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Press Conference Transcript - Training Camp 8/1



Head Coach John Harbaugh

On the situation at tackle right now and brining C Daniel Sanders back on the roster:"Yeah, the biggest problem area is that we're short numbers, and Dan is a guy that was with us all through the offseason. So, he knows how we work, he knows the offense, [and] he's in shape. So, we felt like part of the plan was to have guys that we could bring back if we needed to, and obviously, on the offensive line we needed to do that."

On the injury status with T Jared Gaither:"Well, I'd like to be able to tell you what it is, [but] I don't know. You know, he's getting blood work, and they say there's going to be some tests on him on Monday, and they'll tell us what it is. That's all they've told me. They really don't know."

On Gaither appearing as though he's lost some weight:"Yeah, he's 311 [pounds]. You know he made a decision. He's working out on his own [during the offseason] – so it's not like he was around – and he made the decision to go a little lighter. He can explain to you why."

On whether he and executive vice president/general manager Ozzie Newsome have looked at the waiver wire regarding available cornerbacks:"Oh yeah, we're looking. We look at every position, but I think that's a position of interest, without a doubt. We're looking hard, and there are guys out there – we're studying the guys who are out there – and there are guys on rosters that we're looking at. So, Ozzie and his staff are looking at the full gamut, and we're looking at those guys on tape as coaches."

On whether a player familiar with the organization would have an edge over others:"You want to ask about somebody?" (reporter responds: 'Frank Walker.') "Sure, Frank would have a shot. You know, Frank knows our scheme, he's got some options, teams he's talking to right now, but he's one guy of a lot of guys we're looking at."

On whether they're looking at free agent CB Shawn Springs:"One guy of a lot of guys we're looking at."

On the timing between TE Todd Heap and QB Joe Flacco with Heap returning to the field today:"I thought it looked good. You know, [there were] a couple of crossing routes where Joe threw it before Todd got into the window. And Todd looked fast. Of course, the guys were on him about having fresh legs, but he did. And he looked fast and he looked good. He passed the conditioning test this morning, so he's ready to go."

On how LB Antwan Barnes has looked so far:"Antwan is off to a very good start. He got some good pressure today in the three-man-rush in the red zone. So that's something that's a big plus if he can do that."

On the quarterbacks all looking pretty good in practice today:"Right, they all did look good today. The timing seems like it's really probably the best we've seen it since we've been here the last couple of years. They're really starting to anticipate each other very well."

On RB Willis McGahee coming into camp a little heavier and whether that will benefit him:"It appears that it has, because he looks like he's in very good shape. He's carrying it really well and he's running really well, so I'd say it looks like a plus. If it's good weight, we like the weight, and we do a lot of stuff… You know, you guys talk about weight and stuff and it's all really interesting, but there's a lot more that goes into it than that. We spend a lot of time with body composition, and he's in the right place that way."

On Rams QB Sam Bradford getting $50 million guaranteed in his rookie contract and how he thinks guys would react to an unproven player walking into the locker room with that:"I don't know. Have we had that here? We'll just deal with that when we get there. I have no idea. I haven't given it one thought, but it's an interesting conversation, and I'm sure you'll have it on your radio show at… 3-6? 3-6. *(laughter) *All right, very good. There you have it. I think we can end on that note."

WR Derrick Mason

On how the wide receivers looked at practice:"They looked good today. We had a very good day. Not to say that the previous days were not good, but I think today we got into a rhythm very quickly, and we were able to push the ball down the field and kind of put the defense on their heels. But, it's kind of an ebb and flow thing around here. We give and take sometimes. Our defense will have a good day or good period and we'll come back and have one, ourselves. But that's what makes us better, so hopefully it'll continue and we'll get better as a team."

On if WR Mark Clayton has extra motivation at practice: "[Mark] Clayton's always motivated. I mean, you know what you're going to get out of him, and he's been the same way each and every year. Granted, he's in a different position than last year as far as depth wise, but Mark has always come out here and played hard and practiced hard, and going into a game, you know that Mark is there whenever you need him – and he's been that way. So, I don't think there's any extra motivation per se, but he's just out here doing what he's been doing the last five, six years."

On the relationship between the wide receivers:"I mean, we all get along, man. We all got along as soon as they walked through the door. There was never… I don't think there was ever a situation where they felt like the outside as soon as they came in the building. They felt like part of the family, and that's how you want to make the new guys that come in feel – that they're part of the unit, and that we're only getting better with the addition of those guys. Donte' [Stallworth] and [Anquan Boldin], David [Reed] and the rest of the young guys, they've come in here and they've blended in well. It makes for a really good environment inside the receivers' room."

On how the new additions to the team are adjusting:"They're doing good. They're doing what the coaches had asked them to do – go out there and play hard and make the play when it comes to you. And I think the good part about it is they have a good attitude about the situation that is in the receivers' room. No one has any animosity. We're all out here trying to work, and those guys make us better because they're pushing us each and every day, and that's what you're supposed to have, guys below you pushing you to get you better."

On what he thinks about competing with WR Anquan Boldin for the No. 1 spot:"I'm just going out there and playing football. I'm having fun. Some things are going to change here and there, I understand that, but on the same token, if I'm open, I get the ball. I know that they have full confidence in me, even if I'm not the primary receiver, that I'm going to get open. So, you have to understand when they bring in another wide receiver with the caliber of Anquan, that some things are going to change, and what I just need to do is just continue to go out there and complement Anquan, and we play off of one another. And, if one guy has a good game, so be it. Next game [it] might be the other guy, so we just have to complement one other and continue to have fun."

On if he is more motivated to win a championship later in his career:"It should [make him feel more motivated]. I've only got a couple more years in me, so I think it'll be hard to walk away without giving yourself an opportunity to win a championship, and I think we are in a good position right now. If things stay the way they are, I'm talking about personnel-wise, I think we have a great opportunity at getting where we want to go. So, the older you get, yeah, the hungrier you get, because you understand that it's downhill now. No longer are you treading uphill. Everything is downhill, so you have to get it when you can."

WR Donte' Stallworth

On his transition to Baltimore: "It's been a good transition. This is a great organization. I've been around a few different ones, and this is definitely one of the best."

On what makes the Ravens one of the NFL's best organizations: "I think it's just an attitude here, an attitude of winning. This city has had champions before a few times – and that's what the fans want – and that's what really drives the rest of the pieces here, from Mr. [Steve] Bisciotti all the way down. And that's what the players expect. That's what the coaches expect, and we come out here and practice that way."

On learning a new offense: "I'm still getting there. This offense… It's a pretty intricate offense. I think that with the way that… We have a lot of different packages, a lot of different shifts and motions, so I'm really just trying to get that down. It'll take a while to get a certain comfort level with it, but as practice has gone on, meetings have gone on, I'm getting more and more comfortable with it."

On if he trained with teammates during the recent break following OTAs: "Not so much. Guys are pretty much in different parts of the country doing their thing. Beforehand, all the way up until we broke minicamp and OTAs, we were working, and we had separate meetings together with the receivers and tight ends. I think that helped out a lot, and we're doing the same things now. It's training camp, so it's nothing but football. So, we have nothing but time on our hands right now."

On his role expectations after sitting out last season: "I just want to play. I'm just happy to be back. I have a great group of guys surrounding me, a great coaching staff. So, I'm just happy to be back, and whatever they ask of me to do, that's what I'm going to do."

On QB Joe Flacco: "Joe's a young quarterback who's still finding his way, and he's making a lot of progress. I've seen from the very first day we stepped out on the field together up until today [that] he's made a lot of progress. I've been around some pretty good quarterbacks – and he's on his way to being a really good quarterback – but I don't think there's any pressure on him. He's going to find the guy who is open, and he's going to make his reads, and we'll go from there. Hopefully, we can win a lot of ballgames doing that."

On the energy of veteran WR Derrick Mason: "It's still hard for me to believe that he's 56 years old (laughter), but he's doing his thing. He's still doing his thing – running around like a little kid – so I'm happy to be on the same team with him and being able to learn a lot of things like that."

On if he is as fast as ever: "I wouldn't say as fast as ever, but just fast enough. [I'm] getting a little up there in age, not 30 yet, but I'm bearing down on it pretty fast. I still feel like I have a lot of good speed left, and it's been tested out here. I'm feeling really good, feeling healthy, and just trying to keep it that way and maintain it throughout training camp. Like I said, getting the plays down and working continuity with the rest of the guys… I feel real good."

On where he would rank this receiving corps to others he's been a part of: "Right at the top. Probably the best, other than this, the best receiving corps I've ever been on was when I was with the Patriots in 2007, and we had a record-setting year that year. This offense is capable of that same kind of a season. We have a lot of new guys here that are working together, and we're just trying to build on each other and work together and try to put together that same kind of a situation."

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