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Inside Answers: Jameel McClain


Welcome to the latest edition of Inside Answers, where we've taken questions from fans and brought them to a top performer in the Ravens' most-recent game.

Here's linebacker Jameel McClain with his answers to your questions about Baltimore's win over the Jets and the upcoming season.

[Ed. note: Questions may have been edited for clarity.]

Pamela Cotton, Baltimore: You have been having a great preseason and training camp! Do you believe you could play in an offensive position like tight end? Congratulations on setting a record last season, 2 safties by a rookie in a single season.

McClain: I definitely cannot play tight end. I'm strictly a hitter on defense. But, I was All-City at offensive center in high school.

Carter Hall, Fluvanna, Va.: Hi my name is Carter im 11 years old and i am a DIE HARD RAVENS FAN!!!!! i have never been 2 a game though. i was wondering how big is the ravens rivialry beetween baltimore and pittsburgh?

McClain: I think it's a pretty big rivalry. It's an intense game and it's two physical teams that love to play football. We both have a good mentality toward the game, too, so I think it's a pretty big rivalry.

Anton Borzov, Baltimore: What's up Jameel? You've had a lights out Preseason, and in my opinion, you've definitely stated your case for starting next to Ray Ray after the game against the Jets. Up to this moment, what has been your most satisfying moment in the NFL? And if it's not too much to ask, what has been your most disappointing? Thank you for your time and best of luck this Season.

McClain: My most satisfying moment in the NFL is just being in the NFL, and making it to this point. I don't think I've really had a most disappointing moment. I'm excited about every moment that I get in the NFL.

David Orie, Harwinton, Conn.: I play Safety and Linebacker for my high school team and i was wondering if there are any pre-snap reads you make to distinguish run or pass or do you have to rely on just reacting to the play mostly?

McClain: I rely on my instincts, but in my pre-snap read I'll definitely pay attention to the guard, the fullback, all that stuff that linebackers normally do. But, most of the time when I get out there, I'm just flowing off of my instinct. There's also a lot of film preparation that gets us ready for that.

Chris Anthony, Severna Park, Md.: How are you dealing with all the pressure and stress of the extremely high standards set by former Raven linebacker greats and the availability of a middle linebacker position?

McClain: I don't think there is any pressure. You go out there and you play the game the way it's supposed to be played and you play this game with the love and the passion that the Baltimore Ravens have. That's what everybody on this team does, which is obviously what we call, 'Playing Like A Raven.' You'll make your own name, you'll set your own standards. You can't go about life trying to live up to what somebody else has already done.

Will Ramsel, Hereford, Md.: LOVED the interception return for a touchdown. My question is...What in the world was your TD celebration? Was that because you are on defense and don't typically plan your celebrations like many receivers do or was it just what came natural at that moment?

McClain: I have no idea. It came to my mind at the last minute. It was something like a Samurai / Electric Slide. The electric sliding samurai. [laughing]

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