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Late For Work 1/28: What's Next For Jim Hostler? More Coaching Rumors


Head Coach John Harbaugh said he may potentially have to find new receivers, running backs and tight ends coaches. 

Here's the skinny on the changes that could still be coming:* *

What's Next For Hostler?

Jim Hostler went from being the reported top candidate for the Ravens offensive coordinator vacancy to having a cloudy future.

There's always a chance he could stay on as the wide receivers coach, but it appears he's exploring other opportunities.

"Ravens wide receivers coach Jim Hostler is pondering his options after failing to land the offensive coordinator job," reported The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson. "He remains on the staff for now, but his status could be changing.

"Hostler was the lone internal candidate for the offensive coordinator position and is now contemplating whether to remain with a team where it doesn't look as if he'll have an opportunity to advance in the immediate future."

Per Wilson's source, Hostler "will have options."

Report: Harman Out As TEs Coach, Pariani In

Ravens tight ends coach Wade Harman's 15-year stint with the Ravens will reportedly come to an end.

Harman will not be retained on the coaching staff next season and will be replaced by former Texans Tight Ends Coach Brian Pariani, according to Wilson.

Harman is the only coach who was part of both Ravens' Super Bowl victories after being hired in 1999 by former Ravens Head Coach Brian Billick. During that time, he coached tight ends Shannon Sharpe, Todd Heap and Dennis Pitta.

Pariani is no slouch himself.

He coached the Texans tight ends for eight seasons, helping Owen Daniels become a two-time Pro Bowler. He also coach Sharpe in Denver.

"Pariani has a reputation as a fiery competitor and is known as a hard-nosed, no-nonsense coach," Wilson wrote.

Potential Candidates For Three Spots

The Ravens currently have to fill two vacancies on the staff and one more if Hostler moves on.

Here's how it could unfold, per Wilson:

Wide receivers coach:Former Texans Wide Receivers Coach Larry Kirksey.

Running backs coach:Former Texans Running Backs Coach Chick Harris or former Washington Redskins and Broncos Running Backs Coach Bobby Turner.

Secondary Coach: Senior Defensive Assistant Steve Spagnuolo is a potential candidate to replace Teryl Austin.

Shanahan Not Coming To Ravens

The Ravens were reportedly trying to get Kyle Shanahan to come aboard with Kubiak and new Quarterbacks Coach Rick Dennison.

Shanahan was once one of the Ravens' top candidates for offensive coordinator before they hired Kubiak, and he apparently isn't interested in any other assistant role with the team.

"Former Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan won't be joining the Ravens' coaching staff," Wilson wrote. "Shanahan was regarded as a potential quarterbacks coach under Kubiak."

Imagine What Kubiak Can Do With Flacco

Sure, Gary Kubiak won three Super Bowls with Hall of Fame quarterbacks in Steve Young and John Elway. 

But he has also had tremendous results with not-so-highly-regarded quarterbacks too, points out ESPN's Jamison Hensley. 

What did he do with Brian Griese? Kubiak helped him become the NFL leader with a 102.9 passer rating in 2000. 

What about Jake Plummer? Kubiak helped him to a No. 4 ranking with 4,089 yards passing in 2004.

And Matt Schuab? Kubiak helped him become the NFL leader with 4,770 yards in 2009. 

All this from a guy who is known to establish the run first.

"Three mediocre quarterbacks, three unbelievable results," Hensley wrote. 

"Flacco has a better tool set than all of those quarterbacks, and even the harshest critic would agree with that. It had to cross the Ravens' mind that, if Kubiak can work this magic with an average-at-best quarterback like Schaub, imagine how much of a positive influence he can have on Flacco." 

Flacco Athletic Enough For Bootleg?

One of the staples of Kubiak's offenses in the past was the bootleg. 

It requires a lot of athleticism from the quarterback, who has to make throws on the run. A couple analysts disagree on whether Flacco is athletic enough to run the bootleg consistently. 

Bill Polian, former GM of the Colts and ESPN analyst, thinks that Flacco has the goods. 

"The bootleg is a huge part of Gary Kubiak's offense," Polian says in the video below. "We played against it for 5 years in Indianapolis. It's going to be interesting to see Joe Flacco operating that, and he is much more athletic than people think." 

Doug Gottlieb isn't so sure …

Only Person On Internet Who Thinks Worse Off With Kubiak 

Well, if you're looking for a devil's advocate point of view on the hire of Kubiak, here ya go …'s Doug Gottlieb not only thinks Flacco won't succeed with the bootleg, but he thinks the offense will be worse next season under Kubiak. 

"You need a really athletic quarterback because you're running a lot of bootlegs, and that's not really Joe Flacco," Gottlieb said in this video. "It's not that Joe Flacco isn't a good athlete, he's actually a really good athlete, but he's not somebody you want to roll out, plant his feet and throw the ball. He's a down-field thrower. 

"This to me strikes me as a guy who is a really good offensive coordinator with a really good quarterback with a really bad fit for each other. I don't see them getting better. I see them fighting over the play calling and the set up and the depth of the drops." 

Quick Hits

  • I wanted to write more about this, but ran out of time this morning (maybe I will follow up tomorrow), but this is an excellent interview with John McClain, who has covered the NFL for the Houston Chronicle for 34 years. He gives great insight into the personality of Kubiak, saying he has never respected a coach more. [WNST]
  • McClain also noted in the interview above that Kubiak had several coaching offers, but turned them down. Perhaps another reason Kubiak was a last-minute hire before he presented himself to the Ravens? [WNST]
  • Kubiak is a terrific hire. Now…get him some terrific players. [WNST]
  • Kubiak was well worth the wait. [The Baltimore Sun]
  • Former Raven Brendon Ayanbadejo comes clean on Super Bowl hotel move. []
  • @MikePrestonSun: One of the reasons the Ravens kept Juan Castillo is because he is expected to make between $1.1 to $1.3 million next season. [Twitter]
  • @McClainonNFL: Kubiak "I was prepared 2 sit out a season til John (Harbaugh) called, and we started talking. I'm excited and ready 2 get back 2 work." [Twitter]
  • @Ravens: Nice photobomb@jtuck9! RT @Panthers: Better invest in sunglasses #Panthers fans. The future is very bright. [Twitter]

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