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Post-game Quotes: Ravens at Buccaneers


(On the variety seen throughout the game)
"Obviously, good and bad. We had a little bit of everything in that game it seems like. We had three reviewed plays in the first quarter. We had big plays. We had turnovers. We had penalties. We had points off turnovers. We had a blocked punt. I thought special teams played exceptionally well, which really bodes well for our young guys. Tampa played great in the first quarter, first quarter and a half, and we were down. I thought their one's [starters] played really well. We didn't get much going with the one's, so there's plenty of things we need to work on."

(On wide receiver LaQuan Williams' performance)
"Yeah, LaQuan played really well. It was good to see him step up and make plays. Here's a guy that just brings his lunch pail every single week. He puts on his blue collar work shirt and goes to work. And to see him make those plays - he's got tremendous talent. He flashes a lot. But he made plays with consistency, stacked plays. That was good to see."

(On linebacker Daryl Smith being around the ball a lot)
"Yeah, Daryl is that kind of player. Nothing different than what he's done all those years in Jacksonville. He played really well, becoming somewhat of a quarterback of the defense, because he calls the defenses. But we've got a lot of communication issues on defense that came up, things we need to work on. From a cohesion standpoint, we have a lot of work to do."

(On the health of the roster following the game)
"Yeah, we look pretty good right now. We have some things we'll have to see about tomorrow: X-rays, MRIs, things like that. So we'll have to see."

(On whether or not Deonte Thompson will undergo any tests)
"I don't know. We'll see."

(On seeing the defense on the field after offseason changes)
"That's the thing: We're a very different team than we were. So, we were really anxious to get on the field and just see who we are, because we really don't know in a lot of ways. We suspect we have a chance to be a good team, but we've got a long way to go as far as being on the same page in a lot of ways. So, it's a good thing we've got preseason, obviously."

(On the performance of the first team offense)
"We didn't put it together. They did a nice job on defense. They played really well. They came up with plays when they needed to, they pressured us, they've got a heck of a defense. We need to execute a little better. We need to get some first downs."

(On tight end Visanthe Shiancoe's performance)
"It looked like Shiancoe did a nice job. He had a couple tough catches that I would've loved to have seen him come down with. But then he made a couple tough catches. And he was in traffic and things like that, so I thought, for the first time playing in over a year, or almost a year, he did a really, pretty darn good job."


(On how it felt to come up with touchdowns)
"It was relieving; a lot of hard work this summer. With the practices, [we were] just going out there and working as hard as we can and it finally played out tonight."

(On the touchdown scored off of the blocked punt)
"The ball was just on the ground. It just happened to be close to me and I just tried to get on it and make sure nobody got it away from me."

(On the touchdown pass from quarterback Tyrod Taylor)
"Tyrod gave me a chance to go up and make a play, and I just tried to make sure my foot was in the ground once I caught the ball."

(On being relieved after tonight's game)
"Once you work so hard to try to do something and then you see how it pans out, that's why I said it's relieving."

(On what tonight may have done to increase his standing at wide receiver)
"Every day I come out and play my best. That's what it comes down to. I just want to keep stacking bigs and hopefully I can solidify my spot on the team. That's why I'm focused right now. I'm trying to solidify my spot on the team."

(On the Baltimore's mentality with a changed team)
"Different team, same thought process. Come out and just dominate and win every game."


(On coming back to play in Florida)
"It's like coming back to where it all started, it's where my passion for this sport started. My mother was here, some family. Friends from college came out, a lot of people from UCF out there, actually. It felt really good. It was great to come back here to my home state and play."  

(On how he is different this year than from past seasons)
"You know, just maturity. Definitely, my technique has gotten better. It was just a lot of fun out there. It was a good game and it was fun to come back home."

(On expectations for himself with the upcoming season)
"Every year I just want to improve and be the best player I can be. When I'm playing, [to] improve every week. I want to play as much football as possible, as long as possible. So whatever I can do to do that then that's what I'll do."

(On coming back from an injury)
"I wanted to come back from that injury. It's so disappointing being on the sidelines, watching your teammates play, and you're not able to do that when you're hurt. I just got to work and thankfully my toe's gotten a lot better and I was able to go out there and play tonight. It was great." 


(On his first impression of being a Raven)
"We came out and [it was the] first preseason game and I think we did a pretty good job. We still have a long road ahead of us to really be where we want to be, but I think we did some good things. We'll get in in the next couple days and watch the film and grade it and see."

(On playing inside linebacker now after the last couple of seasons playing outside)
"I mean, it's a process. The more and more we play together, practice, especially game experience, I think we all gain that chemistry that we need and communicate and be able to do some good things."

(On if they worked out some communication issues on the defense tonight)
"When you have new guys come in to a system, we all have to be talking the same way, we all have to communicate. Communication is a big part of being a good defense. So us just communicating allows us to be on the same page. Like I said, the more experience that we get playing together and gain that trust with each other and everything, the communication factor is huge for us and we'll be building that as training camp goes on."

(On if he feels comfortable playing the role of the quarterback of the defense)
"I'm here to do what I have to do. The team's been winning and I just want to be a part of that and contribute any way I can."


(On how this year feels compared to last year)
"Well, you know what? It just felt good to actually get back out there with our team. It is preseason, [we have] some new faces, new opportunities, and our young guys really got a chance to show what they can do tonight. As crazy as this preseason is going to be, it's only going to be 53 [men on the roster] at the end of the day, so for the guys that went out there and did a good job, obviously they're putting on a film for other teams around the league to see that, you know, the way we work around here.  It was just good to go out there and obviously be back out there and get the win the way we have and get it done today."

(On the identity difference between this year's team and last year's)
"Well the identity was already set by those guys, like [former linebacker] Ray Lewis, [former safety] Ed Reed. So, what we're trying to do is establish our own identity, but keep what we already had in place. It's physical football, let's go out there and execute at a high level. I think as long as we have the guys to put ourselves in the position to keep our identity, we'll be alright."

(On if this game was what he expects from a first preseason game)
"Yeah, it's good to win. For myself, it felt good to get out there and get the game started and show the young guys how we play football. So, for myself, it really felt good to get out there and start fast, get the juices flowing a little bit and obviously come away with my health."

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