Rick Dennison To Call Plays At Pro Bowl For Ravens


Gary Kubiak is in Denver.

Marc Trestman was introduced via conference call because the Ravens coaching staff is already in  Phoenix, Ariz.

So, who is going to call the plays in the Pro Bowl if the Ravens don't have an offensive coordinator on staff?

Turns out, it will be Rick Dennison, along with the help of Senior Offensive Assistant Craig Ver Steeg.

Yes, the same Rick Dennison who left with Kubiak for Denver and has already been named the Broncos offensive coordinator.  But that doesn't mean he's staying with the Ravens long-term.

The Ravens' former quarterbacks coach and former Tight Ends Coach Brian Pariani will stay on with the Head Coach John Harbaugh's staff through the Pro Bowl before diving into their new roles with the Broncos.

Dennison and Pariani were a big part of the Ravens offense last season and their contributions can't be overlooked in helping the unit become one of the best in franchise history.

"They've earned this trip out here," Harbaugh said. "They're part of our family this week."

The league's annual all-star game is mostly a fun, laid-back environment and it isn't known for being wildly competitive. Harbaugh said his staff is having fun in Arizona spending time with family and talking with players around the league. They've even gotten some pool time in.

As such, the game plan won't be too difficult for Dennison to handle.

"We have our coaching staff [mostly] still in place," Harbaugh said. "It's not the most complicated game plan in the world, I can promise you that. It's not like it will be too hard to put together."

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