Mark Andrews Reached Top Speed Chasing Fumble Recovery Touchdown

TE Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews' passion for winning can never be questioned, and that was evident on the game-changing play in the Ravens' playoff loss in Cincinnati.

After Bengals defensive end Sam Hubbard had Tyler Huntley's fumble pop into his hands, he had an open field and three teammates ushering him to the end zone.

But Andrews didn't let the play go. Despite starting about 10 yards from behind, Andrews nearly fought off two blockers and TO? catch Hubbard on his 98-yard return.

Turns out, that was the top speed that Andrews ever reached in his NFL career – 20.72 mph.

"I was just playing, trying to fight. I knew that obviously, he had kind of a free go at it," Andrews said Monday. "So, I got close and I knew if I was able to get him down, our defense was playing well and holding them to three at the very least would've been big for us. We were in field goal range a few times after that, so I wish I would have gotten him."

The Bengals were worried that Andrews was going to miraculously catch Hubbard.

"I was watching on the big screen. I was like, 'He's coming, somebody block him, please don't get caught,'" Hubbard said. "That's all I was thinking about."

"(I was) yelling at all those people to just block somebody," Bengals Head Coach Zac Taylor added. "It looked like Mark Andrews was going to run him down and we had a whole caravan of people. That's what was going through my mind — 'Run faster.'"

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