Justin Forsett Football, Faith And My Major Offseason Accomplishment


This blog was written by Ravens running back Justin Forsett, and originally posted on the NFLPA website.

I'm glad to say this season is going great. First of all, we have been able to win some games. We are on a three-game winning streak, and I've been able to help out and have an impact on those wins. I've been able to score touchdowns and impact our offense, so things feel really good.

To be able to get some opportunities, it's definitely a blessing. When I signed here in Baltimore, I hoped for the best, but didn't know what to expect. I trained this offseason as if I was going to be a starter this season, and I definitely felt ready to go no matter what happened. I put everything into it. After last year, with what I went through (injuries, being on the bottom of the depth chart, not knowing if I would play again), I try to play every game like it's my last every time I step on that field. Not everybody gets a chance to play on Sundays.

My faith impacts everything; it isn't something I do on the side. It's in everything I do. It gives me a sense of peace when I go out on the field knowing that I put in the work. I trust God and His plan. Every week is an opportunity to seize the moment. I didn't know if I was ever going to play again. So with this platform that I have, I play for God, thanking Him for bringing me this far. From a little kid out of a small town of 3,000, to be able to play on Sundays … I try to use that as an act of worship.

It was also an exciting offseason for me because I graduated college. And it felt great! I only had two classes to finish. One was statistics, which was a course I was running from for a long time … postponing it, procrastinating. I took that online. The other class was social psychology, which I needed for my major (interdisciplinary studies). I took that class on campus at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. It was great, I loved it. Very interactive, great professor. It was cool being back in that atmosphere.

Graduating was an accomplishment that nobody in my immediate family has ever done. To accomplish that and say I finished it, it was amazing. It's a weight off my shoulders, and now I can move on and do some other great things.

I actually own an athletic hygiene company, ShowerPill (showerpill.com), so since most of my college courses were a mix of business and marketing classes, the skills and things I learned there have definitely helped me along the way.

But right now, I'm looking forward, and I want to win games. Coming off of a rough season last year, I want to make it to the playoffs.

That's my mindset.

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