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Odell Beckham Jr. Loves Being on Winning Side vs. Rams

WR Odell Beckham Jr.
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. didn't try to pretend that it didn't feel special to beat the Rams on Sunday. He played for them, helped them win a Super Bowl two seasons ago, and maintains close friendships with several players and coaches. Beckham attended Head Coach Sean McVay's wedding and is still in a chat group with some Rams' players.

Before the Ravens' 37-31 overtime victory on Sunday, Beckham even wore a custom-made “Frenemies” hoodie, displaying his fondness for the Rams' organization.

"It's all love," Beckham said. "These are guys I shared moments with, that every player in his career wishes for."

Now Beckham's focus is on helping the Ravens win a Super Bowl and it's showing in his play. With four catches for 97 yards and a touchdown, Beckham strongly asserted himself offensively and continued to show his big-play ability that could be a key ingredient for Baltimore down the stretch.

Not only is Beckham showing his ability to win separation from defensive backs, but his hands and body control remain next level. He made a spectacular adjustment to make a one-hand catch on his first reception, and it's clear that the chemistry between Beckham and Lamar Jackson is growing.

"It comes with game reps," Beckham said. "You can practice it all you want, but until you see it in the game you don't know how it's going to work out. Just starting to figure him out, (and) we'll be a dangerous team.

"I'm just making the most of the opportunities, just starting to feel better. Early in the season, I felt really good and then some things happened and I didn't feel so good. Now I'm starting to feel better. I've just got to find ways to do whatever I can to help this team win."

Even when Beckham made a mistake Sunday, it sometimes worked in his favor. Beckham made a sweet double-move on his 46-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter, but admitted the play did not transpire as the Ravens drew it up.

"The good news is I scored. The bad news is I ran the wrong route," Beckham said.

However, Beckham is enjoying working with the Ravens' playmakers to help the entire offense click. Four different Ravens had at least four catches against the Rams, and on Zay Flowers' 21-yard touchdown reception in the fourth quarter, Nelson Agholor ran a crossing pattern that caused a Rams safety to follow him, creating an opening for Flowers.

"It's just a mentality we have in our room," Beckham said. "If I score, Zay scored. If Zay scored, Nelly scored. If Nelly scored, Ty (Wallace) scored. We're doing exactly what we need to do to have each other be successful."

Two seasons ago while playing for the Rams, Beckham came into M&T Bank Stadium and scored the game-winning touchdown to defeat the Ravens.

On Sunday, he helped the Ravens beat the Rams, and once again he left smiling. Beckham likes to win, no matter who he plays for.

"I just happened to be on the winning side both times, so it's a good feeling," Beckham said.

When Wallace did get to the Ravens locker room, his teammates were waiting with water bottles to dump on his head, setting off a whole-team dance and capped with a hug from Harbaugh.

"For everything you've done, everything you've fought for, all the hardship right there, man," Harbaugh said.

Last week, during the Ravens' bye, Wallace bought his mother a new Mercedes SUV. He had been waiting three years to make that magic happen for her. On Sunday, he made his own magic with the biggest play of his NFL career so far.

"That was a game," Wallace said to his teammates. "All the ups and downs, we kept fighting, we kept going. Y'all helped me, man. Next man up. I'm just happy I can make a difference for this team. I appreciate you all."

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