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Late For Work 1/17: Suggs Asked To Fling Terrible Towel ... His Reaction


Suggs Asked To Fling Terrible Towel … His Reaction

As he was wrapping up a segment with NFL Network funny guy Dave Dameshek, Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs already knew what was coming.

"I don't want no Steelers," Suggs said. "I don't want no Steelers."

And that's when Dameshek pulled out the ugly terrible towel buried in his seat cushion. The television host is a Pittsburgh native and unabashed Steelers fan.

"Do you want this? Do you want to hold this?" Dameshek teased.

"Absolutely not," Suggs repeated twice.

Sizzle looked like a person trying to put on a brave face while a tarantula was being shoved in front of him. For Ravens fans, the sight of a terrible towel causes a similar creepy, body-shivering feeling.

"Do you want to wear it around your neck?" Dameshek suggested.

Suggs looked at Dameshek with the stink eye.

"You don't even want to wave it and see what it feels like?" Dameshek annoyingly persisted.

"Hey man … men lie, women lie, numbers don't. Twenty-two to 20," Suggs said, referring to the final score of the last matchup between the two rivals, which ended in a Ravens victory.

"Fair enough, we'll leave it at that. Three-and-0 in January when these two teams hook up," Dameshek playfully jabbed back, noting the Steelers have won all of their playoff matchups.

Like I said, a real funny guy.

Check out the full interview below (mobile users tap "View in Brower" at the top of the page). There's also a little gem of a quote from Suggs about seeing a therapist to get over his Tom Brady animosity.

A Suggested Contract For Suggs

While we're talking about Suggs, I've wanted to highlight this article from The National Football Post about a potential contract restructure for a while, but it got lost in the mix of all the offensive coordinator news. It was published last Friday, so if you've already read it, feel free to jump to the next section.

The problem with Suggs' situation, says writer Joel Corry, is that the outside linebacker is on the wrong side of 30 and on the wrong side of the $10 million per year mark.

"Suggs must recognize that a new extension will average less than his current deal ($10,416,667 per year)," Corry wrote.

The only pass rusher making more than $10 million per year on a contract signed after reaching 30 years old is Julius Peppers. Robert Mathis and Chris Clemons are close with a $9 million average.

But the market for older pass rushers was "soft" last year, and Suggs may not want to test the market (via refusing a contract extension and being released) after seeing what happened to these three:

Dwight Freeney (33): Two years, $8.75 million
Osi Umenyiora (34): Two years, $8.5 million
John Abraham (35): Two years, $4.6 million

Of course, all of these contracts had escalators based off performance,* *and Suggs is slightly younger at 31.

A solution Corry suggested is to give Suggs a three-year, $18 million extension where he would receive a $7 million signing bonus with a $1 million 2014 base salary. As such, the Ravens would shave $5 million off their 2014 salary cap, while Suggs would actually get $200,000 more in base salary. Throw in $6 million in base salary escalators and incentives with a 12-sack threshold, and Suggs could make an extra $24 million.

"Suggs needs to be comfortable with the dynamics of the older pass rusher market if he rejects a reasonable offer from the Ravens," Corry wrote. "If not, he could initially price himself out of the market when he finds out that the grass isn't always greener on the other side."

Zinno: Turner Not A Fit For Ravens

We've heard the cries from Ravens fans who are upset that the Ravens didn't request an interview with Browns Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner.

The Minnesota Vikings requested an interview, got it,* *and are now "hammering out a deal" with him, according to the NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

Turner is no longer looking like a candidate for the Ravens, but 105.7 The Fan's Mark Zinno never thought he would have been a good fit anyway.

"I think Norv Turner will have decent success wherever he goes, but I always wonder why guys are available when they are," Zinno wrote. "Last offseason, there [were] several head coaching openings after he got fired from San Diego: Arizona, Buffalo, Chicago, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Philadelphia and Cleveland. Is it any wonder that Turner didn't get an offer from any of those places to be a head coach?

"And when he didn't, how come his services weren't sought after by those newly hired head coaches – many of whom were first-time NFL head coaches and could have used a very experienced coordinator like Turner to lean on – how come there wasn't a bidding war for his services? Cleveland was the best he could do? More stable teams, stable front offices didn't want Turner. You have to ask yourself why?"

Zinno wants to see the Ravens promote Wide Receivers Coach Jim Hostler, and he thinks they should do it now.

"Don't wait. Don't complicate the issue," he wrote. "Don't allow yourself to be second-guessed. Sometimes in the NFL, it's not about getting the best guy, it's about getting the best fit."

Is Kyle Shanahan A Good Fit?

The Ravens reportedly interviewed former Redskins Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan for their vacancy.

Will he be a good fit?

In the video below, Brent Harris isn't quite sold, but Charley Casserly praised the idea.

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