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Late For Work 4/8: RB Justin Forsett's Original Music Video For Wife


Forsett's Original Music Video For Wife

Introducing the Ravens' newest running back, Justin Forsett … in an original music video performing a song he wrote for his wife, Angie.

Forsett created this video as a one-year anniversary gift when he was still with the Seattle Seahawks in 2011. The theme for first anniversary gifts is traditionally paper, but I'd say this was way better.

With an awkward history of sports music video classics – think the 1985 Chicago Bears' "Super Bowl Shuffle" or Ron Artest's "Fever" – Forsett's video has seemingly bucked the trend with several websites praising his vocal ability and creativity.

"Forsett may have detractors changing their tune [about athletes' videos]," wrote The Huffington Post.

"Brother has a few chops and the video is creative and well produced," added

The video features a cameo from some of his Seattle teammates, and it concludes with a prayer that gives thanks for a "friend, partner and soul mate." My absolute favorite line is: "I also want to thank you for a wife that doesn't care about my flaws, someone that doesn't care that I drool when I sleep and snore at times (but only when I'm tired)."

Forsett's song entitled, "L.O.V.E." certainly has its fair share of sappy lyrics, but it's refreshing to see a person so committed to his partner in an era where you hear so many stories of infidelity.

The couple was married in June of 2010 when Forsett was 25 years old, and he told the Seattle Times that he remained celibate until after the wedding because of his Christian beliefs.

"It wasn't that hard to abstain from sex," Forsett told The Times. "It's not what you typically hear of an athlete doing, but the guys on the teams that I have been on respected my decision and my reasoning. I'm glad that I stayed the course."

Now that's a patient and diligent guy.

Check it out below (mobile users tap "View in Browser" at the top of the page to watch the video).

Torrey Smith Not A No. 1 WR?

Ravens receiver Torrey Smith notched 65 catches for 1,128 yards last season, but he still isn't considered a No. 1 receiver by some.

"The term 'No. 1 receiver' is often thrown around loosely, but to me, there certainly are not 32 No. 1 receivers in the league just because every team has a favorite target," wrote ESPN's Matt Williamson. "Defining this term isn't a cut-and-dry thing. But I look at it this way – a No. 1 receiver needs to be able to do everything well in the passing game."

Smith does not meet Williamson's definition, and only 14 receivers make the list with two of them being tight ends. Instead, the four-year receiver makes the "close but not quite" list.

Colleague Jamison Hensley agrees with Williamson, and thinks the Ravens would too.

"This is a fair assessment, and you probably wouldn't hear an argument from the Ravens," wrote Hensley. "Smith doesn't consistently make the same impact as other receivers in the AFC North like* *A.J. Green and Josh Gordon, both of whom made the list." 

Contract Numbers For Daniels, Cody, Forsett

The Ravens had a busy day Friday, inking three players to their roster.

But it didn't have a big impact on the salary cap.

The Ravens spent a total of $2.46 million Friday, but it only reduced the salary cap by $655,000 because of Rule 51 and the minimum salary benefit rule, according to Brian McFarland of Russell Street Report.

The team is now reportedly $6.321 million under the cap. Below are the details of each new contract, per multiple reports:

Owen Daniels (one year): $1 million contract, no signing bonus or guaranteed money
Forsett (one year):  $730,000, but will count $570,000 against the cap because the deal was for the veteran minimum
Terrence Cody (one year): $730,000, but will count $570,000 against the cap because the deals was for the veteran minimum

Expect Ravens' Base Offense As Two-TE Set

With a Pro Bowl tight end like Daniels pairing up with Dennis Pitta, it's easy to see that the Ravens are heading in the direction of multiple two-tight end sets.

In fact, Hensley envisions it as the Ravens’ base offense next season.

"Lining up two tight ends will be a drastic change for the Ravens," the ESPN blogger wrote.

"Last season, no team ran fewer *plays with multiple tight ends than the Ravens (155 snaps), the result of not having Pitta for 12 games. Under Kubiak, no team ran *more plays with multiple tight ends over the past three seasons than the Texans (an average of 625 snaps)."

For many years, the Ravens were known as a power running team, working out of the I-formation with running backs following behind punishing fullbacks like Vonta Leach. But the offense phased out Leach last season and spread out defenses with three wide receivers. They also moved away from multiple tight end sets after the hip injury to Pitta.

Joe Flacco Rocks The John Stockton Shorts

Yes, that is quarterback Joe Flacco in the itty-bitty John Stockton shorts.

Growing up a Utah Jazz fan (and I'll forever be bitter at the Chicago Bulls for ruining their championship hopes), I like that Flacco is keeping the Stockton look alive. It's classic.

Flacco was spotted at the Encore Beach Club in Vegas, per this pic circulating the web thanks to @TerezOwens sports blogger.

Check out 6-foot-6 Flacco showing off those legs.


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