Justin Forsett Named MVP, Torrey Smith Media Good Guy


The Baltimore media corps handed out their annual awards after Friday afternoon's practice.

Running back Justin Forsett was named the team's Most Valuable Player during his first season in Baltimore, and wide receiver Torrey Smith was named the Media Good Guy.

"I'm honored, just thinking about how blessed I am this season," Forsett said. "Where I was last year, to receiving awards like this, it's just amazing that people respect what I do. I'm humbled."

Forsett is sixth in the NFL with 1,147 rushing yards and eight touchdowns. His 5.3 yards per carry average ranks first in the league among running backs.

The NFL journeyman took over the starting running back job three games into the season, and he ended up having the best season of his career.

"I knew that I probably had one more shot, one more opportunity, to show what I could do, and I just wanted to make the best of it," Forsett  said. "I promised that if I got another chance, another play, that I was going to put my best foot forward. And that's what I was going to do. To receive this award is just another blessing."

Smith was recognized for his willingness to work with the media and the accessibility that he provided to reporters. The fourth-year receiver consistently took tough questions as the Ravens dealt with off-the-field issues this offseason, and he also dealt with criticism during a slow start to the year.

"We have to be able to stand up to the heat when things aren't going well, and when we're successful we need to be able to talk as well," Smith said. "It's all part of the job."

NOTE:The voting efforts for the MVP and Media Good Guy awards are spearheaded by Pressbox Online reporter Joe Platania, who was unable to take part in Friday's presentation because of a health issue.

Smith and Head Coach John Harbaugh both said they're thinking and praying for Platania, who has covered the Ravens since the team's inception in 1996.

"I just want to wish him our best thoughts and our best prayers for his speedy recovery," Harbaugh said.

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