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Late For Work 6/26: Bernard Pierce Shaken Up, Not Injured, In Carjacking


Pierce Shaken Up, Not Injured, In Carjacking

Running back Bernard Pierce was robbed at gunpoint and carjacked Sunday in Philadelphia, according to CBS 3 in Philadelphia.

Pierce was with a friend in his BMW when a gunman jumped out of another car, with an accomplice staying behind the wheel, robbed Pierce and stole his vehicle.

The report described Pierce and his friend as "shaken up, but not injured" during the incident. His mother, Tammy Pierce, said her son is nervous and concerned for his safety. The running back out of Temple hasn't spoken about the robbery.

"First of all, I thank God that he's fine. I don't care whatever he lost — his car, whatever was in there. He's fine," Tammy said in the video below. "I think he was targeted because people knew who he was, and that's sad. It could have turned out to be [a] whole different ball game. He's good, he's healthy."

The car, which was purchased just two weeks ago, was found in another part of the city and taken to a police garage for inspection and potential clues that might lead to a suspect.

The Ravens are aware of the situation, communicating to the news station, "We have been in contact with Bernard and we are aware of the situation."

No arrests have been made. Police hope anyone with information that could help them catch the robbers will come forward.

"Bernard’s fine," his agent Martin Magid told The Baltimore Sun. "The police are investigating the incident. Any questions about it should be forwarded to the Philadelphia Police Department. It's not the best situation, but he's good."

Rice 'Not Bothered' Sharing Carries With Pierce

Running back Ray Rice says he doesn't mind sharing carries with Pierce, who came on strong at the end of his rookie season last year. Rice had 257 carries to Pierce's 108.

"Sharing touches is not something that bothers me because I know when it comes down to crucial situations I'll be in the game," Rice told the NFL Network. "We're totally different backs and it's something that, going into a gameplan it's hard to prepare for two guys that can come at you rather than one."

Former sports agent and National Football Post writer Joel Corry, says that Rice should be concerned because his $4 million salary escalator is based on 1,200 rushing yards and 550 receiving yards.

But Rice is looking at his situation in the long term.

When Rice was drafted by the Ravens, Willis McGahee was the featured back and journalists frequently asked McGahee how he felt about sharing carries with the then-young Rice. McGahee regularly said that he liked* *Rice getting touches because his own career would be extended. NFL running backs' shelf life is shorter than many other positions in part because of the many touches, and thus hits, they get in a single season.

Rice has a similar mentality to McGahee* *now that he is the veteran.

"Going into Year 6, you have to be smart," Rice told ESPN's Mike and Mike In the Morning. "I know I have a lot of football left, but the name of the game is longevity for me now. I've proved I can be a Pro Bowl player and I still know I can go out there and make many more Pro Bowls. Part of the lesson you learn is being smart and realizing you can't go out there and do it all on your own. For me, I'm in a great situation, I've a got a young back in Bernard Pierce and we can share the load."

For the Ravens, having two backs that can carry the load is a good problem to have. Pierce is a nice change of pace to Rice, who is more of a slasher compared to Pierce's hard-nosed running style.

If the two continue to complement each other well, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

"I want to be that tandem that people are scared to go up against," Pierce said earlier this month. "I want to be that one-two punch that everybody is talking about."

Agent 'Thinks' Leach Will Land In Miami

The Ravens, Texans, Giants and Dolphins are all reportedly interested in adding Pro Bowl fullback Vonta Leach to their rosters.

Leach said the Ravens are still in the mix and has no hard feelings after the team released him for salary-cap purposes earlier this month. Leach said he wants to take his time in making his decision, but his agent thinks his client will end up in Miami.

Asked if he believes Leach will sign with the Dolphins, agent Ralph Vitolo told the Miami Herald: "I think so. I hope so. It's the right place to be. We're trying to crunch the numbers."

Vitolo added that his client may make one more visit before making a final decision, perhaps to New York.

Rice Fine With His Top 100 Ranking, But Not Flacco's

Rice expressed disagreement with The NFL Network's Top 100 list, which is voted on by NFL players.

Actually, Rice is fine with his own ranking at No. 13, but thinks quarterback Joe Flacco's No. 19 position is still too low despite jumping 55 spots from last year.

"I think Joe should be ranked a lot higher," Rice told The NFL Network. "It is a 'right now' league and what he did with his Super Bowl performance, his playoff performance, he [is] very deserving of being a lot higher in my eyes.

"I am not saying that because he is my quarterback. I am saying that because, Joe Flacco, I know what he is capable of doing.  I have been around the guy, he is a darn good quarterback, a very elite quarterback."

Bryant McKinnie Boxing (Video)

After reporting to camp out of shape last year, offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie is making sure the world knows that he is working hard this offseason.

He has posted on his Twitter and Instagram accounts a picture or note about his workouts just about every day since minicamp ended, and yesterday was no different. This time it was a fun Instagram video of him boxing.

At 6-foot-8, 360 pounds, check out the biiiiig guy throwing a few punches. I feel bad for his much smaller trainer who has to raise his gloves above his head just so McKinnie can hit a target that matches his height.

Check it out. 

Quick Hits

  • Rookie safety Matt Elam didn't make the top 10 safeties list of 2016, but he was an honorable mention. "Narrowing this list to just 10 was a very difficult task," wrote Matt Williamson. "Matt Elam is a perfect immediate fit on what I expect to be an elite Ravens defense." [ESPN]
  • Hey Ray, do you think LeBron James would make an immediate impact on an NFL team if he switched sports? "Yeah, he definitely could. He's just physically gifted," Rice said. [ESPN]
  • One more question, Ray. What city has the most obnoxious fans? "I don't like to call other fans obnoxious. Playing in a road stadium is rough. I just call them a prideful bunch. Pittsburgh has a prideful bunch." [ESPN]
  • @torreysmithwr: Jet skiing with @TyrodTaylor ... m_jenkins11 was too scared smh [Twitter]
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