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Late For Work 6/12: Torrey Smith Introduces Baby Boy In Television Debut


Torrey Introduces Baby In Television Debut

Wide receiver Torrey Smith said he's "more motivated than ever" this season, and the reason has little to do with 2014 being a contract year or a chance at redemption after missing the playoffs.

His heightened drive comes from the birth of his first child, Torrey Jeremiah, a.k.a. baby T.J.

Smith and his wife, Chanel, welcomed T.J. to the world in April, and introduced the adorable two-month-old for the first time on television with WJZ yesterday.

"I've only cried tears of happiness twice in my life, and…" Torrey started to say.

"You almost cried at our wedding!" Chanel interjected.

"Yeah. I almost cried at our wedding—almost. I played Jedi mind tricks to make it not happen but yeah. So let's say two and a half because it almost happened. So my wedding, when I was drafted and when he came out," Torrey said.

Torrey will celebrate his first Father's Day Sunday, and even though he admits he looks forward to getting T.J. into sports – football, basketball and track – the new dad is mostly focused on being the type of man his son can look up to.

Torrey was the oldest of seven children, and he's told stories about taking care of his siblings at a young age. He was nicknamed the "microwave king" for cooking dinners in the microwave at the age of 4. As a 7-year-old, he was already changing diapers, doing laundry and dressing his younger brothers.

"I'm looking forward to trying to make him be the best man that he can be and I have to try to be the best role model that I can be for him," Torrey said.

And maybe baby T.J. can help dad out too.

"I'll tell you one thing – mistakes happen on the field. You have some concentration lapses and you drop the ball," Torrey said. "I'm not going to drop this kid."

Meet the adorable Torrey Jeremiah (with his cute curly hair) in the WJZ video below. Mobile users tap "View in Browser" at the top of the page to watch.

Is Chris Canty A Lock To Make Roster?

Quickly switching gears to football …

Defensive lineman Chris Canty is one of several veterans who have not attended the voluntary organized team activities this offseason. His absence follows a season where he didn't meet fan expectations, and one fan asked EPSN's Jamison Hensley if the 10-year veteran could find himself cut from the team.

The Ravens have stockpiled young talent on the defensive line, and while we're only in June with no contact in practice, several of them have received rave reviews.

New guys like Kapron Lewis-Moore, Brandon Williams and rookies Timmy Jernigan and Brent Urban have all received praise. If they continue to impress, could it warrant Canty's release?

"Good question," Hensley wrote. "There's no guarantee that defensive end Chris Canty makes this team.

"He was a disappointment last year, and the Ravens can create cap room by cutting him. The Ravens, though, need to make sure someone is ready to step up in his spot. Kapron Lewis-Moore and rookie Brent Urban are the ones who play Canty's position, so they have to convince the Ravens in the preseason that they're ready. I'm not saying Canty will get cut. If the Ravens do, it will be at the final major cutdown."

Below are a few observations Hensley had after watching the third open practice to media of the offseason:

Ray Rice showed off speed … "The one play this offseason where running back Ray Rice really showed off his speed was a pitch to the left," Hensley noted. "Rice not only beat everyone to the corner, but he didn't get touched until he was 10 yards down the field. It's difficult to evaluate the running game because hitting isn't allowed. What you can evaluate is Rice's ability to outrun everyone to the edge."

Offense closing gap on defense … "Last week I made the observation that the defense was still ahead of the offense," Hensley wrote. "On Tuesday, you could see the gap begin to close. The offense is gaining a comfort level with the new scheme and is taking a positive step every week. … Unlike the first two practices open to the media, there were no interceptions made. The defense should have come up with one when cornerback Chykie Brown made a nice break on the ball. But the pass bounced off Brown's pads, a familiar sight the past couple of seasons. Brown went to the ground to do push-ups, which is the traditional punishment for Ravens defensive backs. Someone remarked that Brown gets the most on-field exercise of anybody on the team."

Mosley most athletic in linebacker group … "The athletic ability of first-round pick C.J. Mosley stands out even in individual drills," the ESPN reporter observed. "All of the Ravens inside linebackers were asked to backpedal and then jump up to knock down the pass. Mosley was fluid moving backward and easily leapt higher than anyone in the group. It wasn't even close."

Johnny Unitas High Tops

The MMQB is slowly unveiling 95 artifacts that tell the story of the NFL as the league prepares to enter its 95th season. 

This week, the NFL artifact highlighted was Johnny Unitas' black high-tops with long spikes and white laces. The Baltimore legend wore them his entire Colts career.

"Even in the 1970s, when football fields were combed and trimmed like putting greens and even the linemen wore low-cut football cleats, Unitas still wore the high tops," wrote MMQB's Robert Klemko. "He had to compromise though, in 1973, when the Chargers sported uniform powder-blue low-tops. The team ordered two pairs special for Unitas and defensive tackle Dave Costa, who told Sports Illustrated's Tex Maule he was a member of the 'high-top society' chaired by Unitas. Said Johnny with a grin, 'Jim Thorpe left me his shoes. They keep my ankles together.'"

Those who grew up watching Unitas, remember these bad boys …?


Sarah Harbaugh Warns Of Danger Of 'Dad Pants'

The Harbaugh brothers are well-known for their not-so-stylish pants.

Head Coach John Harbaugh has worn the same black pants at Ravens games for two years, and 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh's $8 Walmart pleated khakis have taken on a life of their own.

Now, Jim's wife, Sarah, is trying to put a stop to the ugly "dad pants" in a comical Dockers-sponsored public service announcement. 

"Dad pants: The shapeless, pleated tragedy that too many men find themselves in every* *day," Sarah laments in the video below. "I was there. My handsome, vibrant, successful football coach of a husband suddenly looked like he hung the curtains from his belt. Thankfully, Dockers has discovered the antidote for dad pants."

Quick Hits

  • @JuiceCheck44: 2014 Ravens Golf Outing Champions!! @SamKoch4 @dennispitta @CoachWink @CoachEngram [Twitter]
  • Pro Bowl nose tackle Haloti Ngata was voted by his NFL peers as the 45th-best player in the NFL Network Top 100 list. It's the fourth consecutive year Ngata has made the list, ranking 42nd last year, ninth in 2012 and 17th in 2011. [NFL Network]
  • Gary Kubiak brings unpredictability to the Ravens offense. Last year, the Ravens ran 74 percent of their offensive plays in the same formation (3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB). Kubiak had a more balanced attack in Houston as head coach from 2006 to 2013:
    3WR, 1 TE, 1 RB: 28 percent
    2WR, 1 TE, 2 RB: 26 percent
    2WR, 2TE, 1 RB: 26 percent [ESPN]
  • @89SteveSmith: In Carolina we thank the Lord Almighty after every practice he hasn't changed or relocated so we shouldn't Col 3:17 [Twitter]
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