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Inside Answers: Frank Walker



Welcome to the latest edition of Inside Answers, where we've taken questions from fans and brought them to a top performer in the Ravens' most-recent game.

Here's cornerback **Frank Walker**, who made six tackles and forced a fumble in last Sunday's Ravens win over the Jaguars.

[Ed. note: Questions may have been edited for clarity.]


Naim Fox, Jackson, Mississippi: Hey you guys do anything different to prepare for a playoff game rather than a regular season game?

Frank Walker:"It's pretty much the same thing that we've done all year. We'll take an 0-12 team or a 12-0 team and prepare the same was for all of them. For some reason, this defense and offense always wants to win. Guys want to always want to put their best foot forward. There is a lot of pride on this team, and some of that comes from not wanting to let each other down."

Zach Ouverson, Des Moines, IA: Hey Frank. To start I think you're a great player! I've been watching you all season, and especially the win over the Jags. When I'm playing Madden, you know I always dominate with you and [Ed Reedinternal-link-placeholder-0]. My question is: what is the feeling of going into the postseason again?

FW:"Well, when I was with Green Bay last year, we got all the way to the NFC Championship game before we lost on a late interception. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, so I've been waiting to get back. Going through something like that is also motivation that makes you want to work harder in the offseason because you feel like you have unfinished business.

"With the Ravens, some of these guys were on the Super Bowl team, or have been with other teams, and they say we're set up to get there. They said, 'There's nothing like feeling that confetti on you.' I'm looking forward to that."

Harry Stepheson, Washington D.C.:What can you take from the last time you played Miami?

FW:"There are some things, but for us defensive backs, they don't have a good player in Greg Camarillo, who is out for the season. They've got a new guy, [Davone] Bess, that we haven't seen much of, so we have to take this like it's a new team."

Jake Pavolik, Glen Burnie: Frank, in the game there's a lot of 'trash talking' every play of every game. We see a lot coming from you, and I in particular think it's great. What's better then a good corner making a play then talking trash and getting in the opponents head. I see you getting the other team worked up a lot, and I think it's actually a pro rather than a con. So my question is, what are some of these things you're telling the other players? What are some of your most memorable arguments on field?

FW:"Actually, I gave Donte Stallworth a ballerina bow and blew him a kiss. That really got under his skin. He was on the sideline when we played him in Cleveland, so I think that was one of my most memorable ones."

Dan Hafner, Rockville, MD: Hey Frank, congrats on a great game. What's it like covering receivers that have 5 or 6 inches on you?

FW:"Usually, when a guy is that big, you're quicker than them. You have to use a basketball technique and keep your hands off while you're shadowing him. You can run with them, so I think it's almost an advantage for me."

Devin Drones, Anchorage: Hey, I just want to congratulate on the GREAT season. I was just wondering if you looked up to the veteran on the Ravens' defense like C-Mac and Ray Lewis, and would you ever guess that you would be playing alongside them?

FW:"You know what? Guys like **Ray Lewis**, **Christopher McAlister **and **Samari Rolle** set the tone. I watched them growing up as a kid. I talked to Samari the other day, and he actually played against Warren Moon! He's like ancient! No, but I remember watching him in college, and I was like, 'Wow, I'm really playing with Samari Rolle now.' That's pretty cool."

Darrell Willis, Trenton, NJ: T U !!!!! Had to get that out the way for my fellow Golden Tiger. (#54 2000 Undefeated Team) Not many people know how truly talented you are. How hard has it been to sit by and not be used as much as you should, and then finally get an opportunity to contribute in such a positive way?

FW:"It's been a blessing to be able to contribute to this defense. I'm just preparing as a starter every week, so I'll be ready when it's my turn. The coaches do a good job of getting us enough time in practice to get the reps we need to be ready. Thanks for the question."

Kenny Merson, Laurel, MD: Hey Frank I was just wondering what your thoughts were about playing the home games at M&T compared to when you go to other stadiums in the NFL. I have been to a few and think M&T is one of the loudest. What do you think?

FW:"Green Bay rocks. M&T Bank rocks. Even when we played here in Baltimore when I was with New York [Giants], we would be standing next to each other saying, 'Man, I can't hear a thing.' This place is definitely one of the loudest."

Bruce Hoefling, Catonsville:How cold would it be in Green Bay right now, and what was it like playing in that weather?

FW:"One word: frozen."

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