played well, but I did get one penalty. I'm not sure what I did, but it is what it is. I'll take a look at it on film."

(on how often he gets back to his hometown of Frederick) "I don't get back very often. Indianapolis is where I live, and every day I'm doing something to make myself better. It feels great to be an NFL player."

(on the Ravens' offensive game plan) "I wasn't too surprised with what they did. Every week these teams do something new, so we have to be ready for anything. They usually like to throw the ball down the field. Maybe the weather conditions had them throwing shorter passes today."

RB Frank Gore

(on the game) "I take my hat off to all the guys in here. Towards the end of the season, and your record is 3-11, it's easy to just give up. As a team, the coaches, we're all in here fighting for something. I'm upset that we didn't get the win, but we're going out there competing. Things are just not going our way. We've got one more, and we've just got to try and get the win."

(on finishing the season with a win) "It would be really big. Home, in front of our fans – you know, it has been a tough year for us and our fans – it would be right for us to go out there and fight hard and try to get the 'W.' That would be the right way to go out."

(on being close to victories) "It's very frustrating. We're playing this game to win. We're fighting, we're playing hard as a team. The dice are just not rolling our way. With me being in the league for so long, it would be easy for these guys to say, 'Forget it.' But, we're not. We're going out there every week, fighting and scratching. It's just not rolling our way."

TE Jack Doyle

(on the game) "[The Ravens] controlled the ball really well, which made our possessions limited. But, we've got to come up with touchdowns. We can't keep settling for field goals."

(on the fight of the team) "We're doing a good job of that, in the sense of coming to work each day and working hard. But, you know, we've got to find a way to win this last one."

(on finishing the season with a win) "It would be good. Better than losing. It would be nice to end on a winning note for sure."

(on the series after the blocked punt) "It was fun having the fun against you down there in the red zone. I wish we could have made it happen."

(on being so close to victories) "I think the hinges are coming off the door, and I think we'll bust it down super soon."

ILB Antonio Morrison

(on the defense) "We gave up some yards that we didn't want to. We let them score. They scored more than our offense, so we just have to be better."

(on Ravens RB Alex Collins' play) "He's a good back, but we play a lot of good backs in our league. He gave us some issues, but at the end of the day, whichever team has the most points on the board wins."

(on the number of close games) "It doesn't matter. You've got to win. It can be close or whatever, but you still have to win."

(on winning the last game of the season) "Any time you go out there it's important. You want to win every time you go out there."

T Anthony Castonzo

(on the game) "There's no moral victories. That's a game we could have won. There have been so many games this year that have been that close. It just gets old. We were running the ball well. We were running the ball well, they're just not teeing off at the pass. I think we just prepared well. Practice is as intense as it has been all year. We want to go out on a high note. We prepared well. We haven't seen the film yet, but I feel like as an offensive line, we performed really well."

(on the series after the blocked punt) "Obviously, it's very disappointing. Special teams did a great job setting us up to win the game. We had a couple opportunities. Obviously, you hate to see something like that happen when you're that close."

(on going forward) "It's the same thing that we've taken away from a lot of our losses. This is a good football team, and we can play with some of the best teams in the league. We just need to finish games off. You're that close. It's frustrating because we are a good team. Games like this kind of show that. That's a good team that we played against, and we fought until the end, but when it's not a win, it's not a win."

(on next week's game against Houston) "It is important [to win]. We go out there to win every week. Obviously, we haven't gotten many, so finishing off with a win would be huge for us."

(on if weather played a factor in the game) "Honestly, I didn't even notice it. I'm sure the skill players noticed it more than we did, but it didn't really make that much difference for us."

S Matthias Farley

(on the defense) "We've got to play better. They made more plays than us. We've got to get off the field on third down. There's no moral victories. They made bigger plays than we did and we've got to execute."

(on the close games) "It's frustrating. Credit Baltimore, they made more plays than we did. We've got to finish in crucial situations, like third-and-long [and other] different things. We can't have penalties, we can't beat ourselves."

(on the Ravens offense) "[Alex] Collins is great. They've got a good offensive line, good running backs. Obviously, [Joe] Flacco is a very talented quarterback [with a] huge arm and weapons downfield, like [Mike] Wallace. Their collection of running backs are very talented."

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