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Press Conference Transcript - Practice 10/1


Head Coach John Harbaugh

On whether RB Ray Rice practicing is a positive sign: "Yeah, I'd say it's a positive sign. He practiced. He looked good. I'm sure the Steelers are preparing for him, and there's a good chance he'll play. We'll just have to see how it feels on Sunday."

On whether the concept of winning in Pittsburgh has been a point of emphasis since he hasn't been able to do that yet: "No."

On whether it eats at him that he hasn't won yet in Pittsburgh: "No."

On whether there is a clock running on making a roster decision regarding T Jared Gaither's injury: "There's probably always… It's always a clock running on that because you've got to make decisions based on injuries. I'd say that's probably true with any injury that's lingering. His injury has been a mystery a little bit because we just felt like he was ready to go. It's a week, almost two weeks now past the time when Dr. [Robert] Watkins out in Los Angeles said would be the outside limit. He felt like he was getting better a week-and-a-half ago during that sixth week, because we were going to send him out there for a re-evaluation with Dr. Watkins then, and he said he was feeling better and he would be able to go the next week he thought. He went out there and went through very light practice, and the next day came in and his lower back was sore. So, we're sending him for a re-evaluation, and he'll go out there on Monday and be re-evaluated by Dr. Watkins and just see what it is. Our doctors have looked at it, and they don't see it in there right now, so we've got to find out from the best experts what exactly is causing that problem."

On not setting a timetable for when a roster decision would be made: "No, not at this time. Obviously, the clock's ticking on something like that though. Yeah."

On whether he is disappointed that DE Trevor Pryce signed with the Jets: "Trevor's a guy that has done so well and been such a big part of what we're doing, and a guy that I like so much anyway. I feel like we have a very, very good relationship. He's a guy that was a big part of what we're doing, so yeah. But, like all the guys that leave, I wish him nothing but the best – except when they play us – and I'm sure he'll be fine."

On whether it surprised him that Pryce chose to go to the Jets rather than return to the Ravens next week:"Not really, because a lot of it's a business decision. I think there are two tracks to this whole thing: As a team, you've got to do from week to week – and with your roster and the decisions that you make – what's best for the team, what's best for the organization, short term and long term. We've got some good young players, some guys that I'm excited to see play, that need an opportunity to play. So, in that sense, that's a positive. But also, you respect the player's ability and right to do what's best for his own career. And Trevor made a decision that that was best, financially and for his career and whatever else – I don't know the details of it. And you know that's OK. We're OK with that. We respect that."

On whether WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh has brought up disappointment or confusion with his role on the team at this point:"No, and I think if you read what he said, that's probably not a very good way to describe it. I think he wants to play, he wants reps, he wants the ball. He's a competitive guy. He's out here in practice; he's taking all the look-team reps that we'll let him take, and we've got to pull him out. He just loves to play, and those are the kind of guys you want on your team. We don't worry about that stuff. I mean, that stuff is just talk and chatter and guys wanting to be a part of things. When they step between the lines, we watch that. And it's how hard guys play and how committed they are to doing all of the little things, and I think all of the receivers are doing that."

On whether he ever takes Rex Ryan's past relationship with the Ravens into consideration before he decides on making a roster move and maybe trying to get somebody through waivers:"I don't think now. I think we've always known that. Obviously, Rex is comfortable with guys that he's had before, like we all probably are. We haven't done as much of that here as he's done up there. But that's OK, that's part of it, and it's completely understandable. I think it's always been a part of it."

On whether rain at Heinz Field is more difficult to deal with than rain at other fields:"Probably, yeah, because of the field. It can be a little bit of a loose field. But it's earlier in the year, so that should help. Obviously, we haven't laid eyes on it yet, so we'll have to see what it looks like before the game. But I think we're a team that's built for that. We're built for all conditions, and we pride ourselves in that. If it's raining, we'll be looking forward to that, too."

On whether DE Cory Redding is progressing:"He was… I would say… He didn't practice today. Not today. That's a concussion, [so] you just don't know. If he can make it Sunday, he'll play. He's just got to get cleared by the tests. They are cautious with that. I kind of felt like… When we had a report that he would practice today, I think we all felt like he would. But with the concussions, you just have to get cleared first."

On whether Redding practiced on Wednesday:"Partially, I think. Did he? I don't remember. I think he did. Yeah."

On whether it is difficult to know when Gaither will return:"Yeah. We just don't know. That's a mystery right now. Jared's as frustrated as anybody about it. We'll know more on Monday when he gets a re-evaluation out in L.A. by Dr. Watkins, which is a doctor that he and [the other doctors] picked to have their second opinion. So, we'll just have to see how that goes."

On whether he would classify Rice as a gameday decision or if he will probably play:"I'm feeling pretty good that he's going to go. I would say it's a gameday [decision], but I'm feeling pretty good about it. So, we'll see."

On how DE Paul Kruger and NT Terrence Cody did in practice this week:"They did really well. They practiced well. They looked good, and they have looked good. That's what we're saying. We've got some good, young players. You look at Terrence Cody – we want to give him a chance to play. Paul Kruger has been chomping at the bit, practicing well. Lamar Divens, Arthur Jones – we've got some depth there, so we feel good about that."

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