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Poll: Best Super Bowl Plays


Super Bowl XLVII had no shortage of exciting plays.

Which one do you think was the most memorable?

Jacoby Jones' 108-yard touchdown
The Ravens had a 21-6 lead coming out of halftime, and that's when Jones blew the game wide open. He took the opening kickoff of the third quarter back for a 108-yard touchdown, the longest kickoff return of Super Bowl history. The 49ers ended up closing the gap to take the game down to the wire, but the kickoff return gave the Ravens a big lead and all the momentum to start the second half.

Jones 56-yard touchdown receptionThe Ravens took a three-score lead in the second quarter when Joe Flacco hit Jones for a deep pass down the middle of the field. Jones outran the secondary and caught the ball at about the 10-yard line as he was falling to the ground. He was able to get back on his feet before getting touched, then spun away from one defender and outran another to the end zone.

Flacco's third-down conversion to Anquan BoldinJoe Flacco called this the key play of the game. It came midway through the fourth quarter with the Ravens clinging to a two-point lead. The Ravens were facing third-and-inches when Flacco threw the ball up to Boldin in single coverage. Boldin had to reach over the outstretched arm of a defender to haul in the grab for a 15-yard completion. The play kept the drive alive and the Ravens ended up kicking what proved to be the game-winning field goal six plays later.

Courtney Upshaw forces fumbleThe Ravens had a 7-3 lead early in the second quarter when the rookie outside linebacker delivered a jarring hit on running back LaMichael James to force a fumble. The 49ers were moving the ball and were down at the Ravens 25-yard line when the fumble occurred. The turnover proved to be critical, as it negated a big drive for San Francisco and also led to a 10-play, 75-yard touchdown drive for the Ravens.

Final pass sails incompleteOn their final drive of the game, the 49ers were trailing five points as they moved the ball down to the Ravens' 5-yard line. After incomplete passes on second and third down, they went for the touchdown on fourth down and quarterback Colin Kaepernick's pass sailed over the head of wide receiver Michael Crabtree. Second-year cornerback Jimmy Smith played tight, physical coverage on the play and Kaepernick had to rush the throw to avoid blitzing linebacker Dannell Ellerbe. The incomplete pass gave the Ravens the football back and essentially sealed the game. 

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