Lamar Jackson Is an Expert Water Boy, And Other Great Pro Bowl Clips

Quarterback Lamar Jackson smiles on the sideline at the Pro Bowl. (Baltimore Ravens/Shawn Hubbard)

Just how good a teammate is Lamar Jackson? He's down with being the water boy if need be.

After Jackson – the Offensive MVP – was out of the game, he saw the AFC's defense coming off the field but didn't see the attendants with water hooking them up.

So Jackson took it upon himself, filling up water cups for his defensive mates. He apparently liked the job, because he also took water bottles out on the field to fill up the AFC's offensive huddle during a break in the action.

"That's what that big truss is about?" Colts guard Quenton Nelson joked before thanking Jackson and giving him a pat on the shoulder.

With 12 Ravens Pro Bowlers, the AFC's sideline was having plenty of fun during the game. Here are some of the other gems from during and after the game:

Check out the 12 Ravens in action during the AFC's Pro Bowl win.

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