Marquise 'Hollywood' Brown Changes His Jersey to No. 5


Marquise "Hollywood" Brown is going back to No. 5.

With the league expanding its jersey number allowances, the Ravens' third-year wide receiver is switching from No. 15 to No. 5, the same number he wore at Oklahoma.

The No. 5 has a special place in Baltimore given that it was last worn by Super Bowl-winning quarterback Joe Flacco for a decade (2008-2018). Brown came to Baltimore after Flacco's departure, but NFL rules didn't allow wide receivers to wear single digits.

It's not a cheap process. Players have to buy the remaining inventory of unsold jerseys with the players' former number (at retail prices), according to Pro Football Talk.

Brown is the second Ravens player to take advantage of the new jersey allowances. Linebacker Patrick Queen went from No. 48 to No. 6 yesterday.

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