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Late For Work 1/23: Awesome WWE Style Confessional With Justin Tucker


Best. Confessional. Ever. Justin Tucker

Drafts have never been easy on Justin Tucker.

He waited through all 253 draft picks when he came out of Texas in 2012, never to hear his name called. The Ravens signed him as an undrafted free agent the next month.

So he was understandably excited when the Pro Bowl draft came around because he knew his name would actually be called. He expressed that excitement on Twitter.

"Today, I'll be drafted for the first time. Yusssss Napoleon Dyanmite voice," he wrote.

But as a kicker, he understands that even the in the Pro Bowl draft, he'd never be drafted first. Wait, you DO understand that. Right, Tuck?

"#Obvi @DeionSanders should draft his PK first," Tucker tweeted prior to Wednesday night's draft. "2min drill at the end of each quarter?! We talkin bout points!"

He continued his campaign with this awesome WWE-style confessional with the NFL Network in the video below. (Mobile users tap "View in Browser" at the top of the page.)

Tucker comes up with a good argument saying it's all about "strategery" as George W. Bush would say.

"With the wind like this blowing Mooch [host Steve Mariucci] and Marshal [Faulk] into the ocean, that's behind me, I think we're getting three points from 70," Tucker said.

"So holla at ya boi. YOU DON'T PICK ME THAT'S A JOKE, RIGHT?!?!?!"

Alas, Tucker waited until the 21st round to join teammates Terrell Suggs and Marshal Yanda on Team Deion Sanders.

Good effort though, Tuck.

And here's another video with Suggs' reaction to waiting for his selection in the 19th round. 

Jones At Pelicans Game: 'Right Now, I'm Being Fat'

For the first time since the season ended, we get to hear from receiver Jacoby Jones.

And just as we'd expect, he was his usual self, entertaining and cracking jokes.

Fox Sports caught up with Jones as he watched his hometown New Orleans Pelicans take on the Sacramento Kings in a near-empty arena.

Jones is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in March, and was asked what his next step is, noting New Orleans fans would love to have him home.

"I love home, always, but I would love to go back to Baltimore," Jones said. "Only God knows what it is in our path right now. It's a business, a crazy situation, so I'm just waiting."

So we know Jones would like to return, but will the Ravens try to bring him back?

"The Ravens would love to re-sign Jones because he is such a playmaker," ESPN's Jamison Hensley wrote. "When he made an impact, the Ravens won games. The trouble is the Ravens can't pay him another $4 million as a No. 3 receiver and returner."

As for what Jones is doing to get ready for whichever teams he lands with …

"Right now, I'm being fat," Jones joked. "I'm eating crawfish, po' boys, everything crazy!"

DeCosta: Sometimes Need To Get Sand Kicked In Face

The Ravens are currently on a mission to find personnel to help rebound from their 8-8 ending to the season.

Ravens Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta is using the motivation of missing the playoffs for the first time in six years, and is confident Ravens brass will get things moving back in the right direction.

"I think sometimes you have to get sand kicked in your face a little bit to respond appropriately," DeCosta told The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson from the Senior Bowl.

"We're disappointed by the end of the season. We certainly think we're capable of turning this thing around and getting back in the playoffs this year. We have a lot of confidence in our players that they'll respond to the challenge and get us back to where we belong."

The team has already identified receiver, interior offensive line and free safety as priorities to upgrade this offseason. But DeCosta noted there are other positions they're also looking to improve.

"What we saw after this season is we have a lot of needs at a lot of positions," DeCosta said. "It's bad to be in that position, I think, as an organization, but I think in terms of building your team it's good because we have the flexibility to draft players at a wide variety of positions."

He said the Ravens also need more running back depth, more tight ends with Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson's contracts expiring, and more linebacker depth as well.

Why Not Kubiak or Chudzinski?

Head Coach John Harbaugh revealed to our own Garrett Downing four of his candidates for the vacant offensive coordinator position.

Two names not on that list were former Houston Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak and former Cleveland Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski.

In an online chat with ESPN's Hensley, some fans asked why the two didn't make the cut.

"[Steelers running backs coach] Kirby Wilson?? Give me a break...Why not Kubiak or someone with a track record?" one fan asked.

"Wilson is more popular in coaching circles than you might think," Hensley explained. "The Titans were thinking of interviewing him for their offensive coordinator position. But I agree with you on Kubiak. I thought he might have received stronger consideration from the Ravens.

And as for Chudzinski …

"Most feel that was Norv Turner's offense with the Browns, and not Chudzinski's," Hensley explained. "The last time Chudzinski was coordinator was in Carolina, and Cam Newton struggled in the second half of that season under him. I can see him being a position coach when he returns to the NFL. No need for him to rush back. Browns owe him a lot of money."

One other thought I would add is that Harbaugh didn't name all of his candidates. He told Downing that he was considering several candidates, including from the college ranks, but didn't say who. I don't know if Harbaugh is considering Kubiak or Chudzinski, but it's possible they are in the running.

Quick Hits

  • Hey Jamison, do the Ravens believe Arthur Brown is their future starting linebacker? Or is he more of a third-down guy? "Brown will have every opportunity to be a starter this season. The Ravens need him to step up into that role. He was limited to passing downs because he was hurt and didn't get a chance to learn the entire defense in minicamps." [ESPN]
  • Broken tackle totals show a wide gap between Ray Rice and NFL's best running backs. [The Baltimore Sun]
  • Luke Jones says that while promoting Jim Hostler from wide receivers coach to offensive coordinator may not be the most exciting choice, it doesn’t make him the wrong choice. [WNST]
  • ESPNMag: Jimmy Smith still has 49ers fans accuse him of holding in last year's big play. Reply: "The only thing I'm holding now is the championship." [Twitter]
  • @RayRice27: "@TorreySmithWR: Happy birthday to my bro @RayRice27" thanks bro, you're next #TeamAquarius [Twitter]
  • @untouchablejay4: This is bullshavic! I've already been waiting too long! [Twitter]
  • untouchablejay55: Me and J-Tuck swagged out in Hawaii! TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!! #probowlflow [Instagram]
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