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Late For Work 5/27: Jacoby Jones Shoe Coming Soon?


Jacoby Jones Shoe Coming Soon?

Jacoby Jones has always taken pride in his kicks, and now it appears he could be getting his own signature pair.

At least, that's what he has his Twitter followers thinking with this coy tweet (mobile users tap "View in Browser" at the top of the page to see.)

Comin soon..... #MuchGreater #12 — Jacoby jones (@TheRealJacoby12) May 24, 2014

The lovable wide receiver posted a picture of a shoe held up next to a customized Jacoby Jones logo, featuring his No. 12 jersey written as a Roman numeral (XII) in big block font with a silhouette of Jones cradling his arms for a catch or return. Or is that a touchdown dance?

Anyway, the mysterious picture was posted with a clue, "Comin soon..... #MuchGreater #12." And it got his fans fired up.

"THERES GONNA BE JACOBY JONES SHOES?" wrote @MyRavens. "looks like I found the shoe Im gonna wear almost every day

"how soon is soon?" added ‏@jnew515. "Will definitely be gettin a pair."

At first glance, it seemed as if the sneaker Jones was posting may have been his own, but it is actually a pair of Nike Air Jordan's with the "Jumpman" logo on the tongue. So perhaps Jones is just using it as a comparison to say he is getting his own sneaker.

We'll be sure to track him down to see if he will provide any more details.

Shoe deals are somewhat rare in the NFL, as players are often less recognizable because of concealing football equipment and have shorter, riskier careers compared to other professional sports. You don't see the Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson shoe deals like you used to, but Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III are recent examples of players popular enough to get lucrative contracts.

After his Super Bowl XLVII MVP-worthy performance and stint on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," Jones is certainly recognizable, and may be popular enough to get his own signature shoes.

La Canfora: Three AFC North Teams To Playoffs

The NFL is structured so that each season, each game is unpredictable.

Every year there is substantial turnover in playoff teams, but's Jason La Canfora isn't seeing it this year. Historically, about five new teams advance to the postseason, and if that happens again in 2014, then it will mean the return of "longtime postseason veterans."

"The status quo will rule," he wrote. 

Part of that status quo, says La Canfora, is the AFC North returning to a powerhouse division in 2014. Last season, only the Cincinnati Bengals advanced to the postseason with the Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers just missing out with 8-8 records.

La Canfora likes all three making it this year, but with a new division winner.

"I like the schedules for the Bengals, Ravens and Steelers," he wrote. "I don't see much changing in terms of them all playing meaningful games deep into December. And this year I foresee all three returning to the postseason, but without Cincinnati remaining on top as division champ.

"The loss of more key free agents will catch up to the Bengals, and Baltimore and Pittsburgh will be much more formidable offensively on a weekly basis."

La Canfora did not name who, between Baltimore and Pittsburgh, he thinks will be the division champ.

Will Ravens Carry Two Backup QBs?

Tyrod Taylor has been Joe Flacco's sole backup since 2011, when the Virginia Tech Hokie was drafted in the sixth round.

But could there be two backups for the first time in four years?

That's what's Clifton Brown is wondering after the Ravens selected Ball St. quarterback Keith Wenning in the sixth round just a few weeks ago.

"The Ravens may face a situation where Taylor is a better backup for next season, but Wenning looks like a promising backup down the road as he develops," Brown wrote. "So will the Ravens decide that both Wenning and Taylor are worth keeping on the 53-man roster? Or will one of them be released?

"That's what the Ravens will evaluate over the coming months. Flacco has never missed a start in six seasons. The Ravens have been fortunate that Flacco's durability has reduced the importance of the team's backup quarterback choice. However, there is no guarantee Flacco will make it through another season unscathed."

Our Ryan Mink and Garrett Downing also discussed this issue in the Ravens Flock Mailbag.

Marlon Nails Art In Head At Kickball Game

It doesn't get much more entertaining than watching NFL pro athletes playing kickball.

Safety Matt Elam and wide receiver Marlon Brown captained their respective teams in a celebrity kickball game to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, and they had some fun while doing it in the video below.

Elam did his best Cam Newton impersonation when he scored a run and did Newton's Superman celebration.

My favorite part was when Brown wanted to tag out former Ravens defensive lineman Art Jones. With Jones less than a foot away, Brown nailed him in the head with the ball. Check it out (mobile users tap "View in Browser.")

Quick Hits

  • @89SteveSmith: Nothing cooler then seeing a vision come to reality.1st [annual] #laceupson5k 537 runners can't wait for next year!!!!! [Twitter]
  • @TorreySmithWR: People are telling me that they heard I was crazy drunk in Ocean City this weekend....that's impossible...1. I don't drink 2. I was home smh [Twitter]
  • @LWebb21: Thank You To All Who Served! Happy Memorial Day [Monday]! #RavensNation [Twitter]
  • ‏@ESPNNFL: "There is video evidence. The Ravens are preparing for Ray Rice to miss at least three games."-@mortreport [Twitter]
  • @TeamFlacco: Happy #MemorialDay! Thank you to all the men and women who serve the United States Armed Forces. – Joe and Team Flacco [Twitter]
  • Which first-round draft pick from the AFC North will sign a contract first? []
  • Defensive lineman Brandon Williams is determined to make an impact. [The Baltimore Sun]
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