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Inside Answers: Michael Oher


For the latest edition of Inside Answers, where we've taken questions from fans and brought them to a top performer in the Ravens' most-recent game, h ere's tackle Michael Oher with his answers to your questions.


[Ed. note: Questions may have been edited for clarity.]

Matt Nowicki, Dunellen, N.J.: Hi Michael. I was very happy to hear your name called by us on draft day and good luck the rest of the season. My question is, did playing in the SEC help you make the leap to playing in the NFL, considering it's such a physical conference?

Oher:"Well, they say that the SEC is a step below the NFL, and you do see a lot of SEC guys in the NFL. [Cincinnati Bengals defensive end and NFL sack leader Antwan] Odom is an SEC guy. I didn't play against him, but he comes from there. It's the most physical conference, in my opinion. That teaches you how you have to play in this league. You have to be physical every play."

Gail King, Perry Hall, Md.: Hi Michael. Welcome to Baltimore! Have you any thoughts about our town and fans? You have fit into our Ravens football perfectly, especially for a rookie. Keep up the good work.

Oher:"It's been a great time here so far. The city is great, and the people have been really nice so far. I'm loving it. The Inner Harbor is nice. They have a lot of attractions. I've been down there a few times to check it out."

Thomas Rysedorph, Richmond, Va.: Hey Michael great game allowing Odom to no sacks. That's pretty impressive. What do you guys need to work on this week getting ready to face the Vikings?

Oher:"Jared Allen is going to be a good matchup for me. He's big, physical and doesn't stop going after the quarterback. You have to work hard against a player like that. I'm working hard this week to prepare for a tough defense."

David Kuhl, Burlington, Wisc.: Hey Michael! Huge fan. Was wondering if you prefer playing LT over RT?

Oher:"I've played left tackle before, and it's a big difference playing left and right. It's just something I've got to do and prepare for. You just have to work hard in practice to get everything down no matter which side you play on. I feel ready, though. I feel like I just play football, so [switching sides] doesn't really matter to me."

Leland Markman, Chicago: Why did you chose 74 out of all of the numbers that were an option?

Oher:"You know what? There's really no big thing to it. One of my high school coaches wore 74, so I just followed him."

Matt Saunders, Oakland: Michael, as one of your former high school coaches at Briarcrest High School, I have a question for you. How much did going against Greg Hardy (All-American Defensive End for Ole Miss) in practice every day for Briarcrest help you become the left tackle you are today?

Oher:"Greg Hardy is hands-down the best defensive player in college football. He's a great athlete with all the tools. I loved going against that guy. He helped make me a better because we had some good battles over the years.

"And what's up "Hollywood" Saunders! You need to coach your team up and get those guys to win some games!"

Jarren Fonville, Clinton, Md.: Hey Mike, right now there doesn't seem to be a clear cut top rookie in this year's class. Do you think you could win Rookie of the Year since you have been playing great so far this season?

Oher:"Thanks, but the individual stuff is not important if we don't win games. We'll see if that comes down the road."

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