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Late For Work 1/20: Ravens React To Richard Sherman Losing It On National TV


Ravens React To Richard Sherman Losing It On National TV

Wait just one second while I pick my jaw up off the floor …

Ah, there we go. Thanks.

Moments after Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman made the game-winning play of the NFC championship, tipping a touchdown pass away from 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree to teammate Malcolm Smith for the interception, he went nuts.

Sherman flashed a choking sign – which he later explained was meant for quarterback Colin Kaepernick – that drew an unsportsmanlike penalty.

And then he lost it in a post-game interview tirade, screaming at unsuspecting Erin Andrews.

"I'm the best corner in the game," Sherman roared. "When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that's the result you're going to get. Don't you ever talk about me."

"Who was talking about you?" Andrews asked.

"Crabtree. Don't you open your mouth about the best, or I'm going to shut it for you real quick," Sherman yelled. (By the way, if you're wondering what Crabtree said, Sherman explained later that Crabtree made a personal remark to him in the offseason in Arizona.)

Watch the video below. Mobile users tap the "View in Browser" button at the top of the page.

Sherman's interview nearly broke Twitter.

There were 1.2 million tweets about the controversial cornerback in the last 24 hours, according to social analytical tool Topsy.

Ravens players got in on the action too. Here's how it unfolded:

@KLM89 [Kapron Lewis-Moore]: Wow Sherman....

@TorreySmithWR: That was disrespectful

@QadryIsmail: @TorreySmithWR Crabtree must've really talked some smack to Sherman!

@TorreySmithWR: @QadryIsmail must have said something about his momma haha

@jtuck9: Haha how confused was Erin Andrews right there?

@KLM89: Hey he was in the moment.

@MichaelOher: Bart Scott still has the best post game interview though! Lol

@vleach44: Think Sherman got him @MichaelOher

@TorreySmithWR: People are tweeting like Richard Sherman is stupid..he is far from that...different type of attitude on the field and talking about the game

@bynestime56: @TorreySmithWR only WE kno lol

Shanahan Had 'Good' Interview

We already know former Redskins Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan interviewed for the Ravens' coordinator post, but we don't know how it went.

Sources told The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson the interview was "good," but "that doesn't mean that Shanahan will necessarily land the job." Three NFL coaches recommended Shanahan for the job.

"Funny how you never hear 'sources' say someone had a bad interview for a head coach or coordinator position," tweeted ESPN's Jamison Hensley.

Sooo true.

Wilson noted that the Ravens are open to the idea of hiring an unproven coordinator.

"Ravens coach John Harbaugh is conducting an extensive search that includes coaches with past coordinator experience and coaches that haven't run an NFL offense before," Wilson wrote.

Mason Endorsed Hostler As Offensive Coordinator

Not a lot of Ravens fans know much about Wide Receivers Coach Jim Hostler, who has gotten a lot of buzz as a candidate for the open offensive coordinator position.

But former Ravens receiver Derrick Mason knows him well after working with him for several years in Baltimore, and thinks it would be a great move to promote him.

"I think it would be a great fit," Mason told WNST.

Mason said that Hostler has an advantage in that he already has a feel for Joe Flacco, John Harbaugh and the offensive system and philosophy.

"I would endorse Jim each and every time, man," Mason said. "He's a great guy. I've really enjoyed playing underneath him, meaning him being my coach. As a veteran, you figure sometimes you've learned all you can learn, but when he became the coach, there were things that either I didn't know or he brought to my attention. He was a great X's and O's guy, he was a detailed guy."

Flacco Must Address His Flaws

The quarterback usually gets all the blame when an offense struggles, and he usually gets all the praise when it succeeds.

But Flacco and the Ravens' 2013 season seems to be an exception to that rule.

"NFL analysts characterized Flacco's regression as a symptom, and not a primary cause, of a broken, 29th-ranked offense," wrote Wilson.

Instead, they often point blame to an injury-riddled and league-worst run game and an offensive line that opened few holes and struggled in pass protection. But that doesn't leave Flacco blameless, and if the offense is going to fix its flaws, Flacco has to address his own, says Wilson.

"You've got to evaluate what's going on around him, the problems with the running game, the significant issues with the offensive line, but I'm not giving Joe a pass," former NFL quarterback Rich Gannon told Wilson. "He didn't have a great year. He needs to take better care of the football. I still see a really solid player, but he's playing with some younger guys and learning about them. Still, you can't let someone else's mistakes become your mistakes as a quarterback.

"People don't realize this about Flacco, but he oozes confidence. He's not going to flinch. He has the utmost confidence. This is a season he's disappointed about, but he'll come back strong. One thing you respect about Joe is he doesn't make a mistake and then become conservative. That's not who Joe is."

Flacco threw a career-high 22 interceptions, 10 more than his previous high. A "vast majority" were down the middle of the field, according to ESPN analyst Louis Riddick.

Those interceptions can be linked back to losing receiver Anquan Boldin and tight end Dennis Pitta, but Flacco had his own part in them too. Talking with several analysts – former players and team executives – here's where Flacco got into trouble, per Wilson:

  • Forcing the ball into tight windows
  • Throwing off his back foot, not allowing for sound follow-through
  • Short-arming deep throws
  • Holding the ball for too long
  • Timing was off with receivers
  • Accuracy was off target

Based off his performance for four years prior to 2013, analysts believe Flacco will have a comeback season next year.

"I see Joe going back to being a steady, solid guy with 30 touchdowns and maybe a dozen interceptions next season," former NFL quarterback and league MVP Joe Theismann said. "Joe Flacco isn't a different quarterback all of a sudden. The pieces around him were different."

Veteran Safeties Ravens Could Target

General Manager Ozzie Newsome made it clear that he wants to get an athletic free safety to complement last year's top draft pick Matt Elam.

Because the Ravens may not want two young players* *as their last line of defense, Hensley believes they will most likely target a veteran rather than a rookie in the draft.

"The Ravens' preferred way to get an experienced player is signing a salary-cap casualty," Hensley wrote. "The top free safety who might get cut this offseason is the Detroit Lions' Louis Delmas. He's 26 and has had some knee issues in the past, but he does come up with big plays.

"As far as unrestricted free agents go, the Buffalo Bills' Jairus Byrd will likely be too expensive for the Ravens, and he could get the franchise tag again. Other options are the Indianapolis Colts' Antoine Bethea and the New Orleans Saints' Malcolm Jenkins. New York Giants free safety Stevie Brown will also be a free agent, but he's coming off a season-ending knee injury. It's not a particularly strong group, which might force the Ravens to look to the draft."

Quick Hits

  • @AdamSchefter: So it's No. 1-seed Seattle vs. No. 1-seed Denver. Last times SB featured two No. 1 seeds was Saints-Colts in 2009 and Cowboys-Bills in 1993. [Twitter]
  • @TorreySmithWR: We lost in dramatic fashion and then went to the SB the next year...Den lost the same way and earned it this year...they deserve to go [Twitter]
  • @Artj97: Was hoping my little brother would get a ring this year. but he still a champion my eyes!!! Love you bro @Chan95Jones #teamjones [Twitter]
  • @JasonLaCanfora: The Vikings have wrapped up their deal with new offensive coordinator, Norv Turner. Both Browns coordinators are out [Twitter]
  • @RavensSalaryCap: With a record-breaking] [98 underclassmen declaring for the draft, there are going to be a lot of quality UDFAs, a group where the @Ravens have always prospered [Twitter]
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