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Late For Work 12/4: Report: Terrell Suggs Has Torn Biceps, Says 'Don't Panic!'


Report: Suggs Has Torn Biceps, Says 'Don't Panic!'

Outside linebacker Terrell Suggs has a torn biceps muscle, according to multiple reports.

He suffered the reported tear late in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 23-20 loss to the Steelers. He left the game, headed to the locker room and didn't return.

Suggs tweeted yesterday at 5 p.m. that he is getting a second opinion on the severity of the injury and urged his followers to remain calm.

"Waiting on 2nd opinion," he wrote. "Will keep ya'll posted. Don't panic! We do this every year! The MISSION is still the same. #NawlinsInFebruary"

As ESPN's Adam Schefter explained, the second opinion is needed because it will determine his playing status moving forward.

"H]ere’s [the part that is very important to know: some doctors say you can play through certain torn biceps injuries; other doctors say there are torn biceps injuries you cannot play through," Schefter said.

This injury is not necessarily a season-ending one, and Head Coach John Harbaugh told reporters he is “encouraged” it isn't a long-term injury, but doesn't know for sure just yet.

Some players have played with torn biceps and don't miss any games.

Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby has been playing with a torn biceps this season, and Washington defensive ends Andre Carter and Phillip Daniels played with torn biceps in 2009.

But Suggs' need for a second opinion suggests that the first opinion wouldn’t allow him to play, wrote ESPN's Jamison Hensley.

When communicating with reporters late last night, Suggs gave slightly different answers as to whether he can play through the injury.

"I can," he texted NFL Networks Albert Breer, citing the other NFL players that have done it.

"We’ll see. Maybe, maybe not," he replied to The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson.

But for a man that shocked the NFL world by returning from an Achilles tear in less than six months, there is little doubt the reigning Defensive Player of the Year will play if he is cleared to do so.

But he has to be cleared first.

We'll just have to wait and see what that second opinion says.

Losing Suggs Would Be 'Heartbreaking' And 'Disastrous'

It would be a cruel twist of fate to lose Suggs to another injury considering his miraculous recovery from an Achilles tear this offseason. Suggs was recently selected by his teammates to be the recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award for defying all the odds and returning to the field by Week 7.

And now this new injury. Wow.

As we await word on Suggs' playing status, The Sun's Matt Vensel writes about what it would mean if the Ravens were to lose T-Sizzle long term.

"I]t would be [borderline heartbreaking if Suggs, who felt like he had let his teammates down when he tore his Achilles working out in Arizona, were to be lost for the playoffs with another bad break –  or should I say torn muscle? – after working so hard to return early," Vensel wrote Monday morning.

"Losing him would also be borderline disastrous for the team's title hopes. Suggs is still trying to find his explosiveness as a dominant pass rusher, but the impact on the defense is obvious. I said before that if Lewis and Ed Reed are the heart and brains of the Ravens defense, Suggs brings the cojones, and his swagger sets the tone for the defense."

If Batch Can Beat Ravens, Imagine Next Month

The Ravens defense allowed the Pittsburgh third-string quarterback, who turns 38 this week, to lead a 10-point, fourth quarter comeback. With the game on the line, Batch completed 16 of 20 throws for 219 yards and a touchdown in the second half.

"The Ravens lost to a third-string quarterback Sunday – and in their house, too – in a performance that probably made at least a few of their frustrated defenders want to cry," wrote Vensel.

"So what's going to happen in the next few weeks, especially if Terrell Suggs were to be sidelined with an arm injury?"

That's a fair question.

Baltimore will face dynamic rookie Robert Griffin III in Washington Sunday, followed by the Manning brothers at home, and then will finish on the road against quarterback Cincinnati Andy Dalton, who will be throwing to the dangerous A.J. Green.

"If Pittsburgh's makeshift offensive line could give Chuck Batch enough time to take a long bath in the fountain of youth Sunday, just imagine what the four first-string quarterbacks I just mentioned might do if the Ravens can't quickly find solutions for what ailed them in Sunday's loss," Vensel wrote.

Reaction To Reed's Criticism Of NFL

I mentioned in yesterday’s LFW that Reed sounded off on the NFL, saying it was hypocritical on player safety and is turning the league into "powder puff" football.

"It's easy for them to do the things they're doing, fining us and make us look bad, like we're the bad guy, when we're not," he said. "If they were really so concerned about the violence and the injuries, players getting hurt, answer this question for me ... why is there Thursday Night Football?"

ESPN's Merril Hoge and Ron Jaworski discuss Reed’s comments, acknowledging he has a right to his opinion, but also reminded players the league has never said they can't hit opponents as hard as they want as long as they don't launch and hit a specific target area.

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  • The Ravens completed and debuted the first phase of what could be a multimillion dollar renovation of the lower concourse at M&T Bank Stadium. A new concession stand was opened on Nov. 11, which allows fans to see the food being prepared. The renovation is a prototype for a full-scale remodeling of the lower-level concourse, which could be unveiled in 2013. [Baltimore Business Journal]
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