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Late For Work 6/4: Mount Cody Belly Flops In Tiny Pool. Whoa!


Mount Cody Belly Flops In Tiny Pool. Whoa!

I. Love. Terrence. Cody.

This guy is always good for great entertainment.

He's already got a few viral videos out there – the claim he can do a backflip, jumping over Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet and his game-winning blocked field goal with an awesome celebration.

But this one may take the cake.

The 6-foot-4, 349-pound "Mount" Cody did a fantastic belly flop into a tiny pool, as captured by teammate Justin Tucker in the video below.

I have to give Cody props for his commitment to the flop. As he stepped up to the ledge, he jumped as high as he could and went biiiiiig belly first. Tuck gave Cody a 10 out of 10 for his form.

But is that little noise he made in mid-air a grunt from his effort on the big jump and maneuvering to stick the landing? Or was that a small scream out of fear of the pain he is about to endure as he hits the water? I'll give the benefit of the doubt, and go with the former.

The landing may have been more painful if he were at his former heavier weight.

Cody weighed in as high as about 370 pounds in college, but he said he got down to about 325 pounds last season.

"That was Mount Cody. That's my old self," Cody told our own Garrett Downing earlier this offseason. "Now I'm like 'Speed Bump Cody’ because I'm smaller."

The four-year veteran has been a constant presence at the Under Armour Performance Center with the goal of improving his overall strength after losing so much weight. He is expected to fully recover from offseason hip surgery by training camp, which will help in his quest to earn back his starting position in the final year of his rookie contract.

Best of luck to Cody as he enters a big year. He is certainly putting in the work. In the meantime, I'm glad he doesn't take himself too seriously.

Is Upshaw's Weight Gain A Concern?

Outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw admitted over the weekend that he's gotten a little too heavy this offseason. He said he weighs about 285 pounds, 13 pounds heavier than his listed 272 pounds last season.

Upshaw freely told reporters of his heavier weight at Lardarius Webb's charity softball game Sunday, which he certainly didn't have to do, especially after taking some heat last offseason when he also reported to workouts overweight.

"You at least have to give young outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw some credit in acknowledging that he's fighting weight issues and 'it's not a good look' to come into the various minicamps for a second straight year out of shape," wrote The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec. "There are plenty of players that won't even do that, no matter how obvious it looks."

Upshaw said he had some "real personal issues" that contributed to the weight gain. But he's committed to dropping the pounds and is ready to compete for playing time.

Outsiders are debating whether Upshaw's fluctuating weight should be a concern. Yahoo! Sports' Kyle Casey says Ravens fans should be worried, but Zrebiec isn't as quick to sound the alarm.

"For a player who appeared to be primed to take the next step in 2013, having to drop at least 15 pounds (but preferably more) before July's training camp begins is a concern," Casey wrote. "Last season he failed a conditioning test at the beginning of training camp, and right now all signs point to him heading down that road again in 2013. The concerning part is that Upshaw let a personal problem affect his football preparation, which isn't the right way to approach his sophomore season in the league."

Zrebiec, rather, says we don't know what the personal issues are, but his history could hurt his standing with this head coach.

"It would be unfair to crush the guy without knowing what he's dealing with on a personal level," Zrebiec wrote. "However, I think it is fair to point out that questions about his work ethic caused Upshaw to slide into the second round of last year's draft. And when he reported for last year's offseason activities, he was heavier than team officials had hoped. This is a big training camp for Upshaw, too. The Ravens signed Elvis Dumervil, relegating Upshaw to a reserve role. Upshaw remains very much in the team's plans, but he's going to have to earn his defensive snaps and coming in out of shape is probably the quickest way to earn time in head coach John Harbaugh's doghouse."

Comparing J. Smith To Ravens 1st-Rounders

Jimmy Smith made a few headlines by losing 10 pounds through a boxing regimen and looking "noticeably leaner." He's hoping the boxing will help his back and sports hernia injuries that have forced him to miss some games.

ESPN's Jamison Hensley says those injuries, plus a high ankle sprain, combined with missed games,* *have contributed to Smith's reputation as one of the "most disappointing first-round picks in Ravens history."

Smith has made five starts in his first two seasons, "which is far below Ravens' standards," Hensley wrote.

Terrell Suggs was the last first-rounder to have the fewest starts in his first two years with 17. But he was also the AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2003. And of the Ravens' 16 first-round choices, half made 30 or more starts in the first two years. Smith has lost the competition for starting spots in the past to Cary Williams, Lardarius Webb and Corey Graham.

He is competing again against Graham for the spot opposite Webb.

Three Guys Impressing In OTAs

Zrebiec gives a disclaimer that it's hard to get an accurate view of how well players are performing in Ravens Organized Team Activities (OTAs) because reporters get such a small glimpse.

With his limited access though, Zrebiec has been impressed with three guys.

The first is Smith, showing signs that he can improve on his rough career start that Hensley referred to. The others are tight end Ed Dickson and rookie nose tackle Brandon Williams.

"Dickson has been extremely active and has made some tough catches," Zrebiec wrote. "Williams is just huge and he moves pretty well for a big man. And Smith just looks so much more comfortable and confident."

Jim Harbaugh And Judge Judy

What the?

This is random.

Does John Harbaugh have the same affinity for Judge Judy as his brother and father?

49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and his dad Jack attended a taping of the CBS show, revealing their affection for the popular courtroom.

"When you lie in Judge Judy's courtroom, it's over," Harbaugh told reporters at the NFL Scouting Combine. "Your credibility is completely lost. You have no chance of winning that case."

Check out the video on the 49ers team website of Harbaugh's visit. When a plaintiff seemingly tells a lie, Jim looks flabbergasted as his jaw drops.

"Get her, Judge Judy! Get her," is what I'm pretty sure Jim's face was saying.

Quick Hits

  • Will the Bengals take down the defending champs and win the AFC North?  "I'm torn," wrote Justin Taulbee. "All the pieces seem to be in place on the roster, and I love the addition of tight end Tyler Eifert, a legit Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate. It also helps that the Pittsburgh Steelers seem to be in something of a controlled rebuild. Can they topple the Baltimore Ravens? If Andy Dalton can make the leap, I think they can." []
  • Potential Ravens fantasy breakout players … Dennis Pitta and Torrey Smith. []
  • John Clayton, would you agree that the date change for the draft is a sign that the NFL intends to eventually extend the regular season to 18 games or change the playoff format? "I would agree. The NFL wants to wait out the players and get them to agree to an 18-game schedule. The league knows now is not the time. The current union leadership is against going to 18 games. But as time goes on and the big money starts coming in from the new TV contracts, the NFL might be able to make an offer the NFLPA might consider. Players are against the 18-game schedule for health reasons. That's understandable. But if the money is right, the players could consider it." [ESPN]
  • @torreysmithwr: This week is gonna be amazing!!! White House visit and our ring's real [Twitter]
  • @mvpbig [Ramon Harewood]: Ring ceremony on Friday... Expect that my Instagram and twitter will be flooded with nfl stuntage... Lol... This is what we grind for! [Twitter]
  • @ravens: Happy 27th birthday to @Artj97! Show him your love with a RT, #RavensNation! [Twitter]
  • @ravens: Former #Raven Matt Stover will announce this year's scholarship winners at the Baltimore Community Foundation Scholarship Luncheon June 5. [Twitter]
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