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Lamar Jackson Reacts to His 'Madden 21' Rating, Patrick Mahomes Contract

QB Lamar Jackson
QB Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is on the cover of "Madden 21" but his rating in the game has him hoping for more.

Jackson has a 94-overall rating, which is the third-highest quarterback behind the Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes and Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson.

When Jackson joined ESPN's Sage Steele for an interview Monday night on "SportsCenter" and the rating was revealed to him, it was clear he thought it was too low. The reigning league MVP had previously said he expected to be a 96 or 97 overall.

"A 94?" Jackson said before waving his hand, scratching his head and chuckling a bit. "I wish it was better. But hey, it's better than it was last year. So I guess we can roll with it till the season starts."

Jackson had an overall rating of 79 when "Madden 20" was released, so it's still a major jump. And he was already borderline unstoppable in last year's video game.

On a side note, Jackson was asked what his initial reaction was to Mahomes receiving a contract worth a reported $503 million during an interview.

"I gotta win me a Super Bowl. I gotta get to where he's at," Jackson said with a laugh. "It's a crazy number. No one has ever dreamed about that. Well, probably dreamed about it, but no one ever expected that. Especially half a billion dollars. That's different. He deserves it, though."

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