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Late For Work 4/24: If He Wants, Rolando McClain Free To Join Ravens Workouts


If He Wants, McClain Free To Join Ravens Workouts

Linebacker Rolando McClain's legal situation will not hinder his ability to join the Ravens offseason program, as it once was feared to do.

That's because a Decatur, Ala. city prosecutor decided not to file a motion to have bonds revoked from McClain's arrest Sunday night, according to The Baltimore Sun. Sunday's incident could have voided the terms of another bond from January when McClain was arrested for violating a window tint code and providing false information to police. 

"However, after reviewing the case, the city prosecutor decided not to pursue revoking the bonds," wrote The Sun's Jeff Zrebiec. "A judge could still make that decision, but there has been no indication that will happen."

Had McClain's bond been revoked, he would have been held in jail until his court date on May 7 to address January's arrest. He is due back in court on July 9 for Sunday's charges.

When news first broke that McClain would sign a one-year deal, the 23-year-old said he was aware of the Ravens offseason program.

Now he is eligible to attend if he so chooses.

The video below provides a great inside look at what McClain would be doing if he decides to join his teammates in Baltimore. Team leaders like running back Ray Rice, wide receiver Torrey Smith and cornerback Lardarius Webb are among the many players who have already begun the work to defend their Super Bowl title.

McClain’s status with the team is still unknown, but one tidbit comes from Zrebiec, who tweeted yesterday: "Ravens are not commenting publicly on McClain's status. Obviously not pleased with him but they seem willing to let situation play out."

San Fran Mayor Coming To Make Good On Super Bowl Bet
San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee will be in Baltimore Friday.

What for?

He has to make good on a friendly Super Bowl bet he made with Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

It's become a tradition for mayors to wager a day of service in their Super Bowl opponent's city. As the losing party, Mayor Lee will be helping revitalize vacant lots, renovate a police station, and read to third-grade children. Not to mention, the mayor will also learn how to make crab cake sandwiches at Faidley Seafood in Baltimore's historic Lexington Market.

"Although I do wish the Super Bowl resulted in a San Francisco 49ers victory and had required Mayor Rawlings-Blake to visit San Francisco, I look forward to cracking some Baltimore crab and joining AmeriCorps in the Service Bowl," said Mayor Lee. "I believe this day of education and service will strengthen the relationship between our two cities and promote a call of service to our communities."

Added Mayor Rawlings-Blake: "We agreed to a Super Bowl wager that would highlight the strengths and spirit of our respective cities. Because the Ravens won the Super Bowl, we have an opportunity to share with the world some of our best food, and the great work AmeriCorps members are doing in our communities."

Below are the times and location of each activity in which the mayors will participate, per the city's press release:

10:00 a.m. – Cooking at Faidley's Seafood in Lexington Market

11:30 a.m. – Kick-off event for Day of Service and Power in Dirt revitalization of vacant lot

1:00 p.m. – Painting and repairing of Western District Police Station

2:35 p.m. - Third Grade Reads tutoring session, Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle School

Can Ravens Fit 12 Picks Under Salary Cap? Full Explanation Of Rookie Salary Cap

Confused about how the rookie salary cap works within the overall salary cap?

Join the club.

Brian McFarland of Russell Street Report gives a full explanation of how the two caps work together. The first step to understanding is knowing that the two caps are NOT separate and distinct pools of money, a common misconception.

"[The rookie cap] is a separate calculation and there is not a dollar-for-dollar correlation between the rookie cap and the overall cap," wrote McFarland. "So, while all of the salary cap numbers of a team's draft picks must fit under the team's rookie salary cap, very rarely will all of that amount actually impact the team's overall salary cap."

The confusion comes from Rule 51 of the collective bargaining agreement, which essentially says that a team only has to calculate the 51 highest cap numbers during the offseason. That's because during that time, teams' rosters can balloon to 90 players and it would be impossible to fit all of them under the cap.

Thus, while there is a rookie cap of about $6.36 million, not all of the rookies' cap numbers will count against the overall cap because they are not among the top 51.

To provide an example, McFarland lists the estimated cap numbers for the Ravens' current 12 draft picks (which will likely change this weekend):

1st round:              $1.23M
2nd round:             $614K
3rd round:              $534K
4th round:              $501K
4th round:              $481K
5th round:              $445K
5th round:              $441K
6th round:              $428K
6th round:              $427K
6th round:              $425K
7th round:              $417K
7th round:              $417K

Only the first four picks would count against the cap because the 51st highest cap number on the roster right now is $491,000.

"The remaining eight draft picks would not count amongst the top 51 cap numbers, so the base salaries of those players, while counting against the rookie cap, will not count against the team's overall salary cap," McFarland wrote. "Only the bonus prorations for those players will count."

The final conclusion is that while the Ravens have about $3.8 million in cap space, they would only need about $1.2 million to fit all 12 draft picks.

Got it? No? Read more here.

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