Lamar Jackson Talks Super Bowl, Maturity and Motivation on LeBron James' Show 'The Shop'

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson during practice at the Under Armour Performance Center in Owings Mills, MD

Lamar Jackson's favorite NBA player is LeBron James, a four-time champion and one of the greatest players of all time. So when James asked Jackson to come on his show, "The Shop" it was an easy answer.

Jackson joined Donald Glover, Quinta Brunson and J. Balvin as a guest for the premiere of season five on the Uninterrupted YouTube show, which dropped in full Friday.

Jackson talked about a wide range of topics, including dealing with doubters, his motivation to get to the Super Bowl, how defenses have adjusted to him, maturity and more.

Here are some of some of the best moments:

On John Harbaugh:

James: "Yo, from the outside looking in, it seems like Coach [John] Harbaugh cool as [crap]."

Jackson: "Yeah, yeah he cool. That's a very competitive coach. He compete with us. Like, we working out in the weight room, he standing next to you like [looks at your weight] 'You see? You see what I'm doing? I'm doing 60s. What you doing 40s for?' 'I play quarterback, Coach. I gotta throw. I ain't doing those 60s.'"

On watching Super Bowl LVI:

Jackson: "Watching the game, I want to be in it, you know. I'm really not a fan of either team. You know, I want to be in it. But I had a feeling the Rams were going to win just because I felt Aaron Donald was there before. I know that if he got a chance to be one-on-one, can't nobody block that man. It's different with him. You gotta watch him. There's gotta be two guys on him every play."

Jackson said he thinks it's Donald's work ethic that makes him special.

On his pregame routine:

Jackson: "Hollywood [Brown] come get me before every game. … I like to get right to it. I don't like to wait before the game like LeBron five hours. I'm probably 30 minutes. We've got to be there an hour before the game."

James: "He's young. He's ready. He's probably got the uniform on in the car."

Jackson: "I need to get on that routine cause he's been around for a long time. … I'm listening to 26coop, I'm listening to all these guys, Kodak Black, Shimmy and stuff like that. I'm locked in already cause I've been preparing all week. I done studied."

On adapting and growing:

Jackson: "Lately, since I've been in the league, defenses have been changing. They don't play me like they play other defenses. I've got to get ready for a dog fight every game. They're going to play their best."

James: "They're trying to keep your [butt] in the pocket. QB contain. Where's the QB spy?"

Jackson: "They're doing it all now. This year, it's my fifth year going to be in the league. [What you gonna change?] My approach. My mindset. Just a lot maturer. I felt like I was a little immature, not in a bad way, but just like …"

James: "You were young."

On whether he'd considering his career a failure if he doesn't win a Super Bowl:

Jackson: "Nah. I wouldn't say I'm a failure because I know where I was. Many people in my family, they had the opportunity but they didn't take advantage of it. A lot of my people was great football players but they just, you know, our environment …"

On lessons he takes from LeBron:

Jackson: "Everything. Being a champion. I feel like that's the one thing I wanna take from him, if anything else. Being a champion and being a billionaire. That's just what I've been thinking about since I was a little kid. Being a billionaire and being a champion."

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