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Late For Work 6/26: Breaking Down Joe Flacco's Tendencies


Breaking Down Joe Flacco's Tendencies

June has been declared "quarterback month" at the statistical analysis site Pro Football Focus, putting an emphasis on all NFL QBs and their tendencies.

They have an insane amount of data, which I sifted through to get you Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco's numbers from last year. I didn't grab everything, so feel free to swim through more data here.

How much does Flacco like to throw down field? Which route is his favorite? How far does he drop back and how much time does it take to release the ball?

Enjoy the data below, and I'll make a few quick notes:

  • Flacco's favorite route was the HB non-screens, followed by crossing routes and then go routes.
  • The seventh-year QB is known for his cannon of an arm, but the majority of this throws (like most quarterbacks) went 1-10 yards. However, he was ranked No. 8 in passes of 20 or more yards.
  • It will be interesting to see how much Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak affects Flacco's tendencies. Flacco will likely have a shorter drop back depth and much, much more play action.
  • Flacco looooved the shotgun last year, with 86.6 percent of his drop backs in that formation. That was the third-most in the league.
       Route Percentage Rank NFL Average Top QB
    Quick Outs 8.6% 6 6.7% Aaron Rodgers (16.1%)
    Crossing Routes 13.4% 8 10.0% Nick Foles (16.2%)
    Slants 4.1% 37 7.7% Matthew Stafford (13.9%)
    Outs 12.2% 9 10.3% Jack Locker (16.6%)
    Ins 5.8% 18 5.9% Philip Rivers (9.6%)
    Hitches 12.3% 30 14.1% Jay Cutler (25.7%)
    Comebacks 0.3% 39 2.4% Jake Locker (8.0%)
    Posts 7.5% 8 5.8% Carson Palmer (11.5%)
    Corners 2.7% 14 2.3% Colin Kaepernick (5.7%)
    Go Routes 12.5% 17 11.5 Matthew McGloin (17.3%)
    HB Non-Screens 15.4% 10 13.4% Mike Glennon (18.6%)
       Pass Depth Percentage Rank NFL Average Top QB
    1-10 yards 50.1% 18 49.3% RGIII (55.8%)
    5-10 yards 22.6% 33 26.9% RGIII (33.9%)
    11-20 yards 20.4% 29 21.9% Carson Palmer (17.8%)
    21-30 yards 7.9% 13 6.9% Geno Smith (10.9%)
    20+ yards 15.1% 8 12.7% Nick Foles (18.9%)
    31-40 yards 2.6% 21 2.7% Case Keenum (5.3%)
    30+ yards 5.8% 9 4.6% Nick Foles (7.9%)
    40+ yards 3.3% 5 1.9% Christian Ponder (3.6%)
       Drop-Back Depth Percentage Rank NFL Average Top QB
    1-3 yard dop (now) 0.1% 35 1.4% Carson Palmer (3.9%)
    4-6 yard drop (quick) 8.4% 37 16.8% Aaron Rodgers (38.0%)
    7-8 yard drop (intermediate) 60.9% 4 52.1% Philip Rivers (76.6%)
    9+ yard drop (deep) 26.3% 17% 24.6% Brandon Weeden (48.2%)
       Time To Throw Percentage Rank NFL Average Top QB
    <=2.0 seconds 23.3% 27 26.4% Aaron Rodgers (42.9%)
    2.1-2.5 seconds 25.3% 17 24.6% Ryan Fitzpatrick (32.6%)
    2.6-3.0 seconds 22.6% 11 19.4% Brandon Weeden (28.9%)
    3.1-3.5 seconds 10.3% 25 11.2% Josh McCown (17.3%)
    >=3.6 seconds 17.1% 18 17.0% Terrell Pryor (39.5%)
       Drop Back Type Percentage Rank NFL Average Top QB
    Standard 88.0% 28 89.8% Tom Brady (98.5%)
    Rollouts 4.1% 23 4.9% Russell Wilson (14.5%)
    Scrambles 8.0% 8 5.6% Terrell Pryor (16.6%)
    Shotgun vs. Under Center vs. Pistol
    Shot Gun 86.6% 3 75.1% Nick Foles (92.5%)
    Under Center 13.4% 37 24.9% Carson Palmer (42.4%)
    Pistol 4.1% 9 3.5% RGIII (27.9%)
    Play Action
    Play Action 13.3% 36 21.0% Russell Wilson (34.1%)
    No Play Action 86.7% 4 79.0% Ben Roethlisberger (88.4%)

Which Rookies Will Have The Biggest Impact?'s Clifton Brown says first-round linebacker C.J. Mosley will have the biggest impact of any rookie in 2014. That's a safe and obvious choice, so Brown took a look at five other rookies who could position themselves for "regular" playing time.

Safety Terrence Brooks: "His primary goal will be to win the starting job at free safety. Brooks' main competition will be Darian Stewart, and their battle will be one to watch during training camp."

WR Jeremy Butler: "Just making the team will be Butler's first job."

WR Michael Campanaro: "Just like Butler, Campanaro will have to prove he should be part of the wide receiver mix after Torrey Smith, Steve Smith and Jacoby Jones. Campanaro's quickness as a slot receiver could be one thing that sets him apart."

NT Timmy Jernigan: "Jernigan's athletic ability was obvious during OTAs and minicamp. He was also feisty, and didn't back down when the veterans showed up."

RB Lorenzo Taliaferro:"Ray Rice is likely to be suspended at least part of September, if not all of it. That will move Taliaferro up the depth chart, and with a strong training camp, he could earn the coach staff's trust."

Imagining Ravens As World Cup Soccer Team

The U.S. men's soccer team takes on Germany today in the World Cup, and The Baltimore Sun's Jon Meoli had some fun with soccer fever by making a soccer team out of Ravens players.

Here's his lineup:

Goalkeeper: Jimmy Smith
Right back: Sam Koch
Center back: Brent Urban
Center back: Crockett Gillmore
Left back: Torrey Smith
Central midfielder: Michael Campanaro
Central midfielder: C.J. Mosley
Right wing: Marlon Brown
Center attack midfielder: Justin Tucker
Left wing: Ray Rice
Striker: Dennis Pitta

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