Mark Ingram's Take on New Virtual Voluntary Workouts

Mark Ingram II works out at the Under Armour Practice Facility.

In these unprecedented times, NFL players and teams are formalizing more methods to prepare for next season.

The league and the NFLPA have reached agreement on a voluntary offseason program set to begin April 20, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported, which was confirmed in a statement by the NFLPA.

While the virtual portion of the program can begin April 20, no on-field work will be allowed until all 32 teams can open their facilities to players. The virtual period will consist of three consecutive weeks of classroom instruction, workouts and non-football educational programs via videoconferencing.

Ravens running back Mark Ingram II liked the idea of getting virtually organized activities started, even if teams won't be together face-to-face.

"I just breezed over it (the agreement) real quick, but I think it's good, get the team together still, even though we've all got to find ways to deal with the situation that we're in," Ingram said during a Tuesday teleconference. "I think it's a good idea given the circumstances that everybody's under."

Teams are permitted to send players workout equipment, provided the cost for any player doesn't exceed $1,500.

Ingram has been in Florida this offseason following his normal offseason routine which he said has gone largely uninterrupted despite the coronavirus pandemic. With four young children, Ingram must plan his days accordingly, but said not much has changed.

"I get up early and go get my work in," Ingram said. "When I leave the house, the house is kind of quiet. When I get home, they're wired up and ready to go. My wife does a great job. She's awesome. My sister's here. You have to kind of be creative, go back to the basics. We all didn't have these elaborate facilities growing up. Just finding space, where you still have social distancing, still able to work hard."

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