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Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 14

On how WR David Tyree fits into the Ravens' plans:"I could tell you how he fits into the plan, but then that would be tactical information. Obviously, we're excited to have David Tyree on our team. He fits in as a football player, really, is where he fits in. He's obviously a heck of a wide receiver, and he's been in big games. He's played for the Giants. We like the way the Giants play, so that fits us a little bit. He's a special teams guy, just a tough, hardnosed guy. We're excited to have him with us."

On if Vikings DE Jared Allen is unique from other players in the league at his position:"He's certainly unique in his way. There are guys that play sort of like him, but there's nobody with a higher motor. Jared Allen just brings it every single play. He's explosive, he's physical, he's got spin moves, he's got hump moves – he's got every kind of move that you could think of. Really what makes him so good is his relentlessness as a pass rusher and a run defender. We respect him a lot."

On Vikings DTs Kevin Williams and Pat Williams on the defensive side of the ball:"They're not just run-stuffers. That's the thing about them. They're athletes. These guys are big, explosive guys. They come off the ball, they can penetrate, they create havoc in there. They're good pass rushers, they stay on the field and pass rush a lot of times, which is unusual for guys who have a reputation as run-stuffers. They are a big part of the reason why [the Vikings] have been so good against the run. But, really, they're good in pass rush, too, so they control the middle of the defense effectively. I'd add [E.J.] Henderson, the linebacker, under that, too. This is as good of a front four and 'Mike' linebacker that you're going to see in the National Football League, and that's why they've been so good on defense."

On Vikings RB Adrian Peterson and QB Brett Favre on the offensive side of the ball:"Petersen and Favre are pretty good, is that what you're saying? They're pretty good. Heck of an analysis right there. They're pretty good. Adrian Petersen is just phenomenal. He's hard to attack, he's amazingly fast, he can run the ball, really, from A gap to sideline at any time. You've got to be completely sound in your run defense, and you've got to play great team run defense. You've got to run to the ball, you've got to tackle him with a bunch of guys. And Brett Favre speaks for himself. He still can make every throw. He's got a great feel for the pass rush. He's got a great feel for what he's seeing coverage-wise. He's got really good players to throw it to. The offensive line is committed to protecting him. [They have] a big, physical, hard-playing, mean, nasty offensive line – the kind we respect. That's what makes their offense so good collectively."

On rookie WR Percy Harvin and his success in the return game for the Vikings:"We all evaluated Percy coming out, and there was no doubt in anybody's mind he could be a great returner in the NFL. He would have been in college if he'd have done it. This is just a guy who's a playmaker. You get the ball in his hands. Urban Meyer down in Florida got the ball in his hands so many different ways offensively – quarterback, running back, wide receiver – and you can see [the Vikings] are committed to doing the same things offensively with him. He plays in different spots. You never know where he's going to line up. You just know, usually, when he's out there it's with the idea that they are going to try to get him the ball. And then, he can be a decoy. But he's broken a big kick return already this year. He's a sideline-to-sideline kick returner. He can take it that way, but he can also take it outside. So it will be a big challenge for us."

On Harvin's similarities to WR Wes Welker who the Ravens faced earlier this year:"He's really different than Wes Welker. Wes Welker is quick and a real sharp route runner and has tremendous timing with [Tom] Brady. Percy – I think he'll add those things to his game, he can do those things – but he's fast. He's really fast, really athletic, really a kind of an open runner. He can take it the distance really from anywhere on the field."

On the importance for the Ravens' defense to bring down the Vikings offense' on the first contact because of the speed many of their players have:"You have to be a great tackling team with these guys. It will be tough to bring these guys down with one tackler, but if we get in that situation, we're going to have to do it. But, it's really going to be team tackling, gang tackling, if you want to put it that way. We've got to get more people to the ball, we've got to cup them and not give them a chance to get out in space on us. So, that will be the big challenge."

On a T Jared Gaither and TE Edgar Jones and the possibility the Ravens will have them back this week:"They're looking better, they're looking better. They're working hard to get healthy and working hard to be back on Sunday. Thanks for asking."

On his relationship with Vikings head coach Brad Childress and how well he knew him while they coached together for the Eagles and if feels their careers parallel:"Brad's a great friend. Brad goes back to Illinois – he's a little older than I am – but he went to school in Illinois, in Eastern Illinois, and we kind of grew up in the Big Ten, Mid-American Conference coaching circles, I guess, way back when. So I've known of Brad for a long time, and then we got to be very close in Philadelphia. [He is] one of my best friends in coaching. We learned the NFL game from Coach [Andy] Reid. I know they run their program in a similar way to what Andy does and what we do here. I just have a lot of respect for him, and when you watch this team play it's got his personality stamped all over it. So, it's very impressive."

On his impression of Favre, who is just a little younger:"Yes, that's true. If we're making comparisons, he throws it better than I do. He runs it better than I do. What else? He's just awesome. I've had a chance to shake his hand a few times. We played him a lot in Philadelphia. He and [my brother] Jim were good friends when they played in, I guess, it was the old NFC Central back in those days. That's taking us back; that shows you how old he is. But he can still play. That's the bottom line. They signed him for a reason. I thought it was a gutsy move when they did it, and it's paid off for him. They're 5-0, and he's a big catalyst. But they had a good team before Brett Favre got there, and he's just enhanced them. Obviously, his personality has blended into the locker room really well. They've got a heck of a team."

On if there are any parallels he can draw from the "funk" the team went through last year after starting 3-0 that he can use with to rebound from the losses of the past two weeks:"I am answering no 'funk' questions. We stay away from those kinds of deals. But there are no comparisons. We're a year grown from whatever last year, good and bad and everything else. We just take it as it comes."

On what he feels QB Brett Favre is doing best right now:"He throws the ball. He can make every throw. He's made some spectacular throws into tight situations, and guys have made catches for him. He handles pressure well. And he knows what he's seeing across from him. He's just a heck of a quarterback."

On if he has prepared the team for the type of noise they'll experience in the Metrodome and if they will do anything different to get ready to play in that environment:"We do crowd noise all the time. We do crowd noise in the offseason. So, we'd like to think that's something that we're prepared for. We feel like we need to attack crowd noise. That's part of the game plan. Cam does a great job of emphasizing that and our guys do a great job of handling it. Not to say it won't affect us negatively at some point, because it will. Then we've got to overcome it."

On if he expects to be cheered loudly for when he returns to his hometown this weekend:"I don't know. I don't know what it's going to be like. I'm not really into trying to predict it or anything like that. Obviously, there are other things I'll be focused on. Things I can't control, I can't control. I'm not going to worry about it."

On if he sees any marked differences or similarities between Vikings head coach Brad Childress and Ravens head coach John Harbaugh:"I think it's a generic answer, but they both know football. They've both been around football their entire lives, but each has their own personality, their own philosophies and their own way they do things. There are some similarities there from both being with Philadelphia, some of the scheduling and things like that. For the most part, they're both their own men and they run their teams the way they want to."

On if he's talked to his teammates on the offensive line about the crowd noise in the Metrodome:"It's not a secret. It's a loud place to play. It's certainly something if you don't prepare for and you're not ready for, it's going to be a huge disadvantage for you. I've seen it firsthand many times. But we'll be ready. That's something we always talk about, going on the road and combating the crowd noise."

On if lining up against his old teammates Pat Williams and Kevin Williams will be strange for him:"A little bit. There's a familiarity there, but you just go out there and play. When you're playing, you're playing against a guy, but you're not. You play your own game and you do what you do. Certainly, up front all the way across the line, they're extremely talented. Their front seven – their whole 11, really – they are a tough, they are a solid defense. It's not a fluke that three years in a row they have been No. 1 against the rush. I saw it every day. They're good, they're good. So, all the blockers are going to have their hands full on Sunday."

On difference between being at 3-0 and now playing at 3-2:"Two losses. It's a play here, a play there, other things. That's the way it goes. Those games that come down to the end, we've had a chance to win, we just haven't done it. We are still the same team as we were, and I think everybody feels that way. I don't feel good about losing two games in a row, but players still have confidence in coaches, coaches still have confidence in players. When you lose, your mistakes are a little more glaring and you pay a little more attention to detail and take care of those."

On if it will be strange for him to return to Minnesota as a visitor:"If I said no, I'd be lying. I don't know what it's' going to feel like. I've never done it before. In a lot of ways, it another trip, but I guess in a lot of ways it's not."

On his fondest memory of the Metrodome:"On my fifth birthday my dad – it was the first year it was open – we took a bunch of my friends to a Twins game. It's true."

On the mentality and attitude of the team going into Sunday's game knowing they have lost two games and wanting to avoid going into the bye week 3-3:"I think our attitude is the same. You've got to cut it loose, you can't play tight. You can't be worried about making mistakes. You go out there, you cut it loose. You don't judge what's going on out there, you just play. You make sure you're prepared and you play hard. And then at the end of the game you look at the scoreboard and see how you did."

On if there is something that makes Vikings RB Adrian Peterson more special than other running backs in the league:"He's a special guy. Those players, no matter what position they play, physically, they are extremely talented, but mentally they have that attitude that they can do it. He's certainly believes in that. He's certainly proved that he can do it. He's definitely a special kind of guy."

On if he will be more vocal in film study this week because of his experience playing with the Vikings' offense:"Not so much. Maybe a thing here or there, I don't know. We'll see how it goes. Obviously, our coaching staff knows what to prepare for. That core group, the defensive group, has been there for a while. They've been together for a few years. I think everybody kind of knows what they do. They just do it very well, and they execute very well, and it comes down to execution."

On if he worries about the team's momentum and thinks it is important to break the losing streak before the bye: "Yeah, I guess as a player I'm just worried about right now, worried about today. The big picture will take care of itself. But today we're here on Wednesday, and we're just going to try to go out there and try to have a great Wednesday and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow and worry about Sunday, Sunday."

On whether Vikings DE Jared Allen has to be accounted for every single play:"Yeah, they're a good defense, and he's obviously had a really good season. He's played well for a while now, so we're going to go into the game, and we're going to have specific plans for their defense. But they're another good defense, and it's just a team we need to come ready to play for. They have a bunch of guys on their front seven that can get after it, and we're going to be accounting for every one of them."

On whether it will be cool to face Vikings QB Brett Favre on Sunday: "Definitely. I didn't get a chance to play against those guys last year in New York, and it's kind of cool to play against Brett Favre. He's obviously, what's he in like his 18th year? I don't remember a time when Brett Favre hasn't been playing football, so it'll be cool for me to stand on the same field as him."

On whether there is more attention to communication when playing in an indoor stadium: "I don't know. I think most NFL stadiums are pretty loud. So, not being able to hear is not being able to hear. I think this place will be a little bit louder maybe, but like I said, a silent snap count is a silent snap count, no matter where you are. So, I think we should be all right. We usually handle it pretty well, and I expect the same thing."

On whether he is surprised with the low amount of times he threw to his WRs last Sunday: "We're going to go in, and we're going to go in with our game plan, we're going to go in confident with it, and you know, we'll throw to those guys. I guess it happened that way last week. Like I said, we didn't really play the way we wanted to. I said that a couple times, but we're going to go in there with the same mindset we've had over the last five weeks. We're going to go in there confident and we're going to do what's best for us to win the football game."

On what he has seen from the Vikings defense and its success on turnover ratio this season: "They get pressure on the quarterback and they allow their guys back there to play aggressively. They're a very aggressive defense, and it shows up on film. So, we're going to have to make sure we go in there and we're going to have to deal with those guys, deal with the crowd, and that's what we do. That's what good teams do, and that's what we expect ourselves to do."

On whether they have found a weakness in the Minnesota defense: "I mean, we'll look at it, and obviously there are going to be things that we think we can do. But like I said, they've got a pretty good front seven, and the guys in the secondary, they all play aggressive. The whole team is an aggressive team. They're going to be able to feed off their crowd a little bit, and we're going to have to go in there and just play our game. Certain things we're going to have to do, we're just going to have to do it better than they defend it. And certain things we'll have drawn up to try to attack them a little bit where we think they're weak. But we'll see that as the week goes on."

On if the Ravens defense' has to match the level of the Vikings' defense on Sunday: "I don't know if we ever really think about their defense. Of course we have our hands full enough in dealing with Brett [Favre] and Adrian [Peterson] and all those guys over there – Percy [Harvin] and all those guys. You don't ever really get into it [with another defense]. You respect what they do. They've got those two big boys up front. They've got those boys running around, so you do respect what they do. They play football the way football was supposed to be played, but outside of that, we're not playing against them."

On where RB Adrian Peterson ranks in the backs that he has played: "I don't know. I've never played against him." (laughing)

On if Peterson ranks with the greats after watching him on tape: "To me, I think he plays the game the way it should be played. When he runs the football, he runs the football with things on his mind, and you can appreciate that. I don't know if you rate him anywhere right now. I truly hope he has a great future ahead of him, bottom line. Just the way he plays football, he makes you appreciate the game."

On what he does to start another streak of not allowing a 100-yard rusher: "Start another one. That's what you do. It's just like anything when you've been in this business as long as I've been in this business. It's not like a free throw, man. Some days you're on, some days you're going to miss. Some days you're landing 60 percent, one day you just might miss. That's what you do: You just move on. The bottom line is, anybody can do that. The last person who broke our streak played for the Bengals, too. It was Corey Dillon. So, it's going to happen no matter what happens. The thing is for us is to just go back and have fun. That's what this business is about. This business isn't about dropping your head, whether it's a win or loss – whether you gave up a 100-yard rusher or not. The thing that I try to express to those guys more than anything is over that span there was over 313 running backs who rushed for 100 yards. If that isn't anything, say, 'I'm OK with setting that record. Let's go start another one.' That's what this business is about. This business is about what legacy you will leave. Now, we start another, a whole other one going over to Minnesota this week."

On what's the key to dealing with QB Brett Favre: "Patience. Favre is the true, true, true professional, the true warrior anytime he steps on the football field. The thing that you get the most out of him, he's very unpredictable with the football. Sometimes you might think he's down and he underhands the ball. Sometimes it gets him in trouble, but a lot of the time it gets him out of trouble, too. So, that's the thing you have to do. You have to be really, really patient with him."

On if he expects fines for the hit on Chad Ochocinco: "Probably. Would I do it over? No. If I had to change anything, I would do it the same way I've done it. I will never slow down my speed, the way I play this game. I've never played this game to hurt anybody. But the bottom line is, when I turn to go, I'm like a missile. When I'm locked in, I'm locked in. Whatever's there, is there. I hit my player, too. Worrying about fines and all that, I'll let that take care of itself. The NFL does a great job with that. You call them and discuss it with them. All of that will take care of itself."

On if you appreciate Favre wanting to come back to play: "Absolutely, yeah, because when it's done, it's done. That's what a lot of people don't realize. This is probably the one profession, truly, that when you're done, like really done, you're done. There's no coming back. There's no getting this fountain of youth and finding your way back. You've got to respect that because he understands. You see now, it's still football. The game of football will never change. He's learned it from a child and had great success and is still having great success. I commend a man that goes to war, day-in and day-out, no matter what anybody says."

On the mentality about avoiding a losing streak going into the bye week: "I hope our mentality isn't anything outside of getting ready to play the Minnesota Vikings. You can worry about a two-game streak, or you can worry about your next opponent. The bottom line is there are a lot of teams sitting around 5-0. There are a lot of teams sitting around 3-2. The season is so early. It's so early in the season. If you're worrying about this and that, that's too much. The bottom line is the Minnesota Vikings are playing very good football right now. They're 5-0. They probably have got the best running back in the business right now. For defense, that's what better be on our mind. Nothing else better be on your mind. The season is too long. We have to do what we've got to do. Our bye week will take care of our bye week, but right now we've got to deal with the Minnesota Vikings."

On if there is a brotherhood to those who have been in this league for a long time: "It's a certain quick level of respect, like me and Ben Roethlisberger. We're good at it. A couple of other guys, we're good at it, too. You always see us pat our chest. That's coming from heart to heart, just straight respect. Just like when I see Brett [Favre] Sunday, he'll say the same thing. Not to bring up any bad news, but when we were at Steve [McNair's] funeral, [we said] the same thing, 'Way to fight warrior.' Just simple things like that. It's a certain level of respect that you carry for people who've done it year-in and year-out. So, it is a great brotherhood at the same time."

On if he is excited about playing in the Metrodome: "I think this might be my first time. I played one preseason there, so yeah. The electricity is awesome in there. It's going to be cranked up. They're undefeated. They have a great team right now. Here we go. It's an exciting place to play football."

On if he has an opinion about Rush Limbaugh trying to buy the Rams: "Rush Limbaugh is trying to buy into the Rams? I can't believe you just asked me that. I didn't dig into that story yet. I'm going to let Rush deal with the Rams."

On if he has a problem with some things Limbaugh has said, like other people have spoken out about: "I don't know. That's everybody else's problem."

On his thoughts about K Matt Stover going to the Colts: "Stover went to the Colts? This is a lot of information that I don't even know. Stover is a first-class act going to a first-class program. Bottom line, he's a great guy that still has years left to kick. He has great success, continued success. I always commend people like that. He's a hell of a football player to play with."

On if the fourth-quarter penalties mean anything to him: "As a leader, my job is to not let them weigh on anything. The bottom line is just play football. It's all going to take care of itself. You don't worry about that stuff – could we have done that better or could we have done this better if this penalty wouldn't have happened or if that penalty wouldn't have happened? We can sit there and say that a thousand times. Sometimes they affect the game, so just have fun playing the game. Just go do what you do. Everything will take care of itself."

On whether he talked to QB Joe Flacco about the number of balls thrown his way last weekend:"You know, that's on me. I've got to run better routes; I've got to find a way to get open. Plays are called. I've got to make sure that I do enough in the game to make sure Joe has enough confidence in me that I'm going to get open. So, I put that on me, but it will never happen again. I'm going to go out there and make sure that if they do double me, still find a way to get open. If they do triple-team me, find a way to get open. But, you're not going to guard me with one man, so I'm going to do what I need to do in the game and make sure Joe understands that I'm going to do my damndest to get open and contribute to the team."

On whether it looked as though Cincinnati was double-teaming him every time: "Yeah, I mean they were rolling coverage over, you know, disguising some things. But that's what you do as a defense when you want to take away a specific player and make them do some other things. But that's what you do when you want to take away a guy, but that's what I said. That means I need to work harder, because we tried to do the same thing to Chad Johnson, and he found a way to get open. I need to do a little bit more – whatever it is – to find a way to get open and get my hands on the ball."

On whether he tries to get in the huddle or locker room and get the team going when the offense is struggling to produce: "Leaders don't panic. You don't. You can't panic. You just try to convey to the guys that we need to go out there and be who we are, and make sure we pay attention to detail. And if there is an opportunity to make a play or a block, make it. But you, as a leader, you never panic, because once you panic, everybody else is going to panic as well. You come back in the huddle, smile on your face, and encourage them, and then move from there."

On whether he still feels as though Cincinnati wanted the win more: "I would still say it right now. They wanted it more. Plain and simple. They won the game, and you can't take away from what they did, honestly. That is a healthy Cincinnati Bengal team, and when they're healthy, they're very good. They have their quarterback back, some guys on defense are playing really well, so you can't take away from what they did. They wanted that game a little bit more than we did, and it showed toward the end."

On whether it enters his mind that a loss this weekend would put them at 3-3 going into the bye week: "I don't deal on potential. I can't deal on potential. Potential will kill you. Potential will kill you. You know, we're going in, and we're going to prepare this week to go out there to Minnesota and win a ball game. And that's how we prepare each and every week. Minnesota is a very good team. Obviously, they're 5-0. They're doing a lot of great things on offense, defense and special teams. But we're going to prepare to go down there and win a football game. So our mind is not on potentially being 3-3 going into the bye. The mindset for us is to go down there and win a football game."

On what not playing well offensively means to preparation this week: "We're just going to come out and execute. I think even though we haven't scored a lot of points at the end of the games, we've been close to winning them. That's just execution. Defenses have been playing well against us, but we just need to tweak a few things and go out there and try to execute against a great defense."

On how his first receiving TD feels: "That felt pretty good. The play itself was just a lot of will and desire. You see the little drills going around as a kid. The little cone drills where you spin around a cone, that reminded me of that. I had a similar play in high school that reminded me of the same thing."

On if he watches what RB Adrian Peterson does and tries to take anything away from his play: "It's weird at the running back position, at every position… We're totally different backs, but I watch him and am in awe every time. Going down the line, it's about how you gain respect in this league. Hopefully, if he has seen my play last week, he gained a little respect for me as well."

On what he can improve on in his second year: "Everything. I'm young in my career. I can just do better in pass protection, definitely running the ball a little better. I just try to get better each day. There's not a day where I'm not trying to learn the game of football and just get better each day."

On his new opportunity as a member of the Ravens:"I'm thrilled, top on down, looking at the opportunity when you look at it from a roster standpoint. [The Ravens] have been able to get off to a pretty good start. Obviously a couple of tough losses here lately, but to arrive on a football team with the amount of depth and talent that we have here at Baltimore, I'm thrilled to just be another piece to the puzzle."

On whether he expects to initially play on special teams: "Definitely. I expect to come out there and make my presence felt on special teams. That's always what I've done. I've never shied away from that, and that's what obviously has afforded me opportunities in the NFL. And I'll prepare my way – obviously as I learn this offense – to add depth to the position. I think they have a great, solid bunch of guys right now at the wide receiver position, and I'll prepare myself to add to that depth."

On whether he likes better to be known for his special teams play or his Super Bowl catch: "You know what? I just like being a football player when it boils down to it. The game of football isn't a game of pass catching. This isn't a game of blocking punts. This is the game of football, and my main aim is when I'm finished – and obviously, I'm content in a lot of things – but when it's all said and done, if there is anything to be said about me, it's that the guy was a great football player and he laid it out there each and every time he got an opportunity to step on the field."

On whether he gets asked about the Super Bowl catch a lot: "Yeah, usually it's only by name recognition though. Obviously, the helmet has been my saving grace for a lot of reasons, recognition-wise and obviously playmaking-wise."

On what the last few weeks have been like for him: "It was a completely new experience. I think initially I didn't know what to expect. I haven't run a 40 [-yard dash] in six years and stuff like that. You kind of have to redirect a lot of your efforts, so to speak. The main thing for me was to secure my health. And like I said, I was glad that Baltimore was interested from Day One and gave me a good shot. I think they understood that there was some time needed for me to get healthy, and they came right back, and I plan on holding up my end of the bargain."

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