Ravens Reach Out To Baltimore Youth


The Ravens are helping to restore Baltimore.

After a tumultuous week of riots and protesting, the Ravens sent two busloads of coaches and players to West Baltimore to connect with young people in the city. Head Coach John Harbaugh, quarterback Joe Flacco and legendary linebacker Ray Lewis are all part of the efforts that include more than 85 members of the Ravens organization.

"This is what it's all about," Harbaugh said during a CNN interview after meeting with the coaches and players at Frederick Douglass High School.

The buses dropped the group off at Matthew A. Hensen Elementary School, where they delivered boxes of food donated by Giant Food to the students. The team then walked to Douglas High School, which is near the Mondawmin Mall that was looted Monday, to meet with students.

"We have an opportunity to change Baltimore," Lewis said during an assembly at Douglass. "If you want to make real change, be the example of change."

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