John Harbaugh Friday Press Conference

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening Statement: "OK, good to see you guys. I really appreciate you being here. [We had a] good practice, and we are getting ready for Sunday [at] one o' clock. That is our focus. [We have] 100 percent focus on getting ready to play the New York Jets on Sunday afternoon."

You said that you were hopeful that QB Joe Flacco would play Sunday. He is out there practicing today. So, all systems go with Joe? (Jerry Coleman) "We will see. We will see how he responds tomorrow. He is out there running around a little bit and throwing the ball a little bit. We will see what happens."

How encouraging was it to see QB Joe Flacco out there? (Ed Lee) "It was encouraging. I am always for that. Seeing Joe out there; that is a good thing."

Is he a game-time decision? (Jerry Coleman) "I am not putting any labels on it."

Do you like what you have seen from T Ronnie Stanley? He practiced a little bit last week and came back and is practicing this week. (Luke Jones) "Yes, I like what we saw. It is really the same kind of situation. We will just see how he feels tomorrow after the work, and we will see where he is at on Sunday."

When the offense goes for deep throws you are looking for big plays, but would you say that pass interference calls are an unspoken benefit of making that attempt? (Ed Lee) "I'm not really into commenting on that either, only because I have said my peace on that many times before. I give an opinion on something and get blasted by many people that don't like you giving your opinion I guess. The rule is what it is. If they [the NFL] want to ask me what I think, I would be happy to tell them what I think about it. Really, the focus is on the Jets and winning the game on Sunday."

Does the bye week add an element with decision-making in terms of who plays and who doesn't? I know you are focused on winning the game, but does that factor in? (Jeff Zrebiec) "I don't want to get into any of that logic. That is all fine, nuance kind of things. Certainly all that goes into every decision. But what is the point of talking about all of that? There are ten factors that you look at with each guy, and it is different with each guy."

Have you ever in your coaching career had back-to-back games in the same exact venue? (Ryan Mink) "Not a road game. We have had them for home games. It is kind of unusual."

Does that factor into anything? (Ryan Mink) "I don't know. I have no idea. We are just looking forward to going and playing the game on Sunday."

How did RB Lorenzo Taliaferro look this week in practice? (Jeff Zrebiec) "He was moving around pretty well. That is another one that we have to decide on; see where he is at. We have until tomorrow – I think at 4 [p.m.] to make that decision. Then he has a couple more weeks also."

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