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Late For Work 2/7: Awesome Little Kid Teaches Jacoby Jones Dances


Awesome Little Kid Teaches Jacoby Jones Dances

If you've been trying to master all those Jacoby Jones touchdown dances, you're in luck.

This awesome little kid put together an instructional YouTube video that breaks down the moves to dances like the "Choppa City Juke" and the "Stanky Leg." Well, he actually couldn't remember how to do that last one, but there are others and they are great.

Jones found the video online, posted by Ryan Terry, and was impressed enough that he would like to meet the little guy.

"Somebody please find me this Kid," Jones tweeted.

What's funny is the young man is wearing an Atlanta Falcons jersey. But hey, he got it for Christmas so it's not his fault, right?

Aside from his smooth steps, my favorite part of the video is the way he tries to describe the moves he's teaching.

"Like this: uh … uh …uh … uh … uh … UH!"

"Like you're doing jumping jacks, but like this: uh, uh."

"You see this? You move the fingers. Don't move the thumb."

"Do this: like you're trying to pull those … whatever … those things like you got to crank it up."

"Do this: like your praying, tilt, sliiiiiiide your foot, sliiiiiiiiiiiiide."

"Like, tap, tap, tap, tap."

"And THAT's how you do Jacoby Jones, people. Bye"

Check out the video below (mobile users tap "View in Browser" at the top of the page). You may want to skip to the one-minute mark because the little guy looks for a perfect camera location for the first 60 seconds.

Hensley Imagines Impressive Cast Of Weapons

Imagine quarterback Joe Flacco throwing to this host of targets:

Torrey Smith, Marlon Brown, Dennis Pitta … PLUS Eric Ebron and Eric Decker.

That's the cast of weapons ESPN's Jamison Hensley envisioned after he saw draft gurus Mel Kiper and Todd McShay both having the Ravens select Ebron in the first round of the draft in May.

"The selection of Ebron makes more sense if the Ravens add a wide receiver such as Denver's Eric Decker in free agency," Hensley wrote. "This would give quarterback Joe Flacco a significant upgrade in targets."

Yes. Yes, it would. But a lot of things would still have to fall in place for it to happen too.

The Ravens would either have to re-sign or franchise Pitta, outbid the market to land Decker (or someone of his caliber) and ensure a way to nab the top-rated 6-foot-4, 231 pound tight end out of North Carolina.

But hey, it's the offseason. Ravens fans can dream.

TEs Coach Wade Harman Joins Falcons

It didn't take long for Wade Harman to land another gig.

The longest-tenured Ravens coach was replaced by former Houston Texans assistant Brian Pariani as the new tight ends coach. Harman found a home with the Atlanta Falcons as the new assistant offensive line coach, per The Baltimore Sun.

Harman was with the Ravens for 15 years, and was the only coach to be a part of both Ravens*Super Bowl victories in 2000 and 2012. He worked with some of the Ravens' greatest tight ends, including Pro Bowl selections Shannon Sharpe and Todd Heap, *as well as Pitta.

"Harman was popular with the players for his low-key, upbeat coaching style," wrote The Sun's Aaron Wilson. "Harman never sought attention. He simply worked hard and did his job well."

Mike Flacco Not Invited To Combine

The NFL released its official list of scouting combine participants, and one familiar name didn't get an invitation: Mike Flacco.

The brother of franchise quarterback Joe Flacco, Mike declared for the draft early after just one season at the University of New Haven, where he was selected as a third-team Division II All-American.

Mike, 26, is the 16th-ranked tight end by

He could still be drafted, or selected as a rookie free agent, but he won't have the chance to show off his skills in Indianapolis later this month.

Why Are Steelers Drafting Ahead Of Ravens?

The Steelers ended the season as the No. 2 seed in the AFC North, while the Ravens finished No. 3. So why are the Steelers drafting ahead of the Ravens?

"I continue to receive this question from readers," wrote Hensley.

The ESPN blogger explained that it all has to do with tiebreakers (both teams finished 8-8), and the way you break a tie in a division is different than breaking ties among all 32 teams, which is what you have to do to determine the final draft order.

The Steelers had the better AFC North seeding because they finished with the better division record of 4-2 compared to the Ravens' 3-3 finish.

"The draft, however, breaks ties according to strength of schedule because it must separate teams league-wide, not just in a division or conference," Hensley wrote. "The Ravens had a much tougher strength of schedule (opponents had a .484 winning percentage) than the Steelers (.469). When a team has the same record against a weaker schedule, it's considered the worse team. This is why the Steelers have the No. 15 overall pick."

Gonzalez: Ryan 'Excellent' But Not 'Elite' QB

Ooof. When a former teammate, and former target, doesn't call you elite, that hurts.

That's what happened with recently retired Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez when he was talking with ESPN The Magazine about his former quarterback Matt Ryan.

"Matt's an excellent quarterback," Gonzalez said. "But he's not elite. He's this close. He'll get there, but he has some learning to do."

It's nice to know that Flacco isn't the only quarterback (even in the 2008 draft class) that isn't hounded by the elite question.

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