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Post-Practice Interview Transcript (Fri. 10/17)

Head Coach John Harbaugh

On if he feels his endorsement of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has backfired because it turned into bulletin board material:"I haven't studied their reaction or anything like that to anything we've said. I think our message all week from our players, from me, from all of our people has been very clear. We've got great respect for their football team. It's a very talented football team, and we're really impressed with the direction of their program. It's obvious to see, from a leadership standpoint, where they're going as a football program. It's very clear-cut. We've got a lot of respect for it, and we're looking forward to playing them on Sunday."

On if the words were twisted to mean something different than his intention:"I haven't studied their response or their thoughts on it at all. I just know what we said and what we meant to say, and it was pretty clear cut."

On if S Ed Reed hurt his hamstring in practice on Wednesday, and how he's doing: "He tweaked his hamstring a little bit. [He] looked good out there today. It's been a real minor deal all week, so he's going to be ready to go."

On the status of T Adam Terry:"Adam is still in a rehab phase right now. So he's a possibility for Sunday, but I wouldn't say probability."

On how they factor in the heat in their preparations for the game:"The heat's always a factor when you go down there. It's a factor for both teams. You're out there to play, it affects both football teams. We were very fortunate this week – exactly as we planned it – [that] we got hot weather on Wednesday and Thursday. It was in the mid- to high-80s, wasn't it? That's just how we planned it. Our guys have done a great job of hydrating, and I think the key is hydration. If you get your hydration done, that's got to be part of your work ethic. We've had a really good work week this week – very focused. Guys paid attention to detail, and hydration is a big part of that."

On if the Dolphins will make them wear purple jerseys:"Yes, we're wearing purple. We'll be wearing purple with pride."

On if CB Fabian Washington will be a game-time decision or if CB Frank Walker will start instead:"Fabian has had a real good week at practice. He looks good. I'll be surprised if Fabian doesn't go. He's had a good week; he looks strong."

On the most difficult part of winning on the road in the NFL:"You've got to obviously deal with the fact that you're in a hostile environment. When you're on the road you deal with the crowd noise part of it. You deal with the momentum part of it. It's easy for it to get away from you. But some of those same problems come into play when you're at home, because if things don't go well for you early at home, your own crowd gets on you. That can play against you as well. Whether you're home or away, you just have to play well. You have to play better than your opponent to win the football game."

On if getting out to a comfortable lead in a game is preferable, as opposed to battling back from being behind:"Yes, we prefer to play with the lead. That probably goes for most teams. The thing about the Colts, the Colts love to play with a lead, and that's been their strong point for the last five or six years. And we knew that if we got behind, that was going to make it easier for them to play the game they wanted to play, and we allowed that to happen. That was the most disappointing part."

On the opportunity to go out and play a new game and put the Colts game behind them:"That's a great question. That's the thing, you almost want to play on Wednesday when you come off a tough game like we had last week. Our guys felt the same way, I think, the two previous games. You can't wait to come back and have a chance to play again and kind of show what you're made of. We've got a big challenge this week and against a real good football team."

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