Ray Lewis Thinking About Becoming A Coach


Ray Lewis was known for his film study and incredible attention to detail during his 17 years as an NFL player.

Those skills are also critical to the coaching profession, and ever since Lewis retired in 2013, the future Hall of Famer has pondered making the transition to the coaching profession.

"I've been asked that a lot," Lewis said before Friday's Pro Bowl practice. "A few years out, a few years removed for me – I'm thinking about it a little bit."

Lewis got a taste of coaching during the week of Pro Bowl practice. He was selected as one of the Legends Captains for the AFC team, so he spent time chatting with current players and passing along his wisdom.

But Lewis also knows there's a big difference from coaching during a few casual days at the Pro Bowl, and logging long hours in the season studying tape and developing game plans. When he retired, he emphasized the desire to spend more time with his children, and coaching would certainly take a huge chunk of his time.

"My sons are in college, and I'm living a good life right now following them around, seeing the things that they're doing," Lewis said.

Since retiring, Lewis has continued with several of his charitable and business ventures. He's also worked in the media at ESPN and has lately been appearing on Fox Sports One. He could opt to stick with those pursuits, rather than returning to the NFL.

Lewis' former running mate Ed Reed has delved into coaching, and spent last year as the assistant defensive backs coach for the Buffalo Bills. Reed took a couple years away from the NFL before returning as a coach, and the possibility exists for Lewis to follow a similar path.

"I don't know if I'll go directly into it, but it's something I'm definitely looking into," Lewis said.

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