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Post-Game Interview Transcript (Sun. 10/5)



(Opening Statement)

"Obviously this is a very disappointing loss, one that we hurting about. We should have won the football game, but didn't win the football game. We should have found a way to win the game but we didn't. Injury wise, Fabian Washington had a sprained shoulder. We'll take a look at it tonight and tomorrow. Adam Terry has a knee issue. We don't know how serious it is. We will MRI it tomorrow."

(On if he has ever seen such penalties in a game)

"Probably. I just cannot remember any right now."

(On QB Flacco's last interception)

"I don't know if I would characterize it as rolling out, or not rolling out. I think sometimes with young quarterbacks, their vision isn't quite as wide as you want it to be. He didn't see some of those coverages, but I am sure he will see it next time. Those were two throws that clearly shouldn't have been made he'd like to have back. But a young quarterback is going to learn from those things."

(On the roughing the passer call)

"We saw it afterwards and I don't know if we can comment on that. I can't comment on those kinds of things."

(On the false start)

"It's called five and fifteen. Well, by rule, the five yard penalty is erased and the fifteen yard penalty is used.

It's basically a dead play. That's the way it works by rule. That's all I can tell you. That's the explanation I got."

(On the play of the offensive line)

"I thought the offensive line played solid. We won some one-on-one battles in there against some very good players. We were knocking them around in there pretty good, in the run game and passing game. There was a lot of pluses in this football game and the season is young. Our team is not ready to back down and say 'Hey we're finished.' We have a long way to go including a tough game next week, and that's the game we are getting ready for. We'll put this one behind us fast. We're going to learn from it. We're going to get better from it. There are a hundred things we can improve upon, just like if we had won the game. It would have been the same football game, but we would have found a way to win it which we didn't do. That's the only difference. We have to learn how to take that next step against a good team and win a tight football game at the end."

(On Flacco's progression in the first 4 games)

"What do you measure that against? I think he is doing a good job. I think he can do a lot better. I think he'll be the first guy to tell you that. We need him to continue to improve. I'm not sure what the measurable standard is, exactly what you're looking for, but I think he is doing well."

(On why he opted for a field goal attempt with 14 seconds left in the half)

"Well, you're sitting at fourteen seconds and so many things can happen that aren't good, that take you out of field goal range. You have the possibility of a sack. You have the possibility of a completion in bounds and the clock runs out. We had no timeouts. The chances of scoring a touchdown there are minimal, and you have to score a touchdown there to improve your position. So, we've got a pretty sure thing we think. We kick a field goal. To me, that is a no brainer. That's an easy choice."

(On not running FB Le'Ron McClain in the fourth quarter, like in previous games.)

"We're doing the things we think we can do against those defenses, scheme-wise. Not 'hey, we handed the ball to Le'Ron McClain in the fourth quarter because that's what made the most sense in two games, and every game thereafter, that's going to make the most sense.' People defend the things you are doing. It's a chess game back and forth. So, we'd like to have Le'Ron with the ball in his hands but we'd like Willis McGahee with the ball in his hands too. [We'd like to have] certain situations in certain coverages. To dumb it down with the simple explanation doesn't really give service to the game."

(On if he was discouraged by the penalties.)

"I was discouraged by the foolish penalties. We don't want to twitch. We don't want to move. But, overall, discouraged? No, I don't think that is a good term. I think we keep working on those things and try to get better at those things."


(On if the game was a bad blood game)

"It's disappointing. It's life in the NFL. We let two get away from us. Coming off a short week, I think we showed up. I think our bodies as well, Harbaugh did a great job of helping us get our legs back. We let one slip away. Eventually we're going to have to find a way to win these games, because it's important, and that's life in the NFL. You have to make the plays as they're supposed to be made."

(On the personal foul roughing the passer call on Terrell Suggs)

"I was on the sideline, but I'm sure the necessary people will look at it and decisions will be made about whether it's the proper call or do you make that call. It's not up to me, but of course I wouldn't have liked to see that call made, because I'm a homer."

(On if it was a game-changing call)

"You go from taking 5 yards from them and a loss of down, possibly, opposed to them getting a first down, 10 yards and a new set of downs, when we had an opportunity to hold them on third down, we're off the football field, we had an opportunity to get off the football field and here we go."

(On if it was more frustrating to lose after playing well in the first half)

"Of course, because you put together a great effort, you try to take away the things they like to do, and that's run the football. You think if you can make them one-dimensional, that guarantees the victory, but that's not the case. They get paid too, they made the necessary plays that were needed to win the football game. We have to go back and get better, and the next time we're put in that situation, we'll have the opportunity to redeem ourselves."

(On if he was surprised by all the penalties and personal fouls calls)

"I don't know if it was more on our side or their side, but sometimes things… for them, I know their coach maintains through the rivalry years. A lot of players here weren't here for that, but for maybe Ray [Lewis] and Chris McAlister, so on our end we didn't prepare that way, 'OK, this is a grudge match'. We just looked at it as a tough opponent, an opportunity for our defense to measure up against their defense and play that way, but it for them, it may have been different because of the bad blood from Jeff Fisher and [Brian] Billick. So I'm assuming they had a different mindset preparing for the game. We just wanted to win a football game and get back on the right side."

(On if a close loss is harder than being blown out)

"Yes, because when you lose close games, you want to go back and look at what you could've done personally to maybe sway it in your way. For myself, on that slant, if the ball is broken up, could I have made a play one step more to get an interception to end the game? You pride yourself on being a big-time player, you have to try to make those types of plays. I let an opportunity get away from myself, and I'm sure there's other players scratching their heads, wishing and wondering what they could've done to make a play. You know, the Frank Walker interception play, all those types of plays that we let get away from us, could've swayed the game. We run the ball out, and we're in here having a different football feeling."


(On his two interceptions)

"I was running in and out of the pocket, when I get outta there, and I don't have anything, I've got to throw the ball away and be smart with it."

(On if both INTs were on similar plays)

"I don't think it was the same play, I just think they were similar plays. I just broke the pocket and was rolling to my right, I was trying to hit a guy coming down the sideline. In the second one at the end of the game, we got the ball back with 1:56 left, and you expect your offense to go down there and put some points on the board, either get into overtime or go get a touchdown to win the game, but I ran out, choked the ball down and threw it right to the guy. I should've either got it over him or thrown it out of bounds."

(On reading defenses)

"I'm seeing things just fine. I made couple bad decisions today, and I gotta get better at that. I've got to realize these guys are going to make plays. Every now and then you have to just take what they give you, and if they don't give you anything, you gotta just throw the ball away, live for the punt and live for the next down."

(On if it's impossible to learn those things other than in game experience)

"I should know that, and I should've known to just get rid of the ball, and I just didn't use good judgment on those plays. I'll obviously learn from that, and we have to move on and get ready for next week. We let two games the last two weeks get away from us, and eventually, we're going to have to find a way to win these games."

(On moving on or letting the games affect him)

"I'm going to move on and we're going to get ready for next week. We've got to go on the road, and we should be ready for a good game next week."

(On having back-to-back close losses)

"There's a lot of different ways to look at close losses. Initially, they\'re a lot harder to take than a bigger loss, but in the long run, there's going to be a lot of things we can learn from these games, and as long as we come out better because of it and start winning these type of games, that will definitely make us better."

(On if it was frustrating being six points away from being undefeated)

"I never really thought of it that way, but like I said, we let two games slip away from us. We haven't necessarily played too, too badly, but if you make mistakes, that's what'll kill you. Turnovers win games, and that's why Tennessee's been good on defense."

(On there being a lot of personal fouls)

"Yes, there was a lot going on and it seems like a lot of people come in and play us like that, but that's the way we want it. That's where we're usually good, and that's a Tennessee thing. They're a good team, that's why they're 5-0, but if we take care of the ball, it's a different story."


(On the end of the game)

"Our main thing is just to finish the game. You know, we had the last drive, I wasn't getting any yardage. You know, no gain, no gain, loss of one yard, you can put that on me because even though they were coming [hard] I was still supposed to get to the line of scrimmage."

(On the offense and the running)

"We're doing a great job, especially Le'Ron [McClain], Le'Ron was moving the ball. I was excited watching him run. I was just coming in…I had the rib injuries. There's [no] excuse, I was still out there playing. The running game was doing OK, but it could have been better."


(On seeing the key penalty on Tennessee's last drive)

"I thought false starts were supposed to stop the play. It's a dead-ball foul. I'm frustrated. I can't say anything. I can't say too much about it. I thought it was a dead ball foul, and you stop the play and you move on. But I guess that wasn't the case."

(On how tough the game was)

"It's just like any other game. It's just like last week's game. It was a physical game and we knew, they knew what they were getting into. We knew what type of football they wanted to play, and the score indicated it. There's nothing that we didn't expect, and there was nothing that they didn't expect."

(On the penalties)

"I think you've got guys out there working hard. Sometimes you're able to get a guy off the square, and I thought we were able to get a couple of guys off the square, on their team. Hey, it's a part of football—you move on."

(On Joe Flacco and how he can deal with this loss)

"Keep moving on, man. Ain't no time to dwell on it. It happened, it's over with, we lost, now we've just got to get better on a team, and Joe is a part of it, so what are you going to do, tell the guy not to throw the ball any more? He's trying to make plays. "


(On facing the Titans' rushing game)

"We gave up a couple runs early on, and then we settled down and started playing our game."

(On his interception)

"It happened so fast. Before I knew it, I had a ball in my hand. I tried to get to the sideline and got my leg taken out, and that was that. It's always good to get a present like that."

(On the disappointment of losing the game)

"I tell you what, it's getting old. We're extremely disappointed. We've had enough of that, so we've got to regroup, refocus and find a way to finish."

(On if coming close but not quite winning is what is getting old)

"Yeah, you know, we play these games and feel like we leave it all on the field. We're just not getting it done, and certain things are happening. But no excuses. We've just got to come out and do better."


(On whether the Titans' offensive line stepped up after QB Kerry Collins' early interceptions)

"Nothing like that. The quarterback was getting rid of the ball early enough. They found a way to get it done, and we didn't."


(On his touchdown run)

"They're a great team, but we just did what we were doing all week. We said we were going to run at them, and we did. We wish the game could've come our way at the end, but it gives us something to build on. We've got to stay to together as a team and get ready for the Colts."

(On being used in several different capacities)

"I love it. Whatever is going to help the team. I just hope each week my role continues to help lead this team to victories."


(On what he saw on his interception)

"I didn't see anything. I was just out there running, keeping my eyes on my man."

(On having three interceptions through five games)

"I've got great teammates and great coaches. That's pretty much what it boils down to. They put me in position to win."



(On the type of game that was played)

"I don't think anybody is surprised at this game. We fully expected a day like today where both defenses were basically going to dominate the game. It's a great example of knowing that this game is 60 minutes long. It was a great drive by Kerry [Collins], very poised. We got catches when we needed it and got the touchdown that put the game away."

(On the Ravens)

"They are a very, very physical, talented team. Very impressed with their run game and their commitment to it."

(On coming away with a win)

"We're pleased with the win. Found a way to win again. We need to take advantage of this bye week to rest up. People banged up. The defensive line is pretty banged up."

(On if the game was an improbable win with the hostile environment and tough Ravens defense)

"We anticipated this kind of game. The run game against their defense, it's going to be hard. Their run game, they committed to it. As long as they were committed to it, we felt like we had a chance."

(On what he said to the defense after the Ravens' touchdown drive to get them to regain their composure)

"Just calmed them down."

(On whether this reminded him of past Ravens-Titans games)

"It does. Watching the tape during the week and watching the defense and the success they had, the way they played Pittsburgh, there's no question it was going to be a game."

(On Collins' performance)

"We were moving the ball. First drive, the ball was tipped. We overcame that one. Then he tried to make a play down the field, and they made a good play. He just stayed with it. He trusted Mike [Heimerdinger], and they talked throughout the game. They knew that there were some things to take advantage of and gave guys a chance to make plays."

(On stopping the Ravens' attempt at a comeback)

"If you're going to give up some plays, you've got to settle from the standpoint of a field goal doesn't win it for you if they get down there. You just can't give up the touchdown."

(On the necessity of getting a touchdown against the Ravens' defense)

"We knew we were going to need to score a touchdown. At some point during this game, we were going to need to get one to have a chance to win."

(On LB Keith Bulluck and CB Cortland Finnegan)

"They were trying to settle each other down. They're both very, very competitive. They were just trying to calm each other down."

(On what kind of things he said to get them to regroup)

"If anyone had a camera there, maybe you can find some footage. But we just tried to calm them down."

(On the penalties)

"In a field position game, 15 or more penalties, they are huge field position changes. The only good side about it is that they worked both ways. That was a huge play on the last drive. It was a big five yards for us."

(On TE Alge Crumpler's touchdown)

"It was a great call. He runs that route very well."


(On game-winning TD pass to Alge Crumpler)

"We had a double move called and the linebacker jumped the play. Then, I knew I just had to make a good throw to Alge (Crumpler) and I did. Their linebackers had been jumping all day and we caught him this time. It was a great call by Dinger (Mike Heimerdinger)."

(On how it felt to come in here and win)

"I know this wasn't my best game. In fact, things looked bad for 3 and a half quarters. We knew we were facing a great defense. They can really put the heat on you as a quarterback. For most of the game, I thought our line and our backs did a great job keeping them out. I think we learned a lot about our team today. We showed a lot of character, especially on that last drive."

(On playing the Ravens for the first time since Super Bowl XXXV)

"It's hard for me to forget that one. That wasn't one of my better days and it was on my mind."

(On the roughing the passer penalty on the last drive)

"I really don't where he (Terrell Suggs) hit me. I know I got hit. Really, I wasn't sure if they called the play dead. I think he hit me in the head but it's hard to remember every play. The ref made the call. That's all I know."

(On Alge Crumpler making the game-winning catch)

"Alge came up big today and we're really happy for him. We love the guy. Bo (Scaife) is playing well right now and we've used a lot of the two-tight end set. Both of them are key players for us. I think Bo is becoming a better player because of Alge."

(On his role with the Titans)

"I like quarterbacking this team. It's nice to be on a team that has a chance to win every week. I hope my teammates realize that I am gonna keep playing no matter what happens. I hope they are building a trust in me. This was a big test for us, coming in here and playing against this defense. We have a lot of rock-solid guys on this team who always play hard and practice hard."

(On being 5-0)

"It feels great to be 5-0. What we learned today is that we can come from behind and win on the road against a good team. I hope we can keep this going because I think we can have a good year."

(On the 2 early interceptions)

"I realized I had to stop making bonehead plays. I just tried to stay calm. In this league, you just have to keep playing and it worked for us today."


(On how big a win this is)

"I think this is a very big win for the Tennessee organization. There are a lot of people in the organization how feel the Ravens took something away from them back in the 2000 season. For me, I like the fact that we came into their place and beat them and now we're 5-0."

(On similarities between this game and the old Titans-Ravens games)

"This was an intense game and it was a defensive game. Any time you play the Ravens, you know it's going to be a defensive game. I knew we would have to come in here and match their defensive intensity. We have a lot of young guys on our defense and they didn't understand what it would be like. But I think our defense learned something from the Ravens today. They learned how to play with intensity."

(On what he said to Cortland Finnegan)

"I was only trying to calm him down. He's intense. I'm intense. Those things are going to happen. I think we're OK now. We're brothers on the defense. Everything's cool. We won the game."

(On his reaction to the opening drive where the Titans were called for so many penalties)

"I was concerned. They went down the field and scored and the place was rocking. Ray-Ray and the boys feed off that atmosphere. It sounded like a playoff game in here. But, we were able to come back and keep them scoreless the rest of the half."

(On whether Kerry Collins feels better after losing to the Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV)

"I don't think it satisfies him. I'm sure it would be more gratifying if this win was in January or February. But, I liked the way Kerry came in and took command of the game on the last drive. He showed a lot of poise and leadership."


(On what it's like to be 5-0)

"I can't believe it. It's like a dream come true. When we were losing today, I felt like we were down by 28-0. But, Kerry Collins came in and made some big plays."

(On what the game was like)

"It was like a street fight. I am hurting right now and I know there are a lot of guys on both teams who feel that way. But we won and that makes me feel great."

(On the Ravens-Titans rivalry)

"Keith (Bulluck) tried to tell us what it was going to be like all week. He told us about the history between the teams. He said it was a big-time rivalry and we needed to be ready to play with intensity. It was a game just like he said it would be."


(On whether he felt the game was ever in doubt)

"I can't lie, yeah a little bit. We weren't worried. We knew once we got calmed down we could shut their offense out, and we would be alright. Our offense went down there and scored, and we knew we weren't going to let them score on us."

(On the defense's composure)

"I don't know how many of you all got brothers and sisters. You can't say that you and your brothers always got along. I mean you are going to argue and fight, it's not a big deal as long as it doesn't break this team, and we're not going to let it break this team."

(On the importance of the bye)

"This game really banged us up, but we'll be alright. The bye comes at a great time. We need to get healthy and we'll be ready for Kansas City."

(On a winning a low scoring game)

"All week it was a challenge of who had the best defense. Their defense plays lights-out football. They gave up one bad drive and it cost them the win. We bent a lot but we didn't break. We've been saying that a whole lot this year and it's the mark of a good defense. No matter what's going on we're playing lights-out defense."

(On the offense winning the game)

"It was great. It was a collective effort, all three phases getting it done. We all chipped in, including the end when we held them. Special teams had that big run. Then Kerry [Collins] drove us down the field and took it in for a TD.'

(On winning despite injuries)

"I got banged up a couple of times during the game. I had to go back in because we would have only had four [defensive lineman] if I didn't go back in. Next time hopefully they will give us eight [defensive lineman], instead of seven being active."

(On regaining composure)

"This defense is good. We know we are good. We just got frustrated. [Derrick Mason] is like that little Chihuahua that is always barking. I guess you had two little Chihuahuas barking with Cortland, you know they're biting at each other. We know that's how [Derrick Mason] played and Cortland (Finnegan) plays like that, so we knew it was going to be a battle. We just got a little mad at each other and once we got settled we were alright."

(On his personal foul penalty)

"You know this guy's going to come in and kick me after the ball's been kicked. I think they called a personal foul on me. I didn't kick the guy or anything like that. If they wanted me to really kick him they would have really noticed it, but I didn't do anything like that."

(On how physical it was)

"As far as their offense it wasn't really that physical. They just wanted to run the ball and get two or three yards and control the clock. It's kind of what they did for most of the game."


(On his TD catch)

"It was important because we had to play 60 minutes and close out the ballgame. We got a perfect call at the right time. Ray [Lewis] jumped underneath and it was perfect. It was much needed for the type of knockdown slugfest we had today."

(On if he expected such a tough game)

"We did. We knew it was going to be a hard fight. I thought we were going to get some things going offensively a little better but it was the turnovers that hurt us. Hey, we're a good ball team, and when you're a good ball team things just seem to go your way."

(On QB Kerry Collins)

"He was very good. He managed the game exceptionally well. We had the turnovers early but we played against a tough defense. They played exceptionally well and we didn't put up the numbers but we got the win and that is all that matters."

(On moving forward)

"What's most important now is next week. We don't play anybody and we've got some guys banged up. We need to get healed up and get ready for Kansas City."


(On today's game)

"Both teams are competitive teams. They want to be the best and we want to be the best. So let the punches fly and have fun."

(On the scuffles)

"Man, it was just being competitive. When you break it down at the end of the day, it's just being competitive."

(On his confrontation with Keith Bulluck)

"I can't even remember what happened. You know [Chris] Hope was there talking to me. Sometimes I go too far but you know I'm a competitor. I play how I play. He's my teammate I have no hard feelings."



(On why the false start didn't end the play on the Suggs personal foul penalty)

"On the play with about five minutes left, we had a false start on the offensive tackle number 71 [Michael Roos]. It was right at the snap. We tried to shut it down and blow the whistle. But the players didn't hear the whistle, and they continued the play. 55 [Terrell Suggs] came in and hit the quarterback on the side of the helmet. If it had been anything other than a personal foul, we would have disregarded a hold or anything else. But a 15-yard penalty – coupled with a false start – it's called a 'five and 15,' which means the five-yard penalty is ignored and only the 15-yard penalty is enforced from the previous spot. So we went 15 yards from the previous spot, and of course that carries a first down."

(On the interpretation of LB Terrell Suggs roughing the passer penalty)

"He got him on the side of the helmet, the right side of the quarterback's helmet. We're blowing the whistle, blowing the whistle. He may not have heard that – and we're going to give him that – but he still can't hit the quarterback on the helmet."

(On who made the roughing the passer call)

"That was the referee. That was myself."

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