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Inside Answers: Ben Grubbs



For the next edition of *Inside Answers, where we've taken questions from fans and brought them to a top performer in the Ravens' most-recent game. *


*Here's guard **Ben Grubbs**


, who is turning in a Pro Bowl season for Baltimore, with his answers to your questions about Baltimore's win in Cincinnati.*


[Ed. note: Questions may have been edited for clarity.]

BJ Vance, Montgomery, AL: What's up Ben? What did you think of the Iron Bowl? The O-line isn't as good since you left. Take care and War Eagle!

Ben Grubbs:"Haha. Thanks for the question. It was a tough one. We haven't lost in six years, so it's not the norm around 'The Plains,' as we call it. We'll get them next year."

Jacob Finkelstein, Owings Mills, MD: Hey Ben, congratulations on a great season thus far. **Le’Ron McClain**


has gotten the brunt of the carries the past couple of weeks. You being an Auburn guy and Le'Ron being a Bama guy, do you guys still carry any of that rivalry into anything you guys do off the field? That being said, have he and **Jarrett Johnson** let you hear it yet after the Bama win this past Saturday?

BG:"You know what? They haven't. But Ozzie [Newsome] won't let me forget it."

Kevin Anderson, Millersville: Is the team aware of the intense passion the fans feel for Sunday's game against the Redskins?

BG:"Well, I didn't really know, but then I did a TV show at ESPN Zone this week and that was all the fans talked about. I wouldn't have noticed it if not for them. They made it clear that this is a big game, and you can tell the buzz around the city."

Shawn Elmer, Townsend, DE: What's up, Ben? I was wondering who is the biggest defender you have ever blocked?

BG:"I would say Shaun Rogers from the Cleveland Browns, just because he's so big and has some quicks about him, too."

Sean Harrison, Ellicott City, MD: Ben, since you are on the O-Line you get a good shot of [Joe Flaccointernal-link-placeholder-0]. I was wondering how he acts in the huddle, before plays, and on the line of scrimmage. On TV, he looks very experienced.

BG:"It's funny. As days go by, he's more relaxed each and every day. He takes charge in the huddle and has a poise about him that not a lot of quarterbacks have, especially just coming into the league. He's done a great job so far. He's the captain."

Jorge Garcia, Dallas, TX: Have you ever felt any pressure being a lineman and having to protect a young quarterback who some people expect to become or already is the franchise quarterback of this team?

BG:"I don't think so. With our offensive line coach, **John Matsko**, his expectations are high anyway. No matter who was back there, we knew we had to do a great job for him."

Jimmy Blair, Edgewater, MD: Hey, good job against the Bengals. I was wondering, when you first started playing football did you start right away or did it take you a while? I'm a linemen myself and I'm 6-4, 305. I just started playing this year and I didn't start every game. I would love to play for the NFL one day.

BG:"When I started playing, which was the ninth grade, I wasn't always this size. I was about 248 pounds and played linebacker and fullback. Now then, I started from the get-go. But then I got to college. I had some hills to climb, but I worked my way up to the starting guard position. Keep working hard."

Steve Crumpton, Huntsville, AL:Hey Ben. What NFL team did you root for when you were a kid, or did you not follow the NFL because college football is so big in Alabama?

BG:"Oh I was a Dallas Cowboys fan. When I was growing up, they were America's team, so I was definitely a Cowboys guy. I loved Emmitt Smith and all those guys."

Jake Summers, Rockville, MD: You guys have gotten two sentimental wins back-to-back. First with coach **Harbaugh** against Philly, and then this week for Willie [Anderson] going against their old teams. What's the vibe in the locker room after impressive wins over their old teams for the team and them personally?

BG:"It was pretty special. Willie got a standing ovation and two coolers dumped on him. We all understood the importance of the games to both coach Harbaugh and Willie. That made the win more emotional."

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