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Ravens Transcripts: Week 1 vs. Buffalo (Sept. 7)

QB Joe Flacco

On seeing live game action for the first time in almost a year:"I'm really excited. It's been a long [time]. It's been almost a year. It feels like it has been. It was definitely a tough process to watch all of your teammates go out there and play. I'm really excited about getting back out there, feeling a part of the group and really getting after it."

On if he is tired of answering questions about his knee injury:"It's a part of the process. I'd say, 'Yeah,' but it's to be expected. It's something that happened. Eventually we'll stop talking about it when we start winning some games."

On if he feels as prepared as he usually is before the start of the season: "I feel really good about it. I feel like we have a lot of weapons, and I feel like we're really coming together at the right time and ready to go for Week 1."

On balancing touches with the amount of receiver weapons he has on offense: "I think I have a good relationship with all of those guys. They understand that it's about winning football and team football around here. They're all going to get their chances. Some games they might not get as many as others. One guy might stand out more than others. That's something you always deal with, is guys going out there and playing the way they want to. In some ways, statistically, that matters, but I think we have a great group of guys, and they understand that they're all in it for each other. It should work out really well."

On if he is curious to see how the offense will perform: "I'm not really curious. I think I know what to expect from these guys. I'm really just excited about getting out there and doing it and making sure that we do it – not just go out there and play around. I want to go out there and I want to play well. That's what I expect from our guys, and I think that's what everybody else expects, too."

On his chemistry with WR Breshad Perriman and what he expects from him: "My expectations are for him to go out there and get open. We haven't had a ton of work together, but [we] just have to keep it simple – hit him in the chest and give him the chance to make plays. I think the more plays that he's given the chance to make, the more he's going the make, and the more his confidence is going to go up. I think a lot of times when you're trying to build a relationship with a receiver, it's about making plays in games. By doing that – by giving him the chance – I'm letting him know that I have confidence in him. I think the more confidence he gets, the better that will make out [and] the quicker it will be for us to actually get to that point where we're going really quick." 

On what he expects to see from Bills head coach Rex Ryan's defense on Sunday:"I was here one year [in 2008] with Rex, and I love watching opposing quarterbacks play against him. It's always fun to go up against him. I know he wants to try to get a quarterback that … He wants to delay his decision-making process just a little tiny bit, and that makes all the world of difference. He's going to stop the run. He wants to do that. He's going to preach that."

On if Rex Ryan will come after him more because he is coming off of a knee injury:"Not necessarily because of my knee. I think Rex always likes to come after people. That's in his nature. First game of the season, I think he'll probably do that a little bit just to see if we're prepared for picking up some of the blitzes and things like that. At the end of the day, I wasn't running a 4.4 [40-yard dash] before I got hurt anyway. (laughter) If I run a 6.0 flat right now, it doesn't really matter. I don't think he's going to blitz me just to see if my knee can hold up. But maybe." (laughter)

On if Bills QB Tyrod Taylor's success in Buffalo has surprised him: "No. I was just always hoping a guy like that would get a shot. Obviously, when he got that shot, he made the most of it. I didn't have a doubt in the world that when he did he would make the most of it. I was just hoping that he would eventually do it. Buffalo gave him that shot. He went in there prepared and won over everybody in that building. He's playing the way that I would expect him to play. He's a good quarterback, and I think he's gained a lot of trust in that organization and all of the players around him. They really believe that they're going to go out there and play well."

On how rookie T Ronnie Stanley is progressing:"It's tough for me to really look at those guys and technically see what they're doing and how well they're doing. I have a base understanding. I think he has good feet. I think he stays in front of people really well. I think he's got a good understanding of our offense; I think he has from Day One. For a rookie, he's not really going in there and having mental breakdowns. He's going in there and he knows what to do. There's good communication on that side of the line. I think that's the biggest thing. I trust that his athleticism and his talent are going to take over like they always do in the game. I'm really happy with him and Alex [Lewis] over there and the way they've been playing."

On how comfortable he is with two rookies in T Ronnie Stanley and G/T Alex Lewis protecting his blindside: "I don't think about it come Sunday. Those guys are preparing just like all of us. We're going to prepare in a very big way and be ready to go by Sunday. And then what happens on Sunday, happens on Sunday. Guys are going to get beat, they're going to have free runners, and we're going to stand up and stop them. It's going to be a mix of those things. It's just a matter of being smart with the football and getting out of it, getting rid of the ball. If you have to take a sack, then sometimes you have to do it. Come Sunday, I don't even think about who the five guys are in front of me. I know they are five guys that are going to go do the job."

On having three receivers in WR Mike Wallace, WR Breshad Perriman and WR Chris Moore who are capable of making those deep plays: "I think it helps a lot. It makes it a little bit easier to go the distance and score touchdowns with some big plays. Just like you said, I think it will free our tight ends up and some of our guys underneath in terms of what they're going to have to do to those guys and how they're going to have to cover them. Eventually, when they all make names for themselves as a group, teams are going to have to make decisions on whether they're going to play man against them and play single-high. If they do, then hopefully we're going to be able to take advantage of it. If they don't, it should open up things in the run game and in the underneath passing game, no doubt."

On if there are the most weapons he has ever had at his disposal on offense: "I think that has yet to be seen. We have to go out there and prove that we're weapons and that we can do it in live games on Sundays. I think it's a very promising group, and I'm very excited about it, but we have to go out there and prove it."

On if it helps with TE Dennis Pitta's comeback that they have such good chemistry: "Obviously, he's a little bit different than the guy who just broke his hip and is coming back and has never played before. I know what he's capable of when he's playing at a high level. I trust that – from what I've seen out here – he is playing how he has played. He hasn't played in a game in a very long time. It's a little bit different, but I expect him to adjust to it relatively quickly and get going."


RB Justin Forsett

On how it feels to be back playing after last season's injury: "I'm excited to be back. You never want to end on a game where you broke your arm in the middle of the field. It has been a long journey back, and I'm excited to get back there with my boys."

On if a lot of people thought he actually got cut and wasn't coming back:  "Yes. There were a lot; it seemed like a funeral or something. It was like I was watching my own funeral happen. A lot of guys tweeted out to me. Family, of course – it is always tough with your family. Parents, close friends over the years that I made, reached out to me to try and encourage me and comfort me during the time."

On if he heard a lot from people who played fantasy football: "A lot of fantasy. Some concerned fantasy owners about how they just drafted me, and now I screwed them. It is all my fault." (laughter)

On if any teams contacted him after he was released: "Yes, we talked to a couple teams. But nowhere close to Baltimore."

On how important the trust between him and the organization was: "You have to trust them a lot in order to sign off on being released. I talked to my agent; he is supposed to keep me employed, and telling him that I was going to a couple days off was a different dynamic. But, you have to trust them. Ozzie [Newsome] has been nothing but good to me. It went according to plan, and it worked out."

On if he is excited about the possible bonus he would get if he rushes for more yards than he did last year: "I'm definitely excited about that opportunity. It was fun negotiating that."

On if he is ready to take 20-25 carries after not taking much action in the preseason: "I'm excited. Feed me."

On the competition between the running backs: "It is good. We push each other each day in training camp. It has been a good offseason with those guys. We are in good hands.

On how much he was being told about the ultimate plan with him getting released: "I was very much in the loop. We decided to go with a trial separation, and during that time, we realized that we are better together. (laughter) We came back and made it work."

On his previous comments that the Ravens "put a ring on it" for him two years ago:"Exactly. I was in the friend zone for most of my career, and I finally got in a good, long-term committed relationship. We decided to take a break for two days, and we got back together, and now we are happily ever after." (laughter)

On if he always knew he was going to come back to the Ravens or if he entertained other offers from other teams:"[I] definitely [entertained other offers]. I was like, 'OK, if I get a better offer, then cool. I wasn't going to turn down $10 million if someone offered me $10 million. But, I always wanted to be back here."

On if he had a "why me" moment and wondered why it was him the team decided to release to make room:"Sure. Throughout my whole career, I've asked myself that question: 'Why me?' Over the course of my life, I've learned that, 'Why?' is not the right question to ask. [The right question to ask is:] 'How? How can I use this to better myself and better my situation and better the next man that comes behind me?'"

On if he can use being released as motivation: "Definitely. No time is it fun to be on the unemployment line. No matter if it is planned out, it is still a tough decision that had to be made. I'm definitely hungry and ready to get back out there to where I'll never be in that position again."

On if the coaches have given him any indication of how many carries he is going to get: "No. I'll be lining up there as the starter as of now. It is my job to go out there and dominate and make it clear for them."

On how deep the running back group is:"We are very deep. This is probably the most talented group that we have had since I have been here. We push each other, and it is going to take all of us, anyway, at the end of the day to go out there and perform. I'm confident with all of us."

Steve Smith Sr.

On if there will be rust trying to play in the first game since he got injured: "It is the first game, so you can't rest in the first game. [I will] just come in there and play and try to go out there and make as many plays as I possibly can."

On if he has been pleased with how his body has been responding to practice:"Yes. I think if you … You can't just go from not playing to all of a sudden playing. That is what training camp is for – for your body to adjust to the strenuous work ethic and work load that you have. When I was actually cleared, I never really said anything, but I was hurt. [My] hamstrings were tight, calves were tight. I was glad to kind of work myself into where I can really get going."

On what he is most looking forward to about playing:"Just playing, really. Really, just taking the time and enjoying it, being with my teammates. I'm excited to play with Breshad [Perriman]. The young man has been through a lot. And then, to go out there with Mike [Wallace] and play with him … Now, with Devin [Hester Sr.], and you have Kamar [Aiken], who is grinding and did a fantastic job stepping in last year. I'm just excited to be with those guys who I was watching on the treadmill during my rehab. I'm watching through the window, hoping to get out there with the rest of the guys. Now I have the opportunity, and I'm excited about that."

On if it will be a challenge to get everyone in the offense enough touches: "You can never have too many playmakers. I think sometimes people question if there are enough touches for everybody to go around. If you have a stellar running game and a stellar passing game, all that does is create more tension and stress for the defense. You want to have as many playmakers, because that means teams are going to have to blitz and have to play one-on-one. Some people may say, 'I don't want competition.' Competition is where you thrive. Competition is where you see guys can really step up. Anybody can be a one-trick-pony or the main guy. But when you have other guys right there who, 'This guy can run a better route than this guy,' you start to have packages where you know there are so many plays that are just mine. Then, you know you are going to get your plays, but you are also ecstatic to be able to clear it out and open it up for other guys. I go down and run a route to open it up for Mike [Wallace], and Mike catches it, then I'm on the hunt. I get to peel back on somebody and knock the [stuff] out of them. That is what I am excited about, so I can play my role for Mike, and Mike can play his role. Anyone can catch the ball, but can you be a team player to clear it out and understand the integrity of the play and what you are supposed to be doing for the other guy? That is the ultimate team player right there. That is the guy that you consistently want to play with and play for, where it goes back to being dependable. If I am supposed to run a slant to clear it out, and I know I'm not getting it, and my enthusiasm is not to run that route, then you can't be here. Then, you can't expect a guy to do that for you. You just have to create a good culture and a good work ethic."

On if he will wear gold cleats for the regular season: "Since the rehab and stuff, I kind of put Under Armour in a bind. I switched the shoes, so they kind of just spit out whatever color. Beggars can't be choosers, so I took them. I have just been practicing in them. But I kind of like my game checks, so I'm [not] going to [risk it]. *(laughter) *I'm kind of more of an edge guy. [I'm] right on the edge, but I still like to keep my checks."

On if the NFL would notice if he wore gold shoes: "If I closed my eyes, maybe they won't. They are handing out fines, like they are handing out parking tickets in downtown Baltimore. *(laughter) *I'm not doing that."

On if he anticipates there being any more emotion in this game because of the work he had put in to get back to this point:"Absolutely. I was talking to my wife on the way in, filled with emotions, trying to keep it in. I am trying to focus less on what is going on and more on the people around me and how I'm feeling with them."

On if he hears a lot of smaller WRs say that he is their role model or mentor:"I do. I get that from guys – from wide receivers. Sometimes I get defensive backs who try to soften me up, saying I'm good. What was the kid that we played – [Darius] Slay?" (Reporter: "He wanted your jersey.") "If we would have played each other, he wouldn't have wanted my jersey after. (laughter) *I take that as a compliment, but the thing that I have been really hung up on … I was giving [Devin] Hester a little bit of mess [on] his last name, but that is another story in itself. Hester, uh *Sr.?" (Reporter: "And Anthony Levine Sr.") "Yeah, I know, 20-year-old seniors, huh? *(laughter) *It is kind of [bothering] me right now."

OLB Terrell Suggs

On what he expects from Bills QB Tyrod Taylor:"He is very elusive. We had a lot of practice against him when he was here. With an athletic quarterback like that, he has the capability to extend plays. We accept the challenge. We know what he can do and what he's capable of. We have a lot of help around here to help us prepare for him."

On how good it will feel to be on the field again starting the regular season: "It's going to feel good. That's why we have training camps. That's why we have preseason games – to get you ready for the regular season game. There's nothing like opening day and live bullets. It's going to be exciting, but it's just like riding a bike. After the first couple of plays, you get back into it and do what you do best."

On what he learned from Bills head coach Rex Ryan while he was in Baltimore:"What he taught personally is just how to play Ravens football. Some people will always be Ravens; Rex is one of them. Unfortunately, he is going to be wearing a different color come Sunday, and we're going to have to treat him like so. We know with Rex what his philosophy is and what he brings to the table – basically how he likes to play football. It's good to actually play against him. It's going to be good."

On if there are still remnants of Rex Ryan in the Ravens' current defense: "I think so. A lot of it is still around here. It's just the mentality. It's the mentality he taught. It's the mentality we have. It kind of went hand-in-hand when he was here. That's why he was so successful, we were so successful, and that's why we continue to be successful around here. Like I said, come Sunday he's on the other side of the field. He's my opponent, and we're going to have to treat him like so. Like I said, we love him. He's always going to have a little Ravens special place for us, but he's wearing blue and red. He's not in purple and gold anymore."

On if it will be weird to see Bills assistant defensive backs coach Ed Reed on the opposite sideline:"It's going to be kind of weird. It's going to be kind of weird to see Superman in street clothes. I guess he's Clark Kent now. (laughter). It's going to be kind of weird, but we have a job to do. We have to get down to business. Before the game, it's probably going to be, 'Hey, what's up?' After the game, if it goes according to plan, it's going to be a little love. If not, it's going to be a little weird, too. It's going to be weird, but we're going to get over it really fast."

On if he is worried Ed Reed will take his knowledge from years of practice against QB Joe Flacco and use it to their advantage: "No, because he's not lining up. If he was lining up, I would be a little concerned, but there's only one Ed Reed. No matter how you coach it, no matter how you line it up, there's only one Ed Reed."

On if there are still questions around what this team can actually do this season:"Football doesn't change. It's all football when it comes down to it. We have a job to do. At the end of the day, there's getting the job done and not getting it done, and we have the men to do it. We trust in coach [John Harbaugh]. We trust in Ozzie [Newsome]. We have the right 53 men up. Even if we have some guys out, we're going to handle it accordingly."

On if he is comfortable this defense can be the quarterback-harassing defense it is accustomed to being: "Absolutely. You don't want to show your hand in preseason. I know y'all have to do your job. It's fair, and y'all can only report on what you see, but we do hold a lot back. We don't want our opponents to know exactly everything we're doing. You don't want to show your hand, but we feel really good, I'll say that. We feel really good. We're very optimistic and we're encouraged. Go Flock."

S Eric Weddle

On how excited he is for Week 1: "This is an amazing opportunity. It is finally here. You get through the training camp and the preseason as healthy as you can be. Now, it is upon us. We have an unbelievable challenge ahead of us in Buffalo. Their talent and toughness present a lot of challenges and matchups for us. But we can't be more excited for the challenge, excited for the season and ready to show what we are all about and what the 2016 Ravens are going to be."

On what it will be like to face Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor: "He was outstanding last year. He can throw. He can run; he is built like a running back. Leader, toughness, mental toughness – he has every quality you want in a quarterback. I couldn't be happier for him for his future with Buffalo and his [contract] extension; he deserved it. He presents matchups and challenges. We are going to do our best to try and limit what he wants to do, and we are excited for it."

On how critical discipline in coverage is against a guy who can extend plays:"It is the worst. You've got great coverage on a guy, and he breaks off his route and gets open for a split second, and a guy like Tyrod can see it or gets out of the pocket and makes things happen with his feet. It is not normal going against a guy like that who can extend plays. He extends plays to throw the ball. Usually with a running quarterback, they would rather run. He wants to get the ball down the field. He has great touch on his deep ball. Obviously [Sammy Watkins] is explosive, [Robert Woods, Charles Clay] … They have talent at each three levels with running back, tight end and wide receivers. But we have great talent on this side, and we are excited to see who does better."

On if he is satisfied with his level of communication with the secondary: "Yes. That has probably been the biggest positive since April, I feel, coming with myself and [Lardarius Webb] – new starters in the backend. Building the relationship with Jimmy [Smith] and Shareece [Wright] and obviously the front seven [has been the biggest positive]. Over the course of the preseason and all the practices we have had, we have had minimal busts in coverage. That is a testament to our coaches and to us as players really taking the approach that we have to be great every Sunday. 'If I have a bad game or if I'm average, we are probably going to lose.' That is the way we think. We play together, we are unselfish. We are about the team, we are about the 11 guys making the defense work and playing together. It has shown, and we just have to continue it and be consistent. It is a marathon, but it starts this week against Buffalo, and we are excited to show what we are all about."

On S Lardarius Webb's transition to safety:"He grows every day in practice – asks a lot of questions. He is extremely humble. He brings a lot of energy, a lot of laughter to our meetings. He brings the level of energy up. When he is out there, he is talented; he is fast. He is healthy. He had a couple seasons of dealing with injuries, but he looks fantastic. He is starting to see the field more as a safety. So many years as a corner, you are locked in on a guy and the first few weeks, he was seeing too much. Now he is letting it come to him. We expect a big season from him and [for him] to make a lot of plays on the ball."

On how it will feel playing for a different team after nine years in San Diego: "I don't feel any different. Honestly, I feel like this is me. This is what I'm all about. I love the game wherever I'm at. I'm a Raven now. I feel like – I've said this before – that I've been here my whole life, my whole career. I fit in seamlessly with the organization, with my teammates. I'll do anything for anyone, and it shows. When I come out in that stadium, it will be no different. I'm going to be excited. My energy, my passion is going to show. Hopefully a lot of plays will be made."

On if he is satisfied with his beard length for opening day: "It is growing very nice since April. It is going to even get longer and more magical. It is going to definitely push me to greater heights, and you guys are seeing that." (laughter)

On if the team and the defense has taken strides in creating turnovers: "One hundred percent. It is about playing together; it is about understanding your role and your job – 11 parts doing one job at a time. The focus since April, every day [has been] creating turnovers, creating sacks, making your plays when it comes your way, being in position. We do those things and stress them every day. It carried over in the preseason games. [We] forced a bunch of fumbles. We are going to be in a position to make our plays this year, and we have to make them – the game-changers – especially early on in the game. You get up a score, the percentage of you winning or having a chance of winning goes up to 65 percent almost. If you are the first team to score or get a three-and-out early, or you force a turnover … All those little things account into winning football. We have been stressing it; the coaches have been stressing it. It is time to go execute now."

Head Coach Rex Ryan – As Transcribed by Buffalo Bills PR

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Baltimore Conference Call

Q: What has surprised you most—I mean I know Tyrod isn't exactly a secret around here and they practiced against him for four years. What has surprise you most about where he's at?

A: Well first off guys, I made you guys wait ten minutes because I waited ten years. But anyway, no I think the big deal is, as you guys know, you guys have followed that team forever, everybody knows Tyrod is a heck of a quarterback. And Baltimore never wanted to lose him. That's for sure. But Tyrod went to a team with an opportunity where he could become a starting quarterback and I think that's what—you know the amazing thing he shows us, and we had three quarterbacks. We had EJ Manuel, who was an incumbent. We traded for Matt Cassel to basically be the starting quarterback, and I was like, "Tyrod I promise you we'll give you a chance," and he bet on himself and won the job. So that may surprise some people. But other than that, really no surprise. I think the big thing is from year one to year two, is that he's really taken over a leadership of this team. And he has some phenomenal examples right there in Baltimore, with your Ray Lewis' and Reed's of the world. Just phenomenal leaders. Terrell Suggs, and just once in a lifetime type leaders and just happen to have three of them on one team. So he's learned a lot, and I think that's what he's trying to bring to our team right now.

Q: A lot of the old Ravens say that you were responsible for that mentality that they have on defense. What are your thoughts on that?

A: Well they're giving me way too much credit. I think really the guy, the one guy who was really responsible for that was Ray Lewis. I think he was the guy that really had that mentality. I just believed in him so much that, you know, he actually motivated me and it's strange. It very rarely happens that a player motivates a coach and all that but he motivated me, and I think that's it.  I also think that the people that Ozzie Newsome drafts and his group and with Eric DeCosta and all those guys. George Kokinis in the pro department. Those guys do a phenomenal job of getting player that like fit a certain system, that love play the game, that are passionate about it, and that's exactly what we're trying to build here in Buffalo. 

Q: What would your father have thought about you and your brother coaching together on the same sideline?

A:  Man, he loved it. I think you know, unfortunately we lost him. But he was so excited about us getting together and for so long he had talked about, you know, staying away. Don't work with each other and all that. But at the end of the day, we're like no we're going to do this thing. We're going to do this thing together. And that was the best thing and he was fired up to watch us this year and unfortunately he passed. I had some great hires, you know, through the years guys I hired as coaches and all that but he's (Rob Ryan) right there at the top. He's made a huge difference for our football team.

Q: What's Ed Reed as a coach like?

A: You know what? He's a phenomenal coach. I don't know if he's quite the player cause he's a first ballot hall of famer, we'll see. But I truly believe Ed's going to be a guy that within a five-year period, he may be one of those guys that becomes a head coach, because he has that in him. He's the pied piper. People follow him. He's so knowledgeable, so respected that I truly believe he's going to do a lot of great things as a coach in this league.

Q: As I'm sure you know the Ravens have a rookie left tackle starting. They could have one at guard too. Do you plan on dialing up the blitz and getting after those rookies a little bit?

A: Yes. Absolutely. Here's our gameplan. (Laughs) No but there is a reason why they drafted the kid out of Notre Dame. This just in, he's pretty darn good. There's no question about it. He's a great player. Our third round pick is going to start for us as a defensive tackle, and we probably would have had two others start in the draft. So it's just the way it is. I think that's the way the game is. It like this is a young man that earns the right. The way he played, you knew he was going to start for whoever drafted him so he's an outstanding player and then the left guard from Nebraska, if he does start, that is going to be unusual. I've never seen it before where two guys start on the offensive line because that is tough. There's so much to it. But those two guys, I'm sure have done a great job studying and things. But it's not easy, that's for sure.

Q: Can it really be a challenge not really knowing who the lead back is in a running back by committee system?

A: Well these guys got their own style and you certainly watch tape and look at everybody's style. You know, so that's not unusual and I guess it's unusual having four guys and whatever but you know most teams now, they don't just give the brunt of all the carries to one guy. We're an exception obviously with Shady McCoy. But we'll sprinkle in a (Mike) Gillislee and Reggie Bush as well. But I think it's kind of the way the league is trending, so you've got to be ready. It's unfortunate that young man (Kenneth Dixon) won't be ready for a while, because Dixon looked like an impressive player. Now don't get me wrong, I'm kind of glad he's not playing this week but for the young man's sake, he looked like an impressive kid.

Q: Do you wish that when the Ravens when you were coaching defense here that they had as many offensive playmakers back then as they do now?

A: I got no comment. I'm like c'mon really dude? You pick up (Mike) Wallace. That Pitta kid (Dennis Pitta), I think they should rest him quite honestly. And I like number 11 (Kamar Aiken) too. I think he's a good player. Oh and by the way Joe Flacco is there. By the way, I was, and they can have it on record, I was when we sat around the whole table, I think I was the first one that said I want Joe Flacco to be our starting quarterback as a rookie. I think I was the first one who said it. Of course, I made up my mind after like three days of practice, so maybe he'll take it easy on us.

Q: You want us to pass that along?

A: Yes, please do.

Q: There's been a lot of speculation that if you don't win this season, it'll be your last year. What do you think of all of these reports?

A: Eh. I don't get into that. I'm just going to have my team prepared and play our tails off. That's what I do. It's never about me. But you ask me? I don't believe that.

Q: You had a cornerback in Corey Graham make the transition to safety. How easy is that to occur?

A: Well I think it's a difficult transition. Even though  Corey had a big year last year, I think he might have led the safeties in tackles, which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing is he's making plays, bad thing is the safety is making all your tackles. But everything's different. Angles are different, the way you study tape is different. So it's a challenge certainly for anybody making that move.

Q: Is the league taking out the probable designation a good thing?

A: It really doesn't matter to me. I wasn't one of those guys that fudged on it or anything. By the way, every player we have has got a left leg injury right now.

Q: Do you think it'll make it easier for coaches though?

A: Yeah and I get it. I would think so. Hopefully that'll be the case.

QB Tyrod Taylor – As Transcribed by Buffalo Bills PR (to be shared once completed)

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