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Late For Work 4/29: Torrey Smith Cut His Dreads (Photos)


Torrey Smith Cut Off His Dreads (Photos)

Say goodbye to Torrey Smith's lovely locks, y'all.

The Ravens wide receiver tweeted yesterday morning that he might cut his dreads because he was “getting tired of them,”which was met with opposition from Twitter followers. Some even thought he was bluffing.


But just three hours later the Instagram photos and announcement were posted (plus another one from Facebook not posted by Smith).

"Just a lil change...same face and big cheesy smile," Smith tweeted.

And now that he has chopped them off, many are wondering what he is going to do with them. He noted that he can’t donate them to charity because they are locked and not straight.

Whether Smith should cut his dreadlocks has been a long-heated debate in Baltimore ever since he was tackled by his hair two years ago by Bengals cornerback Adam Jones on what looked to be a sure catch-and-run for a touchdown.

 "There is more going on in the city than me cutting my locs Baltimore haha," Smith tweeted two hours after his announcement.


Well Torrey, that's where you'd be wrong, even one day following the draft. The reaction from Ravens fans on Twitter and Instagram was almost as fun to see as the photos of Smith's new clean-cut look.

I've never seen so much controversy over one man's hair.

jacksmm12: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... jk still as gorgeous as ever. But really that could've waited

pryerr: WHATYYTTTT?!?

balmerboy: U just improved ur 40 time and less chance of getting tackled again by your hair. Go TS!!

jedaboulhosn: now you have to get a smaller helmet!

mrgeneralstatus: Damn dude save the super bowl dreads sell them on ebay with the autograph jersey

jennsauls: Love it!

The Sports Girls TV: Torrey looks great! Modeling career after football is possible!

john waire : you clean up well :)

Tori Meyers :  .‏..still handsome

Ravens' Draft Grades Are In

The draft grades are in!

They don't matter, and they are way too premature, but at least they're good for the Ravens.

Take a look:

A-plus: Alex Marvez,
"In Ozzie we trust. He scored two instant starters in University of Florida strong safety Matt Elam (taken in first round) and Brown (second)."

A: Peter Schrager,
"Brown may never be Ray Lewis, but he can help in addressing the hole left by Lewis and Dannell Ellerbe in the middle of Baltimore's defense. Brown is a sideline to sideline guy who many teams had listed as a first-round pick, but slipped to 56. Elam is going to be an upgrade from Bernard Pollard and Brandon Williams — a small-school prospect if there ever was one — can help the [defensive] line."

A: Nate Davis, USA Today
"It's difficult not to respect any draft run by GM Ozzie Newsome. He said in February that improving the guts of the defense was Priority No. 1, and he might have found three new starters in the first three rounds who should do exactly that: S Matt Elam, ILB Arthur Brown and DT Brandon Williams. Brown, in particular, backfills the ability and leadership departments after Ray Lewis' retirement, though any comparisons obviously are unfair. DE Kapron Lewis-Moore could surprise if healthy, and ex-Wisconsin T Ricky Wagner might get a look on an O-line also in transition."

A-minus: Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN
"The Ravens needed to come out of this draft with an inside linebacker and a safety, and with their first two picks, they got two really good players at those positions. Matt Elam has played high-level football at Florida, can move around (particularly up to the line of scrimmage) and make hits. He plays with fearlessness, can make plays in coverage with his good instincts and long arms and slotted in next to Michael Huff at strong safety, provides immediate impact. Baltimore used its pile of picks to move up and take Arthur Brown, a player the Ravens really liked. He's a steal at No. 56 overall and takes over the void left by Ray Lewis. Brandon Williams gives them a rotation player at nose tackle and gives them depth behind Terrence Cody. Kyle Juszczyk is the best fullback in the draft, and makes plenty of sense in the fourth round. Ricky Wagner is an interesting pick because if you asked me a year ago I'd have told you he probably lands in Round 2 this year. He just didn't play to that level this season, but you have to wonder if he can get back to that point. I see his future at right tackle, or even guard. Tackle was a need, and we'll see if he helps there. I think it's a good bet on upside. John Simon is an interesting player, because it's hard to say what position he'll play. For now he provides depth at linebacker and should be a good special-teamer. The Ravens had another excellent draft because they needed starters at some key spots and pulled it off. That's not easy to do when you're slotted in at No. 32."

A-minus: Chris Burke,
"The Ravens used their first four picks on defense: S Matt Elam, LB Arthur Brown, DT Brandon Williams and DE John Simon. All could contribute, but the aggressive move for Brown was impressive. There's value throughout here, too, with FB Kyle Juszczyk, DE Kapron Lewis-Moore and WR Aaron Mellette all intriguing picks."

B: Jeff Zrebiec, The Baltimore Sun
"I'm not a huge fan of grading drafts in April. After all, who would have predicted Justin Tucker, who didn't even sign with the Ravens until several weeks after last year's draft, arguably becoming the team's most impactful rookie last season? However, the front office deserves credit for filling several holes, being patient late in rounds and adding several players that fit their profile. Best pick: Some draft pundits felt that Kansas State's Arthur Brown would have been a worthy first-round selection for the middle-linebacker needy Ravens. To swoop in during the second round while there was a run of middle linebackers and acquire him without sacrificing too many key later picks was an impressive move. Missed opportunity: Unless the Ravens had a top five pick, they weren't going to be able to solve their left-tackle dilemma, so I don't fault them for that. But a case certainly could have been made for them to possibly trade up in the third round and grab a receiver."

B: Pete Prisco,
"Best pick: I love second-round linebacker Arthur Brown. He is a perfect Ravens style of player. He will step in and start right away. Questionable move: Passing on a receiver until taking Aaron Mellette from Elon in the seventh round. Third-day gem: The Ravens have been good drafting tackles and making them guards. I think fifth-round pick Ricky Wagner might be another of those. Analysis: Here is another team that does a great job of making picks. It's why they don't need to worry about the losses they had. Getting Matt Elam (first) and Brown will really amp up the defense. Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta hit again.

B: Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports
"The Ravens are an unflappable organization built on a consistent approach to the draft. So even after losing Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Anquan Boldin, Paul Kruger and Bernard Pollard, Baltimore patiently waited to rebuild through the draft rather than pay retail prices in free agency. The result is that the Ravens picked at least two guys (Elam and Brown) who should start right away and three or four other players who could be significant contributors. In particular, Elam has a chance to be an excellent player, as long as fans aren't expecting the second coming of Reed. This is the kind of approach that has kept long term success sustainable in Baltimore."

Schmuck: Not Worth Keeping Rolando With New Drafted Talent

The Ravens' aggressive move to trade up and nab linebacker Arthur Brown has been lauded as one of the steals of the 2013 draft. Analysts believe Brown had first-round talent and could start immediately to fill the hole in the middle of the defense left by Ray Lewis.

Now that the Ravens have reloaded on defense with Brown and much, much more talent, The Baltimore Sun's Peter Schmuck believes the team no longer needs to put up with the "headache" that recently signed linebacker Rolando McClain could bring.

After listening to Newsome's post-draft press conference comments about needing to make "tough decisions" about the roster starting Sunday, Schmuck got the feeling that a decision to cut the former Butkus-award winner and eighth-overall pick could be coming soon.

"[T]here was speculation heading into this weekend that Newsome might wait to see how the draft dominoes fell before deciding whether to release McClain or hang with him and hope there is a productive Raven inside all that baggage," Schmuck wrote. "If that's the case, it shouldn't be a tough decision. The Ravens moved up in the second round to draft Brown, a versatile Kansas State linebacker who could fill the same need if he's ready for prime time."

That said, Schmuck said the Ravens could also just be trying to be fair-minded with McClain's most recent arrest. After all, the 23-year-old linebacker recently said that police "arrested the wrong guy."

Based off prior history with the Raiders, McClain could become a disruptive presence in a locker room full of young talent, including six new defensive rookies drafted last week. And for Schmuck, it's just not worth taking the risk.

"Don't want to be too flip about a situation where a young man's professional career is on the line, but if a guy is so out of control that the Oakland Raiders aren't willing to put up with him, why would the Ravens want to take the chance of him being a disruptive influence on their developing young team?" he asked.

"It just doesn't make sense. If the Ravens really want to avoid a Super Bowl hangover, they don't need this headache."

Quick Hits

  • Several of defensive lineman Arthur Jones' teammates accompanied him to his brother, Jon Bones Jones', UFC championship title match. Jones easily defended his title, when the referee stopped the fight at the 4:33 mark in the first round. And I won't copy and paste it in LFW, but here is a link to the nasty broken toe he sustained. Yuck! [Bleacher Report]
  • @BryanHall95: One true Champ! Woooo …. The man broke his big toe! [Twitter]
  • @untouchablejay4 : BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Twitter]
  • @TerrenceCody: Jus watched my boy Jon bone jones win in the first rd lol @JonnyBones [Twitter]

@KLM89 [fourth-round pick Kapron Lewis-Moore]: Truly an honor and privilege to get drafted by Baltimore! thank you for all the texts and calls i appreciate it! [Twitter] * @MayDeuce [Ravens' last pick Marc Anthony]: Thank you Jesus and the Ravens org for believing in me and giving me this opportunity...the wait is finally over!!!! #RavensNation [Twitter] * @elamvselo [Ravens' top draft pick Elam]: Great first trip to BMore, loved the facilities, love the stadium & more importantly I loved the fans..! [Twitter]

  • Terrell Suggs' post when the Ravens were on the clock with their first-round pick … @untouchablejay4: IN OZZIE WE TRUST!!!!!!! [Twitter]
  • Suggs' post right after the Ravens selected Elam …. @untouchablejay4: WELCOME TO RAVENS NATION!! LETS HUNT YOUNG LION!!!!!!!! [Twitter]
  • @TorreySmithWR: RT @RamSkeeno_LOB: The Ravens aint Draft A Wide Reciever..and we Juss Lost Boldin.. *Scratching my Head...we have talent just watch [Twitter]
  • @TorreySmithWR: Keenan Allen...Tandon Doss...same person [Twitter]
  •  @albertbreer: Saw Mayock praise Ravens. Think about this: Ozzie Newsome, Eric DeCosta, Pat Moriarty & Vince Newsome have been there since Day 1 in '96. … If you take Ozzie, Vince Newsome, DeCosta, Moriarty, add in Joe Hortiz & George Kokinis (15 years apiece), a total of 98 years w/Ravens. [Twitter]
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