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Marcus Peters Revels in Picking Off His Former Team


This week, Marcus Peters said Monday Night Football against the team that traded him away didn't put any additional chip on his shoulder. OK, so maybe it was a boulder.

Peters was visibly fired up going against his former team in a return to Los Angeles. And just when the night couldn't seemingly get any sweeter, Peters put the cherry on top with a one-handed interception.

Peters picked off Rams quarterback Jared Goff with a leaping grab in the fourth quarter, then danced his way up the field before celebrating with the entire Ravens defense.

Peters didn't talk to reporters after the game, but his teammates summed up what Sunday's game meant. Not only did the Ravens not surrender a single touchdown to the Rams, but Peters made the night's most spectacular defensive play.

"He told me he was going to do it. After we scored, he was like, 'I need me a pick!' He got that too," running back Mark Ingram II said.

"We love our teammates. That's genuine love. When we went to Seattle, we had Earl [Thomas'] back. When we came here to L.A., we want to have M.P.'s back."

It's Peters' third interception in five games with the Ravens this season. The first two were returned for touchdowns. Peters weaved his way 22 yards up the field this time.

If it wasn't clear before that the Ravens and General Manager Eric DeCosta got a fantastic deal with Peters, it was obvious on Monday Night Football.

The Ravens gave up a reported fifth-round pick and reserve linebacker Kenny Young for Peters. The Rams traded two first-round picks for Jalen Ramsey, who was on the wrong side of a blowout.

Ramsey is known for his trash talk during games. He stood over rookie wide receiver Marquise Brown when Brown made a short catch on the Ravens' first drive, which ended like every other Lamar Jackson-led drive...with a touchdown.

Peters had a few words too, including some for Ramsey. He barked at him from the sideline during the game, then ESPN's cameras caught Peters yelling at Ramsey when the Rams corner approached after the game.

The Rams thought Ramsey was so much better than Peters that they were willing to give up two first-round picks. They got Ramsey just hours after trading Peters, yet Peters has made the Ravens look like the big winners.

Ravens outside linebacker Matthew Judon said beating L.A. meant "everything" to Peters. He left on good terms with the Rams, but being traded for a second time in his young career had to stir up some feelings.

"He wanted to come in and get this win. You always do when you go back home," Judon said. "I don't care if I go back to Grand Valley [State]. If I'm going against them, I want to whup them, just to show you know what type of player I am. To get that pick late in the game really killed everything."

The Ravens gave Earl Thomas his moment in a return to Seattle. Now Peters got his in the Coliseum, and it's one he won't soon forget.

"We've got everybody's back. Everybody has everybody's back," Judon said.

"It's a mob mentality, man. We don't care who it is, we don't care the opponent we're going against. But when we have somebody that they used to have, it might just mean a little bit more and we might just play a little more physical."

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