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Questioning the Enemy: Browns


*With the Ravens preparing to take on the Cleveland Browns this weekend, two members of the enemy team answered a few questions about their squad. *

** gives you Browns head coach Eric Mangini and quarterback Brady Quinn.

Head coach Eric Mangini

What is the mentality of the Browns in an 0-2 hole and now trying to avoid being 0-3?

Eric Mangini:"The one thing that I talk about all the time, and it's important that we understand, is the mistakes that we've made are correctable. The way things are going to go this season are based on how we work and the choices that we make, the collective choices that we make. If we fix those things, then things will be different. When you play an opponent like Baltimore, the margin for error is very small. They can exploit you defensively, they can exploit you offensively. They're solid on special teams. You've got to be sound, and you've got to be aggressive against a very aggressive team across the board."

What is it like working with your friend, current Browns GM George Kokinis?

EM:"George I've known… He was in Cleveland when I got here, and [we] had that experience when we were in Baltimore together. We kept in touch over the years. His insight on personnel is extremely important, and something that he's built on as a college scout and then as pro personnel director. He's got a wealth of experience that has been really great for me."

What have you seen from Ray Lewis that makes him one of the elite players in the NFL?

EM:"He's passionate. He has an incredible work ethic. He has great instincts that he combines with the fact that he studies so hard. He plays faster, and he always has, than he is. Not that he's slow by any stretch, but he knows where things are going. He sees it and anticipates it and then is able to go over and execute it. The way that he's able to rally guys around him, it's unique. You always talk about leadership – learned or born with it. I saw it from Day One from a very unique perspective from a rookie linebacker, and it looks like he hasn't stopped since."

What has defensive coordinator Rob Ryan brought to the coaching staff?

EM:"Rob and I worked together in New England for four years, and he's a creative guy. He's got a lot of experience with a lot of different systems, whether it's a typical 4-3 over and under, whether it's the 46 defense that is a trademark of his family, he has experience in the 34, he has experience as a coordinator, as a position coach. He's similar to Rex [Ryan]. There are a lot of similarities between those two guys, personality-wise. He's got a great way with the players, just a great personality. [He's] a fun person to be around who's obviously professionally very qualified."

Is it too early to be frustrated at 0-2?

EM:"My frustration [with] regards to what our record is at any point as a head coach will only stem from the things that we need to continue to improve on. That's what I'm always going to stress. Whether we win or lose, it's going to be the same thing each week. There's a habit where if you win, you can gloss over some things. If you lose, you can harp on some things too long. The important this is when you get in that room after a win or after a loss is to look at the things you need to get better at and address them, and address them honestly, and address them quickly and efficiently. Teddy Atlas always says, 'Success is like a martini, it relaxes you.' Both those situations can create a lack of progress if you don't treat it the same way."

QB Brady Quinn

Why have you started off slow?

Brady Quinn:"I think when you look back at our mistakes, whether they're turnovers or penalties or just mental errors on any given play – I think we can definitely learn to fix those things and execute better and hopefully come out with a better result."

Is it encouraging that the Ravens' defense just gave up over 400 yards passing to San Diego?

BQ:"Yeah, I think if you look at their defense as a whole, obviously they're extremely tough against the run. And their defense in general is tough. You know, they're not allowing a whole lot of yards, not a whole lot of points, and they're 2-0 right now. So, yeah we've got an uphill battle, and we're just doing our best to prepare ourselves for a tough game."

How would you assess the way you've played thus far?

BQ: "Obviously, not the way I'd like to. Again, there have been some good things, but I think as a whole, we need to get a lot better. And myself, I need to work on not having those turnovers and converting more on third down. I think it's been a problem for us and something [where] we need to get the chains moving."

Do you have to change your approach against the Ravens because of Baltimore's success in stopping the run?

BQ:"I don't necessarily know. Again, like you said, you can't abandon the run. It's a key essential in the game; it opens things up in the passing game. You just have to find ways of making it work so other things will work as well in the passing game for you."

What gives you cause for optimism with the Ravens earning two great wins and you guys struggling?

BQ:"I think we have a lot of confidence, as a team, in our ability. We know when we play well [that] we're just as good as anyone. But you know, right now it's just a matter of putting that all together and getting everyone on the same page and playing up to that capability."

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